Small Wars Journal

20 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Senators, Afghan Leaders Discuss Long-term Partnership - WP

NATO Speedup of Transfer to Afghan Forces Highlights Problems - LAT

In Battle for Taliban Minds, Spokesman Steps Forward in Zabul - S&S

Hard Lessons from Predator Strike Gone Wrong - AFT

Camp Pendleton Command Returns to Afghanistan - SDUT

US Troops will Remain in Afghanistan Beyond 2014 - WP opinion



Bomb Kills 8 Tribal Militia in NW Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan's Problem Is Pakistanis - NP opinion



Two Senators Say US Should Arm Syrian Rebels - NYT

Syria Different Challenge Than Libya, Chairman Says - AFPS

Syrian Forces Clamp Down on Damascus - VOA

Syrian Security Forces Clamp Down on Damascus - Reuters

Assad's 'Ghost Gangs' that Haunt Damascus - TT

Egypt Calls Home Envoy from Syria - BBC

China Paper Says West Stirring Up Civil War in Syria - Reuters

2 Judicial Officials Slain in Syria - AP

Jordan Prepares Camp for Syrian Refugees - AP

America's Selective Outrage over Syria - TG opinion



Iran Raid Seen as a Huge Task for Israeli Jets - NYT

Turkey and China 'Helping Iran Evade UN Sanctions' - TT

US Envoy Visits Israel to Discuss Iran Tensions - VOA

US, Britain Urge Israel Not to Attack Iran - AP

UN Nuke Inspectors Leave for Key Talks in Tehran - AP

UN Inspectors to Press Iran Over Nuclear Concerns - Reuters

Iran Halts Oil Exports to Britain, France - WP

Iran Halts Oil Exports to Britain and France - NYT

Iran Cuts Flow of Oil to Britain, France - LAT

Iran 'Halts UK-France Oil Sales' - BBC

Iran Halts Oil Sales to France, Britain - VOA

Iran Oil Ministry: Exports Cut to Britain, France - AP

Iran Uses Euro Oil Dependence as Blackmail - Newsweek opinion



Car Bomb Attack Shatters the Calm in Baghdad - NYT

Iraq Gun and Bomb Attacks Hit Baghdad and Baquba - BBC

Suicide Attack Kills 19 at Iraqi Police Academy - VOA

20 People Killed in Iraqi Police Academy Blast - AP

In Iraq, Green Zone Empties Out - WP



Pressed by Unrest and Money Woes, Egypt Accepts IMF Loan - NYT

Egypt Expects to Sign Deal for $3.2B IMF Loan Soon - AP

Egypt Election Decision Delayed - BBC

Egypt: Nominations for President to Start March 10 - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Palestinian Hunger Strike into 10th Week - BBC

Obama Throws Support Behind Yemen VP Before Vote - AP

Yemen to Seal Saleh's Exit in One-Candidate Vote - Reuters

Thousands Turnout for Morocco Anniversary Protests - AP

Libya Beset by Uncontrolled Militias, Rights Abuses - McClatchy

Libya Reveals Perils of Humanitarian War - Observer opinion



WikiLeaks, a Postscript - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Dempsey Discusses US-China Relations, Middle East Challenges - AFPS

US Army Eyes Foreign Sales To Maintain Tank Production - DN

Unmanned Vehicles: Liberating or Enslaving? - ND

Construction will be Booming for Special Ops Forces at Fort Bragg - S&S

Military, Police Square Off over Marine's Death - AP


United States

NSC Wants Rules on Research that Could Lead to Biological Weapons - MCT

Americans Safer in Post-9/11 World, but at Cost of Personal Liberties - SCS

Returning Military Members Allege Job Discrimination by Government - WP

Justices Sit on Highest Court, but Still Live Without Top Security - NYT

NYPD Monitored Muslim Students Across Northeast - NYT

War on Terror: Round 3 - LAT opinion

Is There a Right to Lie? - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Report: Website Helped UK Terrorists Communicate - AP



For Woman in Sudan, No Escape From Misery - NYT

China-Malaysia Firm Rejects S. Sudan Accusations in Oil Row - Reuters

S. Sudan Cuts Non-Salary Spending by 50 Percent - Reuters

New Somali Political Deal Agreed - BBC

Bomb Near Car Explodes in Nigeria, Wounding 5 - AP

Violence Breaks Out at Protest Against Senegal's President - VOA

UN Warning over Malian Refugees - BBC



At Least 44 Killed in Mexican Prison Riot - LAT

Dozens Die in Mexico Prison Fight - BBC

44 Killed in Mexico Prison Riot; Guards Detained - AP

Factbox: Worst Atrocities in Mexico's Drug War - Reuters

Haitian Earthquake Victims Still Without Homes - WP

Venezuela: A Ballot-box Uprising - WP opinion

In Honduras, a Catastrophe Long Foretold - NYT opinion

Falklands or Malvinas? - LAT opinion


Asia Pacific

Another Tibetan Burns Himself to Death in China - VOA

China's Vice President Xi Kicks Off Dublin Visit - Reuters

In Race to Run Hong Kong, Scandal Taints Beijing’s Choice - NYT

Seoul Holds Military Drills Despite N. Korea Threat - AP

N. Korea Ruling Party to Meet, May Make Succession Official - Reuters

Leading Burmese Monk Detained, Facing Charges - VOA

Burma Monk 'Faces Legal Action' - BBC

Burma State Media: Dissident Monk to Be Charged - AP

Burma Declares War on Opium - Reuters

Gunmen Storm Philippine City Jail; 3 Killed - AP



Cars Circle Central Moscow in Anti-Putin Protest - VOA

Motorists Protest Against Putin on Moscow's Streets - Reuters

Toy Rally Pushes Limits of Russian Protest Movement - Reuters

Greeks Rally Ahead of Bailout Vote - VOA

European Leaders to Meet on Greece Bailout - WP

Spanish Citizens Protest Labor Reforms - WP

Merkel Backs Rivals’ Choice for President of Germany - NYT

Merkel Backs East German Activist for President - Reuters

French President Sarkozy: Not Afraid of Record - AP

Latvians Reject Russian as Second Language - NYT


South Asia

India Police Detain Italians Accused of Killing Fishermen - Reuters