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21 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


France Suspends Afghan Military Operations After Troop Deaths - VOA

Four French Soldiers Die in Afghanistan Shooting - BBC

France Threatens Early Exit from Afghanistan - WP

France Weighs Pullout After 4 of Its Soldiers Are Killed - NYT

Election Ahead, Sarkozy Rethinks France’s Afghan Role - AP

France Threatens Afghan Pullout After Troops Killed - Reuters

Afghan Soldier Kills four French Troops, Wounds Several Others - S&S

Defense Officials Offer Condolences for French Casualties - AFPS

US Has New Confidence in Peace Talks with Taliban - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

A Victory for Afghan Women? - WP opinion



Two European Aid Workers Are Kidnapped in Central Pakistan - NYT



China Leader Warns Iran Not to Make Nuclear Arms - NYT

China Tells Iranian Delegation to Return to Talks - Reuters

EU Moves Closer to Imposing Tough Sanctions on Iran - NYT

EU Open to Iran Talks as Embargo Looms - AP

Major Powers Open to Serious Talks With Iran - Reuters

US Lawmakers Moving to Tighten Screws on Iran - Reuters

New Iran Sanctions Most Threaten Non-US Banks - Reuters

Japan Offers U.S. Support on Iran - Reuters

US Carrier to Test Limits of Iranian Rhetoric - Reuters

IAEA Rejects Iran Accusation Over Scientist's Killing - Reuters

Britain Pulls the Plug on Iran's Press TV - Reuters

Iran Shuts Down Shops Selling Barbie Dolls - AP

Iran Gets the Message from Washington - WP opinion



4 Killed in Syria, Pressure Mounts on Arab League - VOA

US Mulls Closing Embassy in Syria - VOA

US May Shutter Embassy in Syria - WP

US Warns It May Close Embassy in Syria - NYT

Arabs Consider Syria Mission Fate - BBC

Violence Keeps Syria on Edge, Arab Mission May Extend - Reuters

Syrians Cope With Economic Crisis Amid Uprising - AP

Call for Syria Detainees' Release - BBC



Iraqi Forces Raid Sunni Politicians’ Homes - WP

Top Iraqi Shiite Cleric Urges End to Crisis - AP

Marine's Iraq Killings Trial Resumes in California - AP

Body of UK Hostage Turned Over to Embassy in Iraq - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Dempsey Meets with Israeli Officials - AFPS

Joint Chiefs Chairman Meets With Counterpart in Israel - NYT

Top US Military Official in Israel - WP

US Military Chief Holds Talks in Israel on Iran - AP

Self-Immolation Is on the Rise in the Arab World - NYT

Palestinians Condemn MP's Arrest - BBC

US Seeks New Home for Yemen Strongman - AP

Bahrain Shia Cleric Warns Troops - BBC

A Year Later, Egypt Activists Seek More Revolution - AP

Egyptians Rally Ahead of Anniversary of Uprising - AP

Libya Had Chemical Weapon Cache - BBC

Libyan Islamists Rally to Demand Sharia-Based Law - Reuters

Seminar Seeks Insights into ‘Arab Spring’ Phenomenon - AFPS

Egypt’s Economic Crisis - NYT editorial

A Gentler Muslim Brotherhood - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Weapons Testers Fault Key Pentagon Systems - WP

Panetta: Military Committed to Marine Corps' F-35 Fighter - S&S

Are New Technologies to Blame for Combat Zone Misconduct? - VOA

Panetta: US Military Best in World, But Threats Remain - AFPS

Army Study Shows Decline in Behavioral Health Stigma - AFPS


United States

Senate Set to Take Up Major Cyber Legislation - WP

Arizona Sting Catches 2 Officials in Drug Smuggling - Reuters

7 Charged as FBI Closes a Top File-Sharing Site - NYT

Iranian Student Activist Shot to Death in Texas - ABC

Unemployment High for Young US Military Veterans - VOA



Bomb Explosions Rock Nigeria's Second Largest City - VOA

Nigeria City Curfew After Blasts - BBC

Explosions Rock Nigeria's Kano, at Least Six Killed - Reuters

7 Dead in Sect Attacks in North Nigeria - AP

US Citizen Kidnapped in Nigeria's Oil Delta - AP

South Sudan Threatens Oil Production Shutdown - VOA

UN: 120,000 S. Sudanese Affected by Ethnic Violence - AP

Somalia's al-Shabab Hit by Major Amisom Offensive - BBC

Somali and African Troops Hit Rebel Posts in Mogadishu - AP

'Many Rebels Die' in Mali Clashes - BBC

Women in Malawi Protest Attacks Over Skirts, Pants - AP



Bolivia Signs Coca Control Accord With Brazil, US - AP

Bolivia Signs Anti-drug Agreement - BBC

Salvadorans Fret About Homeland - WP

Chileans Guilty of 1991 Arms Deal - BBC

Chile: Generals Guilty, Trafficked Arms to Croatia - AP

Argentina: Falklands Protest at UK Embassy - BBC

Prison Death Brings Outcry Against Cuba - NYT

Cuban Document Details Charges Versus Jailed American - Reuters


Asia Pacific

Odierno Visits US Soldiers in South Korea - AFPS

Burma's President Says No Turning Back on Reforms - VOA

Indonesian Charged With Blasphemy for Atheist Post - AP

With Burma, US Seeks to Keep Some Momentum - WP

Burma’s Democracy Activist Aung San Suu Kyi - WP interview



Central Bank Becomes an Unlikely Hero in Euro Crisis - NYT

Italy Announces New Steps to Get Economy Moving - NYT

Hungarian Leader Softens on Central Bank Merger - NYT

Russian Communists at a Crossroads - WP

Russian Envoys Leave Canada After Officer Is Accused of Spying - NYT

Germany Marks 70th Anniversary of Plan to Exterminate Jews - VOA