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21 August SWJ Roundup

Why links only? - Because we desire to avoid this.


Karzai Meets with Kerry, Backs Anti-corruption Teams - Washington Post

Karzai: Anti-Corruption Units Can Be Independent - Associated Press

Officials to Examine Cash at Kabul Airport - Washington Post

Taliban Attack Afghan Guards in Bold, Deadly Raid - New York Times

Forces Work Through 'Tough' Summer in Afghanistan - AFPS

2 U.S. Troops, 3 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan - Associated Press

2 Australian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Insurgent Attack Fails at ISAF Base - AFPS

Taliban Kill Up to 30 In South Afghanistan Attack - Reuters

'Afghan First' Manufacturers Help to Revive Economy - AFPS

Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Oppose War in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Making Afghanistan More Dangerous - New York Times opinion


Rush of Floodwaters Threatens Southern Pakistan - New York Times

U.S. Delivers More Than 1 Million Pounds in Pakistan Flood Relief - AFPS

Aid Distribution to Pakistani Flood Victims Challenging - Voice of America

Joint Forces Command Team Supports Pakistan Response - AFPS

Pakistan Accepts India's Offer of Flood Aid - Voice of America

U.S. Aims to Wash Away Hatred with Flood Relief Work - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Thanks World for Opening Wallets - Associated Press

Some Help for Pakistan - New York Times editorial


Commander Describes Road March Out of Iraq - AFPS

Embedding in Iraq During the Invasion and the Drawdown - New York Times

Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims Army Recruit Bombing - Associated Press

After Iraq, Troops Fill Base Towns - New York Times


Iran Ready to Start Up First Nuclear Reactor - Voice of America

Iran's Nuclear Power Plant a Step Closer to Operation - Los Angeles Times

Despite Sanctions, Iran Fuels First Nuclear Reactor - Associated Press

Iran Starts to Fuel Up First Nuclear Power Plant - Reuters

Iran Announces Test-Firing of New Qiam Missile - Voice of America

Navy: U.S. Carrier Rescues Iranian Fishermen - Associated Press

U.S. Navy Rescues Iranians From Burning Fishing Vessel - Reuters


Wikileaks Founder Accused of Rape - BBC News

Sweden Seeks Wikileaks Founder Arrest in Rape Case - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Pentagon Releases Final Fort Hood Shooting Review - AFPS

DoD Releases Final Report on Fort Hood Shootings - Associated Press

Pentagon to Monitor 'Internal Threats' after Fort Hood - BBC News

Pentagon Vows to Focus on 'Insider Threat' - Agence France-Presse

Memo: Approval to Close JFCOM Could Come by Sept. 1 - Daily Press

United States

U.S. Anti-Islam Protest Seen as Lift for Extremists - New York Times

Americans Still Associate Islam With Violence - Reuters

Blackwater Reaches Deal on U.S. Export Violations - New York Times

Blackwater to Pay Fines - Washington Post

Mosque Ignites Debate About Religious Freedom, 9/11 Commemoration - VOA


Lockerbie Bomber Restraint Urged - BBC News

U.S., Britain Want Lockerbie Bomber in Prison - Associated Press

'Cloud Hangs' over Lockerbie Move - BBC News

Somali Militants Seize and Burn Aid Food - Associated Press

Zimbabwe's President Says Sanctions Must Go - Associated Press

South Africa Health Minister Accuses Strikers of Murder - Voice of America

Americas and Caribbean

Police Arrested in Northern Mexico Mayor's Killing - Associated Press

Police Held over Mexico Mayor Killing - BBC News

Key Venezuelan Drug Suspect Arrested in Colombia - Associated Press

Colombia Arrests 'Drug Kingpin' - BBC News

Haiti Rejects Wyclef Jean's Candidacy for President - Washington Post

Haiti Council: Wyclef Jean Can't Run for President - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

U.S., South Korea to Stage War Games in September - Voice of America

Report: N. Korean Ex-Premier Returns to Power - Associated Press

South Korea Arrests Activist for Visiting North - New York Times

S. Korea Tries to Block Tweets from North - Washington Post

Uighur Intellectual Who Won't Back Down in China - New York Times

Official: Attack in Western China Targeted Police - Associated Press

Rebels Kill 8 Philippine Police Officers in Ambush - Associated Press

Thai Court Rules to Extradite Arms Suspect to U.S. - New York Times

Thailand: Russian Arms Dealer Bout to be Extradited to U.S. - Washington Post

Thai Court Orders Extradition of Russian Arms Dealer to U.S. - Washington Times

Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan President Loses Showdown with Southern Mayor - Voice of America

Southern Kyrgyz Mayor Challenges Gov't Authority - Associated Press


Britain Warns Libya Against Lockerbie Bomber Celebrations - Voice of America

Middle East

Clinton Voices Hope for Peace Deal in Mideast Within a Year - New York Times

U.S. Offers to Host Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks - Washington Post

Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Agree to Meet in Washington - Los Angeles Times

Mideast Peace Talks to Restart - Voice of America

Israel And Palestinians Agree to Direct Peace Talks - Reuters

In Mideast Talks, Scant Hopes From the Beginning - New York Times

Israel, Palestinians to Hold Talks Sept. 2 - Associated Press

Israel, Palestinians Welcome Announcement of Talks - Voice of America

Israel Urges Lebanon to Block Ships to Gaza - Associated Press

Clash in Yemen's Restive South Leaves 13 Dead - Associated Press

Saudi Hospitals Are Asked to Maim Man as Punishment - Associated Press

South Asia

3 Wounded in Indian Kashmir by Soldiers' Gunfire - Associated Press