Small Wars Journal

22 April SWJ Roundup (Updated)


Gates: Spring Fighting Season Just Beginning - Stars and Stripes

Gates Foresees Turning Point in Afghanistan War - Associated Press

Once Under Siege, a Base Breathes Easier - New York Times

NATO, Afghan Forces Make 'Huge' Gains in North - AFPS

Commander in Eastern Afghanistan Notes Progress - AFPS

International Security Assistance Force Operations Update - AFPS


U.S., Pakistani Military Chiefs Trade Barbs - Washington Post

Mullen: Meeting Reaffirms U.S.-Pakistan Ties - AFPS

Fight Against Extremists Stretches Pakistan's Military - AFPS

U.S. Missiles Kill 25 People in Pakistan Tribal Area - Associated Press

Pakistan Drone Attack 'Kills 25' - BBC News

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Five in Pakistan N. Waziristan - Associated Press

Karachi Blast Kills 15, Criminal Gangs Suspected - Reuters

Acquittals in Pakistan Rape Case - BBC News

Supreme Court Frees 5 Accused of Gang Rape - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Court Frees 5 in Rape Case - Washington Post

Greg Mortenson 'Facing Lawsuit' - BBC News

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Libyan Rebels Advance; U.S. Will Deploy Drones - New York Times

U.S. Role in Libyan Conflict Widens - Washington Post

Gates: Obama OKs Predator Strikes in Libya - AFPS

U.S. Deploys Predator Drones in Libya - Voice of America

U.S. Flies Armed Drones over Libya - BBC News

Obama Sends Armed Drones to Help NATO - New York Times

U.S. Begins Using Predator Drones in Libya - Los Angeles Times

Obama OKs Use of Armed Drone Aircraft in Libya - Voice of America

Libyan Rebels Seize Border Outpost as Fighting Rages - Voice of America

Rebels Seize Western Border Crossing - Washington Post

Libyan Ground Forces Degraded by Up to 40 Percent - Reuters

Libya Arming Civilians to Fight Any NATO Attack - Reuters

Drone Attacks in Libya: A Mistake - Washington Post opinion

What Happens after Gaddafi is Removed? - Washington Post opinion


Egypt to End The Ubiquity Of Mubarak - New York Times

Egyptian Islamists Call for Release of Blind Sheik - Associated Press

Christian Governor Must Go, South Egypt Protesters Say - Reuters


Gulf Nations Offer Yemen's Leader an Exit Plan - New York Times

Gulf Bloc Offers New Proposals to End Yemen Crisis - Associated Press

New Gulf Plan Seeks 3-Month Power Transfer in Yemen - Reuters

Yemen's Saleh Conditionally Welcomes Transition Plan - Reuters

Mass Rallies in Yemen, For and Against President - Associated Press

Vast Crowds Rally in Yemen For and Against Saleh - Reuters


Thousands Demonstrate in Cities Across Syria - Associated Press

Syrian Security Forces Open Fire at Demonstrators - Associated Press

Syria Crowds Begin New Protests - BBC News

Secretive Security Forces Keep Syria Assad in Power - Los Angeles Times

Syria Decrees End Emergency Rule - BBC News

Protesters and Government Mobilize for Friday - New York Times

Syrian Activists Vow Largest Protests to Date - Associated Press

Syria Activists Issue Joint Statement on Democracy - Reuters


Iraq PM Tells Mullen Iraqi Troops Can Take Over - Associated Press

Saddam Confidant Acquitted in 1994 Assassination - Associated Press


Iran Sacking Row Hints at Ahmadinejad Power Struggle - BBC News


Bahrain Takes Aim at Middle Class - Washington Post

American Physicians Protest Crackdown on Medical Staff - New York Times

Prominent Bahraini Rights Activist Goes on Trial - Reuters

Shi'ite Mosque Demolitions Raise Tension in Bahrain - Reuters


Protesters Stage Oman's Biggest Pro-Reform Demonstration - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Intellectuals Back Palestinian State - Washington Post

U.N., Palestinians Urge Action on Mideast Peace - Voice of America

U.N. Urges Bold Steps to Relaunch Mideast Peace - Reuters

Protesters for and Against Palestinian State Clash - New York Times

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Tracking protests across Mideast, North Africa - Washington Post

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press


Jihadists Use Mobiles as Propaganda Tools - BBC News


S. Korean Commandos Storm Ship after Pirate Attack - Associated Press

'Pirate Negotiator' Charged in U.S. - BBC News

U.S. Department of Defense

No 'Silver Bullet' Yet Found to Stop IED Attacks - Stars and Stripes

Pentagon Seeks New Ways to Foil Buried Explosives - Washington Times

Mark Center: Pentagon Used Faulty Data - Washington Post

Commercial Satellites Could Rent Space for Military - Washington Post

Warfighting Lab Experiments with Robotic Trucks - Marine Corps Times

Army, Navy Add Citizenship Option to Boot Camp - Associated Press

United States

GAO: Agency Spats Slow Visa Checks for Terrorists - Washington Times

Bill Seeks to Designate Drug Cartels as Terrorists - New York Times

U.S. Hands over Terror Suspect to Germany - Associated Press

WikiLeaks Suspect's Backers Confront Obama - Wall Street Journal

Military Interventions We Don't Plan For - Washington Post opinion


Australia to Review Charges of Sexism in Its Military - New York Times

United Nations

U.N. Chief Hopes for Russia Support for Second Term - Reuters


Nigerian President Calls Out More Security Forces - Voice of America

Nigeria Unrest 'Recalls Biafra' - BBC News

Vote Delayed in 2 Nigerian States After Riots - Associated Press

Sudan: Bashir 'Responsible' for Darfur - BBC News

Southern Sudan: Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack - BBC News

Ivory Coast Court Chief N'dre Rejects Blame - BBC News

Protests in Uganda Over Rising Prices Grow Violent - New York Times

Somalia President Says Will Stand for Re-election - Reuters


Driving Mexico's 'Highway of Death' - Washington Post

Drug Violence Puts Dent in Mexico City's Easter Exodus - Los Angeles Times

Mexican Authorities Find 37 in New Mass Grave - Reuters

Mexico Catches Cartel Lawyer, Hires U.S. Law Firm - Associated Press

Drug Gangs Muscle into New Territory: Central America - McClatchy

Haiti Confirms Martelly Victory - BBC News

Haitian President-elect: 'Change is Coming' - Voice of America

Asia Pacific

Japan Seals off No-go Zone Around Nuclear Plant - Associated Press

Video Emerges of Chinese Crackdown Near Tibetan Monastery - VOA

Clashes Erupt in Shanghai as Truck Drivers Strike Near Port - Reuters

N. Koreans Accuse South of Kidnapping, Beatings - Associated Press

Mosque Attack Shows Changes in Indonesia Terrorism - Associated Press

Security Tight at Indonesian Churches Over Plot - Associated Press

Troops From Thailand, Cambodia in Border Clash - Associated Press

New Thai-Cambodian Border Clash - BBC News

6 Killed in Thai, Cambodia Army Clash on Border - Associated Press


Russia Says Kills Al Qaeda Militant in North Caucasus - Reuters

Spain's Release of ETA Convict Causes Uproar - New York Times

Belarus Leader Blames Excess of Democracy for Bombing - New York Times

Turkey: Kurds Renew Movement for Rights and Respect - New York Times

South Asia

U.N. to Release War Crimes Report Despite Sri Lankan Warning - VOA

U.N.: Sri Lanka May Have Killed 40,000 Civilians - Washington Post