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22 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan's Karzai Pushes Ahead With Peace Talks - VOA

Karzai Honors Slain Officials in Speech - NYT

Karzai Says He's Met With Afghan Insurgent Faction - AP

French Defense Minister Visits Afghanistan - VOA

France Considering Early Exit From Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Asylum Bids Hit 10-year High - AP



In Bin Laden Town, Father Mourns Another Militant - AP



Iranians Worry About Possibility of War Amid Tensions with West - LAT

Iran Steps Back From Warning on US Ships - Reuters

Iran's Gulf Smugglers Feel Blowback From Tensions - AP

Iran Between US and a Hard Place - TD opinion

What If Iran's Telling the Truth? - FP opinion



30 Killed in Syria, As Opposition Seeks UN Intervention - VOA

Syrian Town is ‘Liberated,’ But For How Long? - WP

In Syrian City, a Calm That Few Expect to Last - NYT

Syria Rebels Retreat After Seizing Area Near Capital - Reuters

Roadside Blast Kills 14 in Syria - VOA

Syria Bomb Kills 14; Bodies Reported Found in Hospital - LAT

Ambush of Police Truck in Syria Kills 14 - AP

Arabs to Decide on Syria Mission - BBC

Arab States Set to Keep Monitors in Syria - Reuters



US Rights Group Says Iraq Becoming 'Police State' - AP

Gunmen Kill 4 Members of Iraqi Security Forces - AP

Marine's Iraq Killings Trial Resumes in California - AP



Muslim Brotherhood Party Wins Sweeping Victory in Parliamentary Election - VOA

Islamists Win 70% of Seats in the Egyptian Parliament - NYT

Egypt's Islamists Win Elections - BBC

Islamists’ Victory Confirmed in Egypt - WP

Islamists Win Nearly Three-quarters of Seats in Egypt Elections - LAT

Salafists Gain in Egypt’s Lower House - WP

Egypt Army Pardons 1,959 Detainees, Prominent Activist - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Hamas: Political Leader Does Not Plan to Seek Reelection - NYT

Hamas Head Meshaal to 'Step Down' - BBC

Yemen Lawmakers Approve Immunity for President Saleh - VOA

Yemen Legislators Approve Immunity for the President - NYT

Yemen MPs Approve Saleh Immunity - BBC

Libyans Storm Transitional Govt. HQ in Benghazi - VOA

Libyans Storm Transitional Government Headquarters - AP

Protesters Storm Libyan Government HQ in Benghazi - Reuters

No Easy Path to Modernity for Arab World - G&M opinion



Bird Flu Researchers Postpone Work Amid Bioterrorism Concern - VOA


US Department of Defense

US to Keep 11 Aircraft Carriers to Show Sea Power - AP



At Least 131 Dead in Nigeria Bombings - VOA

Scores Dead after Nigerian Blasts - BBC

More Than 100 Killed by a Radical Group in Nigeria - NYT

Nigeria Stunned by Kano Attacks that Killed More than 150 - LAT

Bombings Kill at Least 143 in Nigeria - AP

Gunmen Kill Peacekeeper in Sudan's Darfur Region - AP

Darfur Peacekeeper Killed, Three Wounded - Reuters

Officials: US Drone Strike Killed Somali Insurgent - AP

Somalia's Shabaab Says Air Strike Kills Foreign Fighter - Reuters

Gunmen Kidnap American in North Somalia - AP

Ivory Coast: Pro-Gbagbo Rally Attacked, Many Injured - AP

NGOs Critical of Africa Nations Cup Host Equatorial Guinea - VOA

Ousted Leader Is Thwarted in a Return to Madagascar - NYT



Venezuela: Chávez Gets Bluster Back and Reclaims the Spotlight - NYT

Colombia Rebels Hit Radar Station - BBC

FARC Attack on Colombia Radar Delays Flights, Drug Fight - Reuters

Colombia President: Rebel Leader Rich in Land - AP

Guatemalans Protest Atop Volcano - BBC

Guatemala Ex-Dictator Must Appear in Genocide Case - AP

Dead Man No Dissident, Says Cuba - BBC


Asia Pacific

Tycoon Prods Taiwan Closer to China - WP

Japanese Struggle to Protect Their Food Supply - NYT

US Senators Signal Conditional Support for Lifting Burma Sanctions - VOA



Germany Has Economic Strengths America Once Boasted - LAT

US Welcomes Upcoming UN-backed Cyprus Talks - VOA

Blame Spreads in Italy's Costa Concordia Shipwreck - LAT

Italy: Divers Resume Search of Capsized Cruise Ship - NYT

Croats Vote in EU Membership Referendum - AP

Hungary’s Lurch Backward - NYT editorial