Small Wars Journal

21 January SWJ Roundup


Afghan Political Crisis Grows, Legislators Defy Karzai - New York Times

Parliament to Defy Karzai's Delay Order - Washington Post

Stavridis Expresses Optimism on Afghanistan - AFPS

Afghanistan Airdrop Levels Reach New Frontier - AFPS

Medics Treating Children with Suspicious Burns - Stars and Stripes

Taliban Order Strict Phone Blackout In Afghan North - Reuters

Bomb Kills 2 Guards Protecting Afghan Official - Associated Press

President Karzai's Latest - New York Times editorial


Setbacks Plague U.S. Aid to Pakistan - Wall Street Journal

Pakistan: Islamic Hard-liners Expanding Grip on Society - Los Angeles Times

Terrorist Leader Blacklisted by U.S. for Mass Murders - Washington Times

Probe Uncovers Problems in Pearl Case - Washington Times

Report Says Militants in Pearl Killing Still at Large - New York Times

Pakistani Tribesmen Rally Against U.S. Drone Strikes - Associated Press


Dozens Killed in Karbala Bombings - Voice of America

Car Bombings Kill Dozens on Pilgrims' Route in Iraq - New York Times

Iraq Suicide Car Bombings Kill 56 - Los Angeles Times

Three Bomb Blasts Kill 50 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq - Washington Post

Car Bombs Kill 51 in Attack on Iraqi Pilgrims - Associated Press

Iraqi Security Forces Respond to Bomb Attacks - AFPS


Iran Nuclear Talks in Istanbul Start - New York Times

U.S., Allies Press Iran for Action at Talks - Wall Street Journal

Iran Nuclear Talks Under Way in Istanbul - BBC News

Iran and 6 Powers Begin Nuke Talks - Associated Press

Iran Gives No Sign Of Concessions as Nuclear Talks Start - Reuters

Al Qaeda

Bin Laden Threatens France in New Message - Associated Press


Manning's Lawyer Alleges Prison Mistreatment - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

An Answer to Weapons-buying Woes? - Politico

Wilson: Prepare for Tighter Budgets, Force Drawdown - Stars and Stripes

First DOD Language Summit to Set Future Strategy - AFPS

GAO: Gay Ban Cost Military $53,000 Per Dismissal - Stars and Stripes

United States

More Nuke Treaties Remain on Agenda, Official Says - AFPS

Nearly 125 Arrested in Sweeping Mob Roundup - New York Times

Largest-ever Mafia Sweep Makes Nearly 120 Arrests - Washington Post

More Attention Urged for Border Agent's Killing - Los Angeles Times

The 2011 Counterterrorism Calendar - Washington Post

United Kingdom

Blair Testifies Before British Inquiry Into Iraq War - New York Times

Blair: Iraq Legal Advice was 'Provisional' - BBC News

Prominent British Muslim Assails Prejudice - New York Times


Victoria Cross Awarded to Digger for Afghan Action - Daily Telegraph


Ward Charts Africa Command's 2011 Course - AFPS

Blackwater Founder Is Said to Back African Mercenaries - New York Times

Blackwater Founder Trains Somalis - Associated Press

Tunisia's Cabinet Lifts Political Party Ban - Voice of America

Opposition in Tunisia Finds Chance for Rebirth - New York Times

Tunisia: Grievances Leading to Revolution - Washington Post

Tunisia Starts Three Days of Mourning - BBC News

U.S. Cautious in Responding to Tunisian Crisis - Washington Times

Tunisia, After Ben Ali - New York Times editorial

Tunisia Offers Lessons to Repressive Arab Leaders and Citizens - VOA

Al Jazeera TV Makes Waves With Tunisia Coverage - Reuters

Ivory Coast Mediator Warns of Violence, While Continuing Diplomacy - VOA

Gbagbo Orders U.N. Vehicles Searched in Ivory Coast - Associated Press

Nigerian Presidential Candidates Campaign on Economy - VOA

Poll: One-Third of Zimbabwe's Voters Already Dead - Associated Press

S. Korea Rescues Crew and Ship From Somali Pirates - New York Times

S. Korean Forces Storm Hijacked Ship, Free Hostages - Los Angeles Times

South Korea Rescues Samho Jewelry Crew from Pirates - BBC News

S. Korea Rescues Freighter Crew From Pirates - Associated Press


Mexico Shock Verdict Puts Legal Reform on Trial - Associated Press

Mexican Army: Tijuana-Area Drug Trafficker Caught - Associated Press

Haiti: Some See Cash Motive in Duvalier's Return - New York Times

Asia Pacific

U.S. Warning to China Sends Ripples to the Koreas - New York Times

North, South Korea Agree to High-Level Military Talks - Wall Street Journal

South Korea Agrees to High-Level Military Talks with North - VOA

S. Korea Accepts N. Korean Proposal for Defense Talks - Associated Press

Breakthrough After U.S. Warns China on North Korea - Reuters

Hu Wraps Up Trip in Washington - Washington Post

Hu Listens to U.S. Lawmakers' Complaints - Los Angeles Times

Lawmakers Try, Fail to Pin Down Hu - Wall Street Journal

Hu Faces Critics in U.S. Congress - Voice of America

Hu Rapped By Congress, Assures China Is No Threat - Associated Press

China Media Lauds Hu's U.S. Visit as "Masterstroke" - Reuters

Chinese Public in the Dark on Human Rights Admission - Washington Post

Asia Recalibrates Defense to China's Fast Growing Military - VOA

Pushing China, Quietly - Los Angeles Times editorial

Obama's Retreat on Human Rights - Washington Post opinion


NATO Sees Russia as Missile Defense Partner - AFPS

U.N.-appointed Experts to Probe Death of Russian Lawyer - Washington Post

Irish Prime Minister Calls for Early Elections - New York Times

Belarus Leader to Take Office After Flawed Poll - Reuters

Middle East

Hariri Seeks Lebanese Prime Minister's Office Again - Voice of America

Premier Defies Hezbollah as Talks on Lebanon Fail - New York Times

How Justice for Hariri's Killers Could Help M.E. - Washington Post editorial

Tunisia Offers Lessons to Repressive Arab Leaders and Citizens - VOA

Al Jazeera TV Makes Waves With Tunisia Coverage - Reuters

Fayyad Confounds with Plans for Palestinian State - Los Angeles Times

New Israeli Military Chief's Appointment in Peril - Associated Press

French Foreign Minister Gets Hostile Reception in Gaza - BBC News

French FM Accosted in Gaza Strip - Associated Press

South Asia

Red Cross and MSF Accused of Helping India Maoists - BBC News

India Confirms Life Term for Murder of Missionary - Associated Press

Reports: 5 Dead in Bangladesh Gunfight - Associated Press