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20 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Panetta Discusses Afghanistan Progress With Karzai - AFPS

Panetta Prods Karzai on Afghan Insider Killings - AP

Dempsey Arrives in Afghanistan to Meet with Leaders - AFPS

Another 'Green-on-Blue' Attack Kills NATO Troop; 10 Dead in 2 Weeks - AP

Another Afghan Insider Shooting as US Talks to Karzai - Reuters

Man in Afghan Uniform Kills NATO Service Member - AP

Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Being Smuggled into Afghanistan for IEDs - WP

Unit’s Fight for Better anti-IED Software Won after Heavy Casualties - WT

4 Killed in Afghanistan Blast - VOA

Muslim Holiday Doesn’t Deter Killing in Afghanistan - AP

New Zealand Signals Earlier Exit From Afghanistan - AP

Obama’s Bitter Harvest in Afghanistan - WT opinion



Group Suspected of Ties to al-Qaeda is Stepping Onto Front Lines - WP

Aleppo Reflects on Losses During Holiday Lull - AP

Latest UN Envoy for Syria Not Optimistic - AP

UN Observer Mission in Syria Dnds - BBC

Assad Appears in Public for Eid Prayers - VOA

On a Bleak Holiday, Assad Makes a Display of Piety - NYT

Jordan: 4 Syrian Rockets Wound Jordanian Girl - AP



Iraq Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions, Report Claims - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Dempsey to Visit Iraq to Check Security Cooperation - AFPS

Bomb Wounds Iraqi Sunni Cleric Who Urged Cooperation With Shiites - NYT

Al-Qaida Carries Out Deadly Attack in Yemen - VOA

Gunman Kills 9 Yemenis in Prayer, Officials Say - AP

Saudi Arabia: Ramadan TV Gently Pushes Saudi Boundaries - NYT

Official: Iran Tensions Delay Israel Immigration - AP

2 Die in Libya as Car Bombs Strike Capital - NYT

Libya: Gadhafi Loyalists Blamed for Tripoli Bombings - VOA

Libya Bombs Blamed on Gaddafi Men - BBC

Former Islamist Egyptian Lawmaker's Sons Detained - AP

Seeing Reality in Egypt - WP opinion



Millions of Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr - VOA

Don’t Fear All Islamists, Fear Salafis - NYT opinion



Assange Calls for US to End 'Witch-Hunt' - VOA

Assange Accuses US of a ‘Witch Hunt’ - NYT

Ecuador's President Defends Asylum Grant for Assange - VOA

S. American Ministers Back Ecuador on Assange - BBC

S. American Nations Condemn UK's Threat to Ecuador  -AP


US Department of Defense

Military Probes Cause of Failed Hypersonic Flight - AP

In Weak Economy, College Grads 'Surge' Into Military - NPR

Army Morale Declines in Survey - BG

Promising PTSD Treatment Faces Hurdle - S&S

Conn. Town Honors Marine Convicted in Haditha Deaths - AP


United States

Exploding Costs of Nuclear Weapons - WP editorial

Trying to Shrink Government - WP opinion


United Nations

UN Marks World Humanitarian Day - VOA



Armed with US Education, Many Leaders Take on World - WT



Northern Mali Militants Recruiting Children - VOA

Sudan: Parts of Darfur See Stability, but Others Are Seething - NYT

Cabinet Minister Among 32 Killed in Sudan Plane Crash - VOA

Sudanese Official Among 32 Killed In Plane Crash - NYT

South African Miners Still Determined Following Shootout - VOA

South Africa Miners Face Dismissal Deadline - BBC

New Somali Parliament Votes for President Monday - AP



Mexican Airport Police Removed - BBC

Mexico Replaces All Police at Mexico City Airport - AP

Oil Pipeline Blown Up in Colombia - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

China Defers Death Penalty for Disgraced Official’s Wife - NYT

Gu Kailai Jailed for China Murder - BBC

China: Gu Kailai Gets Suspended Death Sentence for Murder - AP

Anti-Japan Protests Erupt in China Over Disputed Island - NYT

Japanese Activists Land on Disputed Islands - VOA

Web Snares Vietnam as Bloggers Spread Protests Over Land - Reuters

Philippine Interior Secretary Missing - VOA

In Indonesia, Ethnic Chinese See a New Future - WP



7 Russian Police Killed at Fellow Officer's Funeral - VOA

Bomber Kills 7 Officers in Russian Republic - NYT

Russia: Ingushetia Bomber Kills Policemen - BBC

Russia Faces Criticism over Band Sentence - VOA

Tension Over Aid to Greece Could Unsettle Markets - NYT


South Asia

India Asks Pakistan to Investigate Root of Panic - NYT

Clashes Expose India's Communal Divide as Elections Loom - Reuters

India Opens a Door to Private Education - NYT

US Drones Kill 10 Militants in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Pakistan: Disabled Christian Girl in Blasphemy Arrest - BBC

Q&A: Pakistan's Controversial Blasphemy Laws - BBC