Small Wars Journal

20 January SWJ Roundup


Karzai Delays Parliament's Inauguration for Election Probe - Washington Post

Karzai Delays Afghan Parliament to Allow More Fraud Probes - Reuters

2 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghan Attacks - Associated Press

Taliban Rejects Report of Leader's Hospitalization - Associated Press

ISAF, Karzai Condemn Insurgent Bomb Attack - AFPS


Study Tracks Pearl Murder Probe - Wall Street Journal

Khalid Sheik Mohammed Killed U.S. Journalist Daniel Pearl - Washington Post

Report Faults Daniel Pearl Murder Investigation - Associated Press


Sadr Return Complicates '11 Iraq Withdrawal Strategy - Associated Press

Bomber Uses Ambulance to Hit Iraqi Police Headquarters - New York Times

At Least 15 Killed in 3rd Straight Day of Suicide Attacks - Washington Post

Car Bomb Kills 3 Near Iraqi Police Headquarters - Associated Press

Last Christians Ponder Leaving a Hometown in Iraq - New York Times

Canada: Man Charged Over Attacks on Soldiers in Iraq - Wall Street Journal

Canadian Man With Conspiracy to Kill Americans in Iraq - Bloomberg


Iran's Nuke Program-How Much Time for Diplomacy? - Associated Press

Powers to Press Defiant Iran In Nuclear Row - Reuters

Clinton: Iran May Face Further U.S. Sanctions - BBC News

Iran Tests Missile in Display Before Nuclear Talks - Associated Press

Q&A: Can Powers Revive Nuclear Fuel Deal With Iran? - Reuters

Al Qaeda

Thou Shalt Steal, al Qaeda Tells Militants - Washington Times


Tracing Islamic History Through Its Scripts - New York Times


DoS Officials: WikiLeaks Revelations Not Damaging' - New York Times

Swiss Banker Re-arrested Over Wikileaks Charges - BBC News

Swiss Arrest Ex-Banker For Giving Data to WikiLeaks - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Military 'Mentors' Quit Over Disclosure Rules - USA Today

Suicides Nearly Double Among Army Guard, Reserves - Stars and Stripes

Mixed Findings on Military Suicides - Washington Post

New Problems Disclosed on 2 Models of F-35 - Air Force Times

Department Begins Project for Vietnam War Veterans - AFPS

Hunter: Military Chiefs Must OK Before Gay Ban Lifted - San Diego Union-Tribune

Need for Savings vs. 21st-Century Threats - Washington Post editorial

United States

U.S. Prepares to Lift Ban on Guantánamo Cases - New York Times

House Vets Panel Leaders Include Just One Vet - Army Times

Court Backs Checks for Federal Contract Workers - Washington Post

For Want of a Strategy - United Press International opinion


Tunisian Protesters Push for Interim Government Ouster - Voice of America

Tunisian Opposition Pushes for Coalition Changes - New York Times

Tunisia Calms as Government Rejects Old Guard - Associated Press

Tunisia Protesters Demand Change, Prisoners Freed - Reuters

Ousted Tunisian Leader Ben Ali's Family 'Arrested' - BBC News

Arab League Chief Says Tunisia's Unrest May Spread - Voice of America

Tunisia Casts Shadow Over Arab Summit Meeting - New York Times

Split from North Sudan Favored by South - Washington Times

Landslide Swells for Southern Sudan Independence - Voice of America

Sudanese Police Clash With Opposition Protesters - Reuters

Mediator Leaves Ivory Coast with No Breakthrough - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Talks Fail, Gbagbo Rejects Mediator - Reuters

U.N. Votes to Add 2,000 Peacekeepers in Ivory Coast - Washington Post

U.N. Adds 2,000 Troops to Ivory Coast Force - Associated Press


Mexico's Sinaloa Gang Grows Empire, Defies Crackdown - Reuters

Suspected Mexican Cartel Operative Dies - Associated Press

U.S. Objects to Bolivia Bid to Legalize Coca - Associated Press

Venezuela-Colombian Soap Opera Story - Associated Press

Aristide Says He Is Ready to Return to Haiti, Too - New York Times

With Baby Doc Back in Haiti, Aristide Calls Next - Associated Press

Theories Abound in Haiti Over Why Baby Doc Came Back - Los Angeles Times

'Baby Doc' Duvalier Sued for Torture in Haiti - BBC News

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Accused of Crimes Against Humanity - Reuters

U.S. Sees Success in Immigration Program for Haitians - New York Times

Asia Pacific

U.S., China Seek New Balance - Wall Street Journal

Obama Pushes Hu on Rights but Stresses Ties to China - New York Times

Obama Presses Chinese Leader on Rights - Washington Post

Obama, China's Hu Agree to Disagree - Los Angeles Times

Subtle Signs of Progress in U.S.-China Relations - New York Times

Hu Says 'a Lot to be Done' on Human Rights - BBC News

Obama Pushes Hu on China's Currency And Rights - Reuters

U.S., China Affirm Military Ties During Hu Visit to Washington - AFPS

Business Leaders Make Cut at State Dinner With Hu - New York Times

Report: China Largely Restores Aircraft Carrier - Associated Press

Hong Kong Authorities Seize Cocaine Bound for Mainland - New York Times

Obama Makes Hu Look Good on Rights - Washington Post editorial

Hu and Obama's Theater of the Absurd - United Press International opinion

The Rise of Chinese Cheneys - New York Times opinion

Shift in Vietnam's Leadership as Party Boss Apologizes - New York Times

Clinton Pledges Support to Burmese Opposition Leader - Washington Post


Tycoon's Case Hurt Russia, Adviser Says - New York Times

E.U. Confronts Hungary Over Law on News Media - New York Times

Official: E.U. Envoys to Skip Belarus Inauguration - Associated Press

Middle East

U.N.: Middle East Talks Deadlocked - Voice of America

U.S. Diplomacy Suffers a Setback in Lebanon - Associated Press

Saudis Walk Away from Effort to End Lebanon Crisis - Washington Times

Saudi Arabia Ends Lebanon Mediation, Says Country At Risk - Reuters

Hezbollah Stages Coup Drills in Beirut - CNN News

Arab League Chief Says Tunisia's Unrest May Spread - Voice of America

Tunisia Casts Shadow Over Arab Summit Meeting - New York Times

Israeli Human Rights Groups Sound Alarm - Washington Post

U.N. Council Considers Israeli Settlement Issue - Associated Press

Egypt: Economy Key to Mubarak Son Presidency Bid - Associated Press

South Asia

India's Prime Minister Shuffles His Cabinet - New York Times

Sri Lankan President Under Scrutiny for War Crimes - Washington Times