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2 July SWJ Roundup

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US Building $92m Military Headquarters for Afghanistan - S&S

Afghan Policeman Kills UK Troops - BBC

3 British Troops Are Killed by Afghan in Police Uniform - NYT

Britain Says 3 UK Soldiers Die in Afghan Shooting - AP

Afghan Official: NATO Airstrike Kills 3 Civilians - AP

Blast Hits Afghan Passenger Bus, Kills 5 - VOA



Clinton: World May Not Succeed in Syria - CNN

Syrian Opposition Rejects UN Transition Deal - VOA

Syrian Opposition Rejects New International Plan - AP

Arab League Says Syrian Opposition Must Unite - AP

Russia to Hold Talks With Syrian Opposition - AP

Assad's Forces on Offensive; Moscow Defends Him Again - Reuters

Russia, China Join US in Calling for New Government in Syria - McClatchy

Turkey Weighs Options for Dealing with Syria - WP

Turkey Scrambles Jets to Syria Border - BBC

Russians and Syrians, Allied by History and Related by Marriage - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Braces for EU Embargo - VOA

Already Plagued by Inflation, Iran Is Bracing for Worse - NYT

US Praises EU Embargo of Iranian Oil, Presses Tehran - Reuters

Iran Threatens Israel; New EU Sanctions Take Force - Reuters

Iran to Hold Maneuvers with Missiles - AP

Jordan's King Urges Islamists to Contest Election - AP

Yemeni Troops Kill al-Qaida Militant - VOA

Yemen: Authorities Foil Attacks on Foreigners - AP

Two Killed in Yemen as Army Pursues Militants - Reuters

Official: Verdict July 10 for Ex-Israeli Premier - AP

Palestinians Detain Dozens in Weapons Crackdown - AP

Election Commission Offices in Eastern Libya Sacked - NYT

Libya: Benghazi Election HQ 'Ransacked' - BBC

Libyan Lawyer Says ICC Staff to Be Released - AP

How Muslim Brotherhood Went from 7 Members to Presidency - McClatchy

Egypt's New President Faces Burden of Expectation - Reuters

Our Relationship with Egypt - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Looks for Ways to Save More Lives on Battlefield - USAT

Troop Hospitalizations Show Mental Toll of War - S&S

Stan McChrystal, Drone Skeptic - DR

More Aircraft Arrive to Combat Western Wildfires - AFPS

Some Firefighting C-130s to Redeploy from Colorado to Wyoming - AFPS

Gunman in Fort Bragg Commander Shooting Dies - NYT

Fort Bragg Soldier Who Shot Commander Dies - S&S

Soldier Killed in Fort Bragg Shooting Identified - AFPS

Report: More Sexual Assaults at Camp Lejeune - S&S

US Officials Seek 1984 Deserter in Sweden - AP


United States

Drone Makers Urge US to Let Them Sell More Overseas - LAT

Domestic Drone Push Raises Privacy Questions - DDN

Veterans Respond to Supreme Court Overturning Lying Law - AP

Storm-Related Outages in DC Region May Last for Days - WP

Heat Reigns After Deadly Storms in Mid-Atlantic - NYT

Show Me Your Papers - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

PM to Face More Pressure Over EU - BBC

Hague: Case for EU Vote Powerful - BBC

England Riots: Police Feared for Their Lives - BBC

Army’s Most Senior Female Officer Quits Amid Cuts Anger - DT

Theresa May 'Planning Changes to Immigrant Test' - BBC

Reports: Barclays Chairman to Resign This Week - AP



Gunmen Attack Catholic Churches in Northeast Kenya - VOA

Kenyan Church Attacks 'Kill 15' - BBC

15 Dead in Kenyan Church Attacks - WP

Kenya Police: Church Attacks Kill 15, Wound 40 -AP

Islamist Militants in Mali Continue to Destroy Shrines - Reuters

Mali: Attacks Renewed on Timbuktu Tombs - BBC

Islamist Militants in Mali Continue to Destroy Shrines - Reuters

Sudan Breaks Up Protest, Blames Zionist Plot - Reuters

US Tells Rwanda to Halt Support for Congo Rebels - Reuters

Rwanda’s Day of Liberation - WP opinion



Exit Polls: Pena Nieto Wins Mexican Presidential Election - VOA

Ex-ruling Party 'Returns to Power' in Mexico - BBC

Weary Voters Turn to Party of Mexico’s Past, Polls Say - NYT

Mexican Old Guard Leads, Ruling Party Concedes - AP

Mexico's Old Rulers Claim Presidential Election Win - Reuters

Mexico PRI Candidate Pena Nieto Leads - WP

Exit Polls: Leftist to Win Mexico City Mayorship - AP

Instant View: Mexico Poised for Change of Government - Reuters

Venezuelan Election Race Begins - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez, Capriles Launch Presidential Race - Reuters

Chavez, Capriles Begin Venezuela Campaigns - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan: Okinawa Governor Rejects Plan to Deploy US Planes - AP

Protest as Japan Restarts Reactor - BBC

Japan: First Nuclear Reactor to Restart Met with Protests - PW

Japan’s Leader Is Set Back as Party Faction Quits - NYT

US Firm Guilty of Aiding China's Military Attack Helicopter - CP

Mass Protests as Hong Kong Marks 15 Years of Chinese Rule - VOA

Protests on Hong Kong Anniversary - BBC

Protesters March as New Hong Kong Leader Is Sworn In - NYT

Vietnam: Anti-China Protesters Take to Streets of Hanoi - VOA



Germany’s Merkel Defends Compromise on Euro - BBC

Eurozone Unemployment Hits New Record in May - AP

Bailout Envoy Urges Greece to Speed Up Reforms - AP


South Asia

India: Mumbai Terror Suspect's Taped Voice Comes to Life - AP

Reported US Drone Strike Kills 8 Militants in Pakistan - VOA

Crippled, Chaotic Pakistan - NYT editorial