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2 June SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP



Insurgents Attack NATO Base in Afghanistan - VOA

Attack on Coalition Base in Khost Thwarted - S&S

Taliban Insurgents Attack NATO Base in Afghanistan - AP

Aussie to Command ISAF Troops - TA

UK Soldier Shot Dead in Helmand - BBC

British Soldier Shot Dead in Southern Afghanistan - AP

Army Drops 1 Charge, Adds Others Against Afghan Shooting Suspect - S&S

Charges Amended for Soldier Accused in Civilian Deaths - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Lawyer Files Appeal for Pakistani Who Helped US - AP

Pakistan Gets a Cuddle and a Hug - AT opinion

From CIA Agent to Terrorist in Seven Days - TH opinion



UN Demands Independent Probe of Syrian Massacre - VOA

Clinton Says Russian Arms Sales to Syria Raise Concerns - VOA

Clinton Says Russia Stance on Syria Seen as Supporting Assad - Reuters

Putin Fears Civil War but Rejects Intervention in Syria - NYT

Putin Stands Firm on Syria Crisis - BBC

Obama's Atrocities Board Keeps Low Profile on Syria Crisis - Reuters

French President Says Syria's Assad Has to Go - AP

Arab League Requests UN Action Against Syria - Reuters

Activists Say Gunmen Kill 11 State Workers in Syria - AP

Syrian Workers Shot Dead, Rebels Blame Assad Forces - Reuters

US Publishes Satellite Images of Syria - Reuters

Gruesome Video Details Syria Horror - CNN

Rock the World - WP opinion

The Smart Way to Intervene in Syria - WP opinion

Is Syria Unsolvable? - CNN opinion



Report: Obama Knew of Cyber Attacks on Iran - VOA

Stuxnet was Work of US and Israel, Officials Say - WP

US Says Iran Must Show Action by Moscow Talks - AP

Russia Toughens Iran Stance, Still Opposes US Missile Defense - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

US Asks Iraq to Extradite Hezbollah Suspect - Reuters

UAE's Crackdown on Dissidents Intensifies - VOA

Some Egyptians Admit Facing Depressing Choice in Runoff Election - VOA

Former Egyptian President to Hear Verdict Saturday - VOA

Egypt: Judge to Rule in Mubarak Trial - BBC

Egypt Awaits Mubarak Verdict and Its Aftermath - NYT

Egypt's Democratic Hopes Imperiled - TNI opinion

Obama's Mideast Fantasy Land - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

US Navy Establishes Coastal Riverine Force Command  - S&S

Battleship Iowa Gets a New Mission... in Hollywood - S&S

Dempsey: Military Must Persevere to Solve Suicide Issue - AFPD

Navy Rolls Out Several Uniform Changes for Enlisted Sailors - S&S


United States

Loose Lips and the Obama National Security Ship - CNN

Appeals Court Considers Bush Wiretapping Program - AP

Petraeus in Langley - WP opinion

What Happens When They Get Drones? - TA opinion / book review


United Kingdom

UK Prepares for Jubilee Events - BBC

Britain Prepares for Jubilee Celebrations - VOA

Queen Elizabeth's 60th Anniversary Party Gets Under Way - Reuters



Sudan Says It Pulls Police From Disputed Region - Reuters

Sudan Expels Aid Groups from East - BBC

Cluster Bombs Terrorize Civilian Areas in Sudan - CNN

UN Chief Urges International Support for Somalia - VOA

Turkey Tells UN and Aid Donors to Move to Somalia - Reuters

Somalia Funding 'Goes Missing' - BBC

Deal Between Mali Tuaregs, Islamists Breaks Apart - VOA

Twin Crises Converge on Burkina Faso - VOA



SOUTHCOM’s Engagement Program Promotes Human Rights - AFPS

Mexico's Pena Nieto Feels the Heat With Finish in Sight - Reuters

Mexico Seeks Freeze on Politician's Bank Accounts - AP

PepsiCo's Mexico Snack Subsidiary Attacked Again - AP

Mexico Police Scour Highways After PepsiCo Truck Torched - Reuters

Colombian Rebels Want French Negotiating Help - AP

Venezuela Bans Private Gun Owners - BBC

Paraguay: Exposing Drug Secrets, From a Well-Guarded Bunker - NYT

DEA Investigating Honduras Drug Raid Shooting - AP

Chilean Court Absolves 6 in Terror Bomb Plot - AP

Brazil's Silva Says He'd Run Again for President - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Panetta: US Strategy Aims to Build Peace, Stability in Pacific - S&S

Panetta Reveals Plan to Shift Military’s Focus Toward Pacific - WP

More US Warships in Asia-Pacific Under New Strategy - Reuters

CJCS Dempsey Meets With Singapore Defense Officials - AFPS

China Is Said to Detain Official Who Spied for the US - NYT

China 'Arrests High-Level US Spy' - BBC

Google to Alert Users to Chinese Censorship - NYT

China's Manufacturing Slowdown to Hit African Suppliers - VOA

Aung San Suu Kyi Cautions Leaders on Burma Reforms - VOA

Suu Kyi Warns on Burma 'Optimism' - BBC

Democracy Leader Cautions Against ‘Reckless Optimism’ in Burma - NYT

Cambodian Opposition Tempers Expectations Ahead of Elections - VOA

US Can Boost Its Power in Southeast Asia - JP opinion



Ireland Votes in Favor of EU Treaty - VOA

Ireland Approves Treaty to Set European Union Budget Controls - NYT

Ireland Approves European Fiscal Pact - WP

Greek Leftist Challenges Europe on Austerity - NYT

6 Wounded in Clashes Between Kosovo Serbs, NATO Peacekeepers - DPA

Serbia President: Srebrenica Deaths 'Not Genocide' - BBC

Bosnia Leader Slams Serbia's Nikolic on Srebrenica - Reuters

Report: Arab Spring Increases Migration to EU - AP

The Euro Can be Saved. Can the EU? - WP opinion


South Asia

India’s Telecom Success Story Turns Sour - WP

Nepal Backslides Into Political Crisis - VOA