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22 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Americans Tune Out Afghan War as Fighting Rages On - AP

Rocket Attack Hurts 2, Damages Aircraft at Bagram - AFPS

Afghan Rockets Damage US Military Chief's Plane - VOA

Top US General’s Plane Damaged by Shrapnel in Attack - WP

Afghan Rocket Strike Hits Top US General's Plane - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,968 - AP

After Afghanistan, a New Great Game - NYT opinion



Risks of Syrian Intervention Limit Options for US - NYT

Obama’s Warning to Syria on Chemical Arms Draws Criticism - WP

Russia Confident Syria Will Not Use Chemical Weapons - Reuters

Syria: West Looking for Excuse to Send in Troops - VOA

Syrian Minister Warns US Against Intervention - AP

Assad Exit 'Up for Discussion' - BBC

Assad's Regime Steps Up Use of Air Power - AP

Syrian Tanks Shell Damascus, 8 Killed - Reuters

Syria Seen as Trying to Roil Lebanon - NYT

Fighting over Syria Grips Lebanon - BBC

Foiled Lebanon Bomb Plot Raises Concern of Spread from Syria - Bloomberg

Fighting in Lebanese City for Second Night, 7 Killed - Reuters

Syrian Forces Abandon Security Compounds on Iraq Border - Reuters

About 2,500 Syrians Flee to Turkey Over Past 24 Hours - Reuters

Doctor Group Is Treating Syrian Rebels and Civilians - NYT

Team of Doctors Set Up Secret Syria Field Hospital - AP

Clear the Hurdles in Syria - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Dempsey Arrives in Baghdad for Talks with Iraqi, US Officials - AFPS

Top US General Talks to Iraqis on Security Gaps - AP

Top UN Official in Iraq 'Misled' World on Camp for Iranians - WT

IAEA Tries Again to Access Suspect Iran Nuke Site - AP

Iran Unveils More Defense Projects - NYT

Iran Announces Upgraded Missile - BBC

US Suspends Iran Sanctions for NGOs - BBC

Israel Asks Egypt to Remove Tanks From Sinai - NYT

IMF Chief in Egypt for Loan Talks - BBC

Cooling the Fever of War with Iran - WP opinion

Will Obama Stop Iran's Nuclear Ambitions? - WT opinion



Julian Assange Row: Embassy Entry 'Would be Suicide for UK' - BBC

Ecuador's Leader Says Open to Talks With Britain on Assange - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Military Budget Deal Unlikely by November, Obama Says - AP

US Army Battling Racists Within its Own Ranks - Reuters

Groups Call on Marines to Sever Ties with UFC - S&S

Defense Contractor Guilty of Providing Old Parts to Navy - S&S


United States

US Intelligence Tests Crowd-sourcing Against its Experts - LAT

Motion Hearings to Begin for 9/11 Defendants - AFPS

9/11 Victims' Families Watch Closely as Guantanamo Hearings Begin - VOA

Computer Glitch Stalls Guantanamo 9/11 Hearing - AP

Soldiers Relieve Sailors at Guantanamo Prison - MH

Special Operators to anti-Obama Groups on bin Laden Killing: Zip It - AP

NYPD: Muslim Spying Led to No Leads, Terror Cases - AP

Obama Extends Federal Pay Freeze - AP

ATF Official Also Drawing Private Pay, Lawmakers Say - WP

Swift-Boating Obama - WT editorial



Women 'Not Thriving' in Military - BBC



UN Urges Countries to Develop National Drought Policies - VOA



Ham Welcomes Regionally Aligned Brigade Focused on Africa - AFPS

South African Miners Seek Charges Against Police - VOA

South Africa Mine Drops Dismissal Threat - BBC

South Africa Mine Shooting Could Spell Political Woes - VOA

Somali Presidential Campaign About Politics, Not Public - VOA

Ethnic, Economic Interests Entangle Rwanda in Congo - Reuters

Ethiopia's Deputy PM Takes Over After Meles' Death - VOA

Ethiopian Leader’s Death Highlights Gap Between US Interests and Ideals - NYT

Ethiopia 'Stable' after PM Death - BBC

Africans Ponder Future After Ethiopian Prime Minister's Death - VOA

Liberian President Suspends Son - BBC



Latin America Wealth Gap 'Grows' - BBC

Mexico Court Backs Civil Trials for Military Rights Abuses - Reuters

Venezuela: Capriles Tries to Outdo Chavez in Display of Dynamism - Reuters

Chilean Ex-Officers Charged in 1985 Kidnapping of US Hiker - NYT

Paraguay Calls April 2013 Election - BBC

Guatemala Jails ex-Police Chief - BBC

Former Cuban Officials Get Prison Terms for Corruption - Reuters

Cuba Imprisons 12 Over Corruption - BBC

Jamaican Activist's Murder Probed - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan, S. Korea Disputed Island Spat Heats Up - VOA

Dispute Over Islands Reflects Japanese Fear of China’s Rise - NYT

Progress Cited on New Reactor in North Korea - NYT

North Korea 'Places Dome' on Reactor - BBC

N. Korea's Economic Zone Remains Under Construction - AP

Philippine Plan to Relocate Flood Victims Gets Mixed Reviews - VOA

Economists Warn Burma Against Breaks For Foreign Investors - VOA

Burma Pressed to Free Political Prisoners - WP



US Companies Worry About Effect of Russia Joining WTO - NYT

UN Urges Serbia-Kosovo Talks - VOA

Serbia and Kosovo Spar at UN over Kosovo's Future - AP

Greece 'Needs More Time' for Cuts - BBC

Turkish President Calls Bombing 'Crime Against Humanity' - VOA

4 Detained in Connection With Turkey Bomb Blast - AP

Romanian Court: Reinstate President, Referendum Invalid - Reuters

Russia: Dissent to the Masses - WP opinion

US and Russia in a New Standoff - WT opinion


South Asia

India Debates Misuse of Social Media - VOA

Internet Analysts Question India’s Efforts to Stem Panic - NYT

Doctors to Rail Workers, Missed Paydays a Problem in Pakistan - WP

US Drone Kills 5 Militants in Northwest Pakistan - AP

2 Survive to Tell of Sri Lankan Abduction Squads - AP