Small Wars Journal

2 February SWJ Roundup

Days of Unrest

Obama Urges Faster Shift of Power in Egypt - New York Times

Obama: Transition in Egypt 'Must Begin Now' - Washington Post

Egypt: Mubarak Will Not Seek Reelection - Voice of America

Mubarak Says He'll Leave at the End of His Term - Los Angeles Times

Embattled Mubarak Won't Seek New Term - Washington Times

Hosni Mubarak Vows to Step Down - Daily Telegraph

Pressure Mounts on Egypt's Mubarak - BBC News

Mubarak's Pledge Seen as Not Enough - Washington Post

Protesters Unmoved by Mubarak's Speech - Christian Science Monitor

Egypt Crowds Unmoved by Mubarak's Vow Not to Run - Associated Press

Egyptians Applaud Mubarak's Decision Not to Run Again - Voice of America

Egyptians Flood Tahrir Square for Massive Protests - Voice of America

Suleiman Could be Called on to Smooth Turmoil - Washington Post

Egypt's Army Calls for End to Protests - Wall Street Journal

Military Role Crucial in Egypt Unrest - Voice of America

Egypt's Army Tells Anti-Mubarak Protesters "Enough" - Reuters

Egyptian Army Sides With Mubarak; Tensions Rise - Associated Press

Mubarak Supporters Mount Own Protest - Los Angeles Times

Fear and Desperation Grip Egypt Port City of Suez - Los Angeles Times

How Cairo, U.S. Were Blindsided by Revolution - Wall Street Journal

Mubarak's Departure Raises Tough Questions for U.S., Israel - National Journal

Obama Says Transition Must Start Right Away - USA Today

GOP Backs Obama's Egypt Stance, Dems Not Much - Christian Science Monitor

U.N. Calling for Change of Abusive System in Egypt - Voice of America

A Diplomatic Scramble as an Ally Is Pushed to the Exit - New York Times

At Risk: U.S. Military's Strategic and Costly Relationship - USA Today

Non-Essential US Gov't Staff Begin to Leave Egypt - Associated Press

Israel Wary of Transition in Egypt - Washington Post

Turkey PM Urges Egyptian Leader to Heed Calls for Change - Voice of America

Wary China Avoids Comment on Calls For Reform In Egypt - Reuters

Google Declares War on the Egyptian Government - USNI Blog

New Service Lets Voices From Egypt Be Heard - New York Times

Quiet Acts of Protest on a Noisy Day - New York Times

As Protests Continue, Egypt's Economy Severely Affected - Voice of America

Antiquities Chief Says Sites Are Largely Secure - New York Times

Jordan's King Dismisses Govt. After Weeks of Public Protests - Voice of America

Jordan's King Dismisses Government Amid Protests - Wall Street Journal

King of Jordan Dismisses His Cabinet - New York Times

Jordan's King Dismisses Cabinet - Washington Post

King of Jordan Fires Government - Washington Times

U.N. Reports Higher Death Toll from Tunisia Unrest - Voice of America

U.N.: Tunisia Protests Against Ben Ali Left 200 Dead - BBC News

Syrians Call for Protests on Facebook and Twitter - Associated Press

Yemen's Leader Pledges Not to Seek Re-election - New York Times

Yemeni President Says He Won't Seek Another Term - Associated Press

Yemen Hopes to Stave Off Spreading Arab Unrest - Reuters

Beyond Mubarak - New York Times editorial

Can Change Really Take Place? - Washington Post editorial

Arab Revolution Matures - Washington Post opinion

B.E., Before Egypt. A.E., After Egypt. - New York Times opinion

The Reforms Arabs Need - Washington Post opinion

America's 'Islamist Dilemma' - Los Angeles Times opinion


U.S. General Sees Success Even if Pakistan Doesn't Act - New York Times

Rodriguez: Taliban Likely to Favor More Indirect Attacks - Stars and Stripes

U.S. General: Afghan War 'Winnable' - BBC News

U.S. General: Afghan War Winnable Without Pakistan's Help - Associated Press

General: Afghanistan Planning Yields Steady Progress - AFPS

Aide: Karzai Won't Offer Taliban 'Power-sharing' - McClatchy Newspapers

Afghan Taliban Members Seek Guarantees for Peace Talks - BBC News

Invested in 'Soft Power,' India Awaits Karzai Visit - Los Angeles Times

One Killed in Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Clash - BBC News

Trial Ordered for Fifth U.S. Soldier Charged in Afghan Murders - Reuters

Soldier Faces Murder Trial Despite Mental Illness - Associated Press


Pakistan Court Bars American's Release - Wall Street Journal

Pakistan Court Bars Release of U.S. Official - Los Angeles Times

Pakistani Court Blocks Release of American Official - Associated Press

Nine Killed in Peshawar Explosion - BBC News

Policemen Killed in Balochistan Clash - BBC News


Military, Civilian Officials Note Iraq's Progress - AFPS

Iraq: Diplomat Defends Size, Cost of State Dept. Presence - Washington Post

Report Says Secret Jails, Run by Iraq, Stay Open - New York Times

HRW: Maliki's Security Forces Torture Prisoners - Washington Post

Iraqi Government Faces New Prisoner Abuse Claims - Associated Press


Iran Summons U.S. Hiker Sarah Shourd for Spying Trial - BBC News

U.S. Indicts Iranian on Smuggling of Metals - Washington Times


Al-Qaeda 'is Planning a Dirty Bomb' - Daily Telegraph

Did al-Qaeda Plot a Fifth Attack on September 11 - Daily Telegraph

Brown Ordered Pakistan to 'Take Out' bin Laden - Daily Telegraph

Britain Slammed in Lockerbie 'Charade' - Washington Times

WikiLeaks Suspect Seen as Unfit - Washington Post

Amnesty Urges U.K. to Intervene in Manning Case - Associated Press

3 Previously Undisclosed Members of 9/11 Plot - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Europe-based Bdes to Conduct 'Hybrid Threat' Exercises - Stars and Stripes

New USJFCOM Website Promotes Military Info Sharing - AFPS

Experimental Payoff and USJFCOM - Air Force Magazine

Military's Role Unaffected by Terror Alert Change - AFPS

Honors' Lawyer Says Commander Won't Leave Navy - Virginian-Pilot

United States

U.S.-Canada Border 'Grossly Underprotected' - Washington Times

Number of Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Steady at 11.2M - Associated Press

'Jihad Jane' Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty in Pa. - Associated Press

TSA Testing New Scanner Software - Washington Post

United Kingdom

A Hacking Case Becomes a War of the Tabloids - New York Times


Storm-Weary Queensland Braces for 'Catastrophic' Cyclone - New York Times

Queenslanders Bracing for Cyclone - BBC News


Strongman Wins Central African Republic Election - Associated Press

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Government Signals Resistance to A.U. Panel - VOA

Mauritanian Authorities Foil Terror Attack Attempt - Associated Press


In Mexico, Massacres but Claims of Progress - New York Times

NGOs in Haiti Face New Questions about Effectiveness - Washington Post

Haiti's Ex-leader Duvalier: Frozen Swiss Funds Not Mine - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Korean Military Talks Set; Leaders Might Meet Later - New York Times

Military Graft Allegations Unsettle Philippines - Associated Press

Philippine Militant in Attacks on Americans Nabbed - Associated Press


Russia Loses Control of New Military Satellite - Associated Press

Irish Expel Russia Envoy Over ID Theft for Spying - New York Times

Germany Reduces Terror Security Measures - Associated Press

South Asia

Invested in 'Soft Power,' India Awaits Karzai Visit - Los Angeles Times

India's Ex-telecoms Minister A Raja Arrested - BBC News

India 'Abusing Terror Suspects' - BBC News