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20 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Charting the Journey to Obama’s Shift on Afghanistan - NYT

NATO Leaders Seek Common Path Out of Afghanistan - Reuters

World Leaders Confront Flagging Afghan War - AP

UK May Keep Troops in Afghanistan Post-2014 - Reuters

UK Force 'to Stay in Afghanistan' - BBC

Pakistan May Face Friction Over Supply Routes at NATO Summit - Reuters

In Afghanistan, New Group Begins Campaign of Terror - NYT

Taliban, Poppies Returning to Once-secure Afghan Province - McClatchy

Suicide Blast Kills 13 in Eastern Afghanistan - AP

Deadly Blast at Afghan Checkpoint - BBC



US Tells G8 Syria's Assad Must Go, Cites Yemen as Model - Reuters

Syrian Attacks Continue as Mass Protests Spread - VOA

Powerful Car Bomb Hits Syria city - BBC

Car Bomb in Eastern Syrian City Kills 9 - AP

Syria Blames Terrorists for Car Bombing - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Syrian Situation Impacts Lebanese Tourism - VOA

Qatar and UAE Call on Citizens to Leave Lebanon - AP

Yemeni Protesters Call for Saleh Loyalists in Military to be Sacked - DPA

Yemen: 36 Killed in Fighting With Al-Qaida - AP

Egyptian Presidential Hopefuls Travel Across Country in Bid for Votes - WP

Dark-Horse Candidates Add to Egypt’s Suspense - NYT

Rights Group Accuses Egypt's Military of Torture - AP

Libya: Benghazi Votes in Local Elections - BBC


G8 Summit

Obama Announces Food Initiative for Africa - VOA

G8 Leaders Confront German Focus on Austerity - NYT

G8 Agrees on Spending to Boost Europe’s Struggling Economy - WP

Obama: EU 'Must Focus on Growth' - BBC

G8 Leaders Want Greece to Remain in Eurozone - VOA

G8 Leaders Discuss European Debt Crisis - VOA

G8 Leaders Vow to Promote Economic Growth - VOA

US Tells G8 Syria's Assad Must Go, Cites Yemen as Model - Reuters


NATO / Summit

Summit to Highlight NATO’s Evolving Capabilities - AFPS

NATO Leaders Seek Common Path Out of Afghanistan - Reuters

Pakistan May Face Friction Over Supply Routes at NATO Summit - Reuters

NATO Weekend Kicks Off with Peaceful Protest in Daley Plaza - S&S

3 Charged with Terrorism Ahead of NATO Summit - VOA


US Department of Defense

President Issues Armed Forces Day Proclamation - AFPS

Panetta Praises Troops on Armed Forces Day - AFPS

Earmark Puts $17,000 Drip Pans on Army Helicopter - S&S


United States

SpaceX Rocket Launch Aborted - VOA



Obama Announces Food Initiative for Africa - VOA

Sudan / South Sudan: Bashir 'Ready for Peace' - BBC

Zimbabwe: In Land’s Bounty, a Political Chip - NYT

Somalia: Bombs Kill Soldiers in Mogadishu - BBC

Eritrea's President on Censorship Charges - VOA



Fourth Mexican General Detained for Cartel Ties - BBC

Mexican Youth March Against Old Ruling Party - AP

Argentina: Black Market Grows With Currency - AP

Dominican Republic Vote Likely to be Close - BBC

Ruling Party in Dominican Election Seeks Four More Years - Reuters

Prisoners Surrender in Honduras - BBC

New Hints at Looser Rules on Travel Stir Hope in Cuba - NYT

2 Americans Jailed in Haiti in Pro-Army March - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Beijing Rejects US Report on Chinese Military - AP

China Security Chief Seems to Keep His Hold on Power - NYT

Chen Case Offers Glimpse into How Leadership in China Operates - WP

Chinese Activist Chen Arrives in US - VOA

Chinese Dissident Arrives in New York, Ending an Ordeal - NYT

China Activist Chen Lands in US - BBC

Blind Chinese Activist Lands in US - AP

Taiwan's Ma Signals No China Change as Term Starts - AP

Burma's Suu Kyi to Address British Parliament - VOA

Burma: New Deal to End Fighting With Shan Rebels - AP

Thousands Mark Thailand Red Shirt Crackdown - VOA

Thousands Mark 'Red Shirt' Crackdown in Thailand - AP



Serbia Votes for New President - BBC

Serbia Holds Presidential Vote - AP

Serbians Vote for President Under Threat of Protest - Reuters

N. Ireland: 7 Charged with Terror Crimes in Real IRA Crackdown - AP

1 Student Is Killed and 5 Are Injured in Bombing at Italian School - NYT

Turkish Colonel Arrested Over Suspected Coup Plot - Reuters


South Asia

India’s Illegal Sand Mining Fuels Economic Boom, Ravages Rivers - WP

Nepal: Police Detain Protesters Enforcing General Strike - AP

Sri Lanka Celebrates End of War Anniversary - AP

Sri Lanka General to be Released - BBC

Sri Lanka Set to Release Jailed Ex-Army Chief - AP