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21 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


UN, Clerics Urge Afghan Peace During Ramadan - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghanistan’s Economic Challenges - NYT editorial



NATO Trucks Remain Stalled in Pakistan’s Southern Port - VOA

Roadside Bomb Hits Bus in Pakistan, Killing 3 - AP



Syrians Fleeing Capital Leave Bodies and Bombs Behind - NYT

Fighting Rages As UN Extends Syria Mission - VOA

Syrian Forces Fight Back After Rebel Surge Into Capital - Reuters

UN Extends Syria Observer Mission - BBC

UN Extends Syria Mission as Violence Rises to New Heights - NYT

UN Approves Last 30 Days for UN Observers in Syria - AP

Conflict Rages, China Hews to Principle of ‘Non-interference’ -WP

Thousands Flee as Syrian Rebels Wage Guerrilla War - AP

Iraqis Flee Syria in Droves by Land and Air - AP

How 'Damascus Volcano' Erupted in Assad's Stronghold - Reuters

Syria Crisis Spills Over into Lebanon - VOA

More Than 300 Killed in Syria, Rights Group Says - VOA

Britain Vows to Support Syrian Opposition - VOA

Making a Difference in Syria - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel: May Act to Stop Syria Arms Reaching Hezbollah - Reuters

In Israel, Romney to Provide Contrast With Obama - Reuters

Israelis Bury 5 Victims of Bulgaria Terror Attack - AP

Israeli Protester Dies After Self-Immolation - NYT

Attack on Turkey-Iraq Pipeline Knocks Out Oil Flows - Reuters

Saudi Prince Bandar: Flamboyant, Hawkish Spy Chief - Reuters

Clashes in Bahrain Over Opposition Clampdown - AP

Rights Group: Drop Cases Against Oman Activists - AP

Suspended Sentence for Tunisia Revolution Hero's Mother - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Officials Work to Stop Leaks - VOA

DOD Bolsters Safeguards for Sensitive Information - AFPS

Danville, Va. Military Contractor Charged with Fraud - TRT

Defense CIO: Wireless Spectrum a Critical Enabler - AFPS

DOD Releases Thousands of Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Records - TDN

Welsh: Efforts to Combat Military Sex Assaults Failing - S&S

Air Force Instructor Convicted of Rape, Assault - S&S

Air Force Instructor Convicted in Sex Assaults - NYT


United States

Gunman Kills 12, Wounds 59 in Colorado Theater Rampage - LAT

In Colorado, Death Leaps Off the Movie Screen - WP

Gunman Kills 12 in Colorado, Reviving Gun Debate - NYT

Military Members Among Colorado Shooting Casualties, DOD Says - AFPS

Updates on Movie Theater Shooting in Colorado - NYT

Overseas, Romney Will Try to Hone Foreign Policy - NYT

Obama Spends the Most, but Romney Raises More - NYT

Privacy Rights Violated by Intelligence Agencies, Official Says - WP

NSA Looks to Industry for Secure Mobile Capabilities - AFPS

Mass. Man Admits Guilt in Plot to Blow up Pentagon - AP


United Kingdom

Olympic Buzz Takes Off: London Welcomes the Flame - AP

UK Muslim Couple Jailed for anti-Jewish Terror Plot - AP

Will Britain Ever Leave the European Union? - NYT opinion



China’s Goods Burden Africa’s Producers - WP

World Court Orders Prosecution of Chad's Former Dictator - VOA

Ex-Chad Leader 'Must be Tried' - BBC

Senegal Told to Prosecute Ex-President of Chad - NYT

DR Congo Army Education Enters New Phase - VOA

Famine Danger Continues in Parts of Somalia - VOA

EU to Rethink Zimbabwe Sanctions - BBC

In Zimbabwe Land Takeover, a Golden Lining - NYT

Zimbabwe Investigates Adverse Effects from Immunizations - VOA

Mob Attacks Ivory Coast Refugee Camp, Kills 7 - AP

At Least Seven Dead in Attack on Civilian Camp in Ivory Coast - Reuters

S. Arica to Free ex-Police Chief Selebi - BBC

S. Africa on Target to Reach AIDS Goals - VOA

Vast African Water Source Found - BBC

African-based Cybercrime Targeted - BBC



Venezuela: Chavez's Gasoline Rationing Plan Causes Uproar - AP

Colombian 'Rebels' Blow Up Bridge - BBC

Indian Upheaval Bares Colombia's Nagging Conflict - AP

Argentina 'Torture' Police Held - BBC

Argentina Nabs Half-Ton of Africa-Bound Cocaine - AP

Haiti Cholera 'UN Responsibility' - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

ASEAN South China Sea Consensus Elusive - VOA

Japan Balks at Deployment of US Aircraft - WSJ

Japan: Little Rebuilt in Shadow of Fukushima Nuclear Exclusion Zone - S&S

Second Japan Nuclear Unit Resumes Power Generation - Reuters

With Crackdown, N. Korea Puts Hold on Defectors - WP

N. Korea Said to Remove Military’s Lucrative Export Privilege - NYT

Kim Plans Economic Change in North Korea - Reuters

China: Court Rejects Ai Weiwei Appeal - BBC

China: Artist Ai Weiwei Loses Appeal Over Tax Evasion Case - NYT

Amnesty Int'l: Burma's Rohingyas Being Targeted - AP

Muslims 'Abused' in Burmese State - BBC

Muslims Begin Ramadan Fast; Bombs Hit Thai South - AP



Oil Prices Fall on Europe's Economic Woes - AP

Russia's Putin Signs NGO 'Foreign Agents' Law - Reuters

Struggle to Identify Bulgaria Bomber - BBC

Pentagon Says Bulgaria Bomb Smacks of Hezbollah - Reuters

Russia Detains 5 Over Attacks on Muslim Leaders - Reuters

Russia Arrests 5 in Attacks on Muslims - WP

Russia: Punk Band Feels Wrath of a Sterner Kremlin - NYT


South Asia

India Magazine Makes Obama Taunt - BBC

Sri Lanka Lawyers Boycott Courts - BBC