Small Wars Journal

20 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


ISAF Operations Update - AFPS



Taliban Claim Attack on Pakistani Police - NYT

Eight Killed in Pakistan Attack - WP

Deadly Karachi Bomb Targets Police - BBC


Israel / Palestinians

Israeli, Palestinian Officials Meet - VOA

Netanyahu Calls for Direct Talks - WP

Israel Offers Palestinians Talks - BBC

Palestinians Will Submit UN Membership Letter - AP

Abbas Presses Palestinian UN Bid Despite Warnings - Reuters

In UN Week, Saudi Says to Ease Palestinian Crisis - Reuters

New Challenges for Obama and Turkey’s Premier - NYT

US Urges Turkey Not to Worsen Israel Ties - Reuters

Abbas’s Heedless Push - WP editorial

Face-off at the UN - LAT editorial



Libyans Fail to Agree on New Government - Reuters

Libyan Militias Amass Weapons - WP

Civilians Flee Struggle Over a Qaddafi Stronghold -NYT

Libyan Fighters Take Airport Near Pro-Gadhafi City - AP

Libyan Forces Say They Captured Part of Sabha - Reuters

Anti-Gaddafi Forces Move on Sabha - BBC

Gadhafi Says His Regime Still Alive in Libya - AP

Libya 'Mercenary' Claim Turns Spotlight on Special Ops - Reuters

Amnesty International: EU 'Failed' on Libya's Refugees - BBC



US Quietly Getting Ready for Syria Without Assad - NYT

UN: At Least 100 Killed in Syria During Past Week - AP

Syrian Activists Say 5 Killed in Homs Province - VOA

Syrian Dissidents 'Killed in Raids' in Homs - BBC

Activists Say Security Forces Kill 5 in Syria - AP



Egypt Bars Islamist Hard-Line Political Party - AP

Israel Reoccupies Embassy in Cairo - NYT

'Random' Egypt Arrests After Israel Embassy Attack - Reuters



Yemen Clashes Intensify as Political Mediation Teeters - VOA

Fierce Fighting in Yemen as Political Talks Stall - WP

Clashes Continue in Yemeni Capital as Rockets Hit Protest Camp - NYT

Yemen Death Toll Grows as Fighting Spreads - LAT

Yemen Unrest Death Toll Tops 50 - BBC

Yemen Protesters Storm Elite Military Base; 50 Die - AP

Yemen Street Battles Escalate, Killing 9 People - AP



Ahmadinejad Looks to Gain from US Hikers Case - WP

Lawyer for 2 Americans Held in Iran Back in Court - AP

US Men's Release Awaits Return of Iran Judge - Reuters

Police Investigate Iran Nuke Expert - AP

Iran Arrests Six over 'BBC Links' - BBC

Iran Arrests Filmmakers Accused of Working for BBC - NYT

Iran Arrests Contributors to BBC Channel - Reuters

The End of an Era in Iran - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

1st Arab Spring Votes More About Stalling Change - AP

Bombers Strike Government Offices in Iraq's Ramadi - Reuters

Thousands Revive Protests in Morocco - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


US Department of Defense

Future for Military Drones: Automated Killing - WP

Obama Deficit Plan Would Reexamine Military Retirement - S&S

Buzzkilling Air Force Secretary Warns Cuts are Coming - S&S

Celebrities Push Transcendental Meditation to Treat PTSD - S&S

Army Resumes Competitive Grading on Junior Officer OERs - S&S

Judge: No Death Penalty for Camp Liberty Shooting - S&S

DOD Set for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal - AFPS

Pentagon Downplays Ending of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ - WT

Eve of DADT Repeal: Business as Usual for Military - S&S


United States

Obama Draws New Hard Line on Long-Term Debt Reduction - NYT

Firm Completes Spacecraft Factory in Mojave - LAT

Sentence for Terrorist Is Too Short, Court Rules - NYT


United Kingdom

Morale in Armed Forces Plunges to New Low - TT



The Rising East: US, Australia Firm Allies in War and Peace - HCB

Australia’s Military Capabilities Up in the Air - ISN


United Nations

UN Chief: Work Together Against Terrorism - AP



Gunmen From Congo Kill 36 at Pub in Burundi - AP

Fatal Bar Shooting Exposes Burundi’s Instability - NYT

Somalia: Fear Remains in Mogadishu - WP

Somali Kids Win Weapons in Quran Contest - AP

Zambians to Head to Polls in Close Presidential Race - Reuters

Heavy Security for Zambia Polls - BBC

Old Rivals Meet Again as Zambians Elect President - AP



Mexico President Hints Legalizing Drugs May Be Needed - Reuters

Mexico Still Waiting for ‘Fast and Furious’ Sting Answers - LAT

Multiple Prison Breaks in Mexico - BBC

Mexico: Party Members Demand Probe in Congressman Slaying - AP

Court Convicts Colombia Warlord in Absentia - AP

Colombian Rebels Attack Police - BBC

Colombia: Ex-Bogota Mayor Charged With Corruption - AP

Venezuela Deports 6 Suspected Drug Traffickers - AP

Aide to Top Dominican Drug Official Shot to Death - AP

Bolivia's Morales Asks Bloc to Condemn US on Drugs - AP

Guatemala Seeks Genocide Trial for Former General - AP

Chinese Delegation Signs Grants With Jamaica - AP

Building a Safer Haiti - NYT editorial


Asia Pacific

Arms Sale to Taiwan May Fray China Ties - WT

Taiwan Renews F-16 Request as US Defends Upgrade - Reuters

China Gives Muted Response to US-Taiwan Arms Deal - WP

China Criticizes US Deal to Upgrade Taiwan F-16s - AP

Taiwan Portrays Obama as Yielding to China - Reuters

China Shuts Solar Panel Factory After Antipollution Protests - NYT

Japan Defense Hit by Cyber Attack - BBC

Japan Cyber Attack Silence May Breach Arms Contracts - Reuters

S. Korea Nuclear Envoy Arrives in Beijing - AP

Philippine Troops Kill 3 Militants, Rescue Trader - AP

Philippines Declares 1-Day Truce With Rebels - AP

Watchdog: Burma Media Restrictions Among Worst - AP



Moscow’s Ousted Mayor Criticizes Russian Politics - NYT

Ex-IRA Leader to Seek Irish Presidency - NYT

Blast Shakes Turkish Capital - NYT

Suspected Bomb Rocks Turkish Capital, 15 Wounded - AP

Drilling Off Cyprus Will Proceed Despite Turkey Warnings - NYT

Cyprus Drills Offshore Despite Turkish Warning - AP

Greece Nears the Precipice, Raising Fear of Default - NYT

Italy Debt Rating Cut by S&P - BBC

Document Dispute Prolongs Kosovo-Serbia Trade Row - Reuters


South Asia

Death Toll Rises in Aftermath of Himalayan Quake - VOA

Death Toll in Himalayan Earthquake Exceeds 50 - NYT

Death Toll at 81 for Quake in India, Nepal, China - AP

Bangladesh: Dhaka Police Clash with Islamists - BBC



Tue, 09/20/2011 - 11:39am

"Moscow's Ousted Mayor Criticizes Russian Politics"

“Our country is now going through dark times,” he said. “We see a lack of political activity and the complete domination of the government over all institutions, including political ones.”

Maybe it's just me, but are we still fighting some kind of abbreviated Cold War. Mother Moscow just seems to have a hard time moving from dictated/manipulated politics to more democratic processes of governance.  Still the same old same old from yesteryear. And I have no idea what their global aspirations are.  

“In our country, Byzantium has been revived in a kind of hypertrophied form,” - that was a little confusing.  Modern day Byzantium?   Is this some kind of mutated version of world dominance as originally envisioned by Lenin/Stalin?  Hard to get a good read on these guys.  No clue.  

If someone knows, please contribute. Thanks.