Small Wars Journal

2 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


In Remote Northern Afghanistan, US Troops Learn on the Run - S&S

Second Stage of Afghan Security Transfer Begins - VOA

Second Afghan Security Handover Starts - Reuters

Military-Civil Partnership Shines in Helmand, Diplomat Says - AFPS

Confusion Not Progress Expected at Afghan Meet - Reuters

In Afghan Case, Justice Runs Into Custom - NYT

Afghan Woman Freed from Jail after Agreeing to Marry Rapist - WP

Jailed Afghan Rape Victim Freed - BBC

Afghan President Pardons Imprisoned Rape Victim - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Patching Up Ties Between Pakistan and US Not a Given - LAT

Pakistani Court Bars Former US Ambassador From Travel - NYT

Pakistan Court Bars Former Envoy From Travel - AP

Pakistan: NATO Attack Threatens War on Militants - Reuters



In Iraq, Biden Says Tide of Conflict Is Receding - NYT

In Iraq, U. Troops Aren't Yet in the Clear - LAT

Biden: Sacrifices of Troops Allow Iraq War to End - AP

Biden Trip Marks New Alliance with Iraq - AFPS



US Senate OKs Sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank - WT

EU Broadens Economic Sanctions Against Iran - VOA

EU Stiffens Sanctions on Iran - WP

EU Tightens Sanctions Against Iran - NYT

EU Agrees New Sanctions on Iran - BBC

EU Expands Iran Sanctions List - LAT

EU Foreign Ministers Fail to Agree on Iran Oil Ban - AP

EU May Study Oil Embargo on Iran; China Urges Calm - Reuters

Iran's Ruling System Seeks Comfort Zone in Crisis - AP

Israeli Defense Chief: Iran Strike May Be Needed - AP

German Officials: No Immediate Threat of Attack by Iran - S&S

Germany Probes if Iran Pondering Attacks - AP

Biden: No Indication Iran Orchestrated Embassy Attack - Reuters

Iran Bans Foreign Media From Anti-British Rallies - AP



Early Egypt Election Results Indicate Islamists Swept First Round - LAT

In Egypt, Unease over Islamist Gains - WP

Egypt's Islamists Poised to Dominate Parliament - AP

Egypt Awaits Poll Results, Tahrir Protest Planned - Reuters

Army Official Sees Egypt's Foreign Reserves Plunging - Reuters



United Nations Says Unrest in Syria Amounts to Civil War - NYT

UN: Syria Now in a Civil War With 4,000 Dead - AP

Syria Opposition Links with Army Deserters - BBC

EU, Arab League Tighten Syria Sanctions - VOA

Syria Firms, VIPs Sanctioned in 'Civil War' - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

AP Interview: Palestinians to Cut Reliance on Aid - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Saudis Reject Repression Claims - BBC

Hezbollah Seeks to Reassure Lebanon Over Probe - AP

Hezbollah: We Won't Act Against PM Funding Hariri Court - Reuters

Tunisian Secularists Protest at Islamists on Campus - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda Says it Has US Citizen - BBC

Al-Qaida Says It Is Holding US Hostage in Pakistan - AP

Qaeda's Zawahri Says Group Kidnapped American - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Army May Ease Information Restrictions on Smartphones - S&S

Navy Announces Results of Second Round of Cuts - S&S

Military Dogs Show Signs of Combat Stress - NYT

DOD Seeks to Boost Use of Alternative Fuels - AFPS


United States

Senate Backs Military Custody of Terror Suspects - AP

Recent Veterans Find Higher Jobless Rates On Return - NPR

Gov’t Investigating if Banks Illegally Foreclosed on Troops - McClatchy


United Kingdom

UK Lawmaker Criticized for 'Zionist Bias' Comments - AP



Surveillance Products Reaching Repressive Governments - WP



Europe Crisis 'Threatens Africa' - BBC



US-Mexico Border: Raids Don’t Keep Tunnels from Humming - NYT

Mexican Army Dismantles Gang's Antennas, Radios - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Touts New LATAM, Caribbean Bloc - AP

Ex-Panamanian Dictator to be Extradited in Weeks - AP

Ruling Party to Lead Guyana's First Minority Gov't - AP

Governing Party Wins Guyana Poll - BBC

World Bank Approves $255 Million Plan for Haiti - AP


Asia Pacific

Clinton Challenges Burma to Expand Reforms - VOA

Clinton Meets Burma’s President, Offers Incentives for Reforms - WP

Clinton Meets with Burma President, Nobel Laureate - LAT

US to Relax Some Curbs on Aid to Burma - NYT

Clinton Offers to Boost US-Burma links - BBC

Clinton Meets Suu Kyi, Lays Down Reform Markers - AP

Clinton Offers Burma First Rewards for Reform - Reuters

China: Lift Burma Sanctions - VOA

Clinton Highlights Democracy on Last Day of Burma Trip - Reuters

Burma Gov't Officials Meet with Kachin Rebels - AP

Burma or Myanmar? For Clinton, No Easy Answer - WP

Official Says US Needs Time to Assess Aid to N. Korea - NYT

Security Guards Protest Army's Contract with Security Firm in S. Korea - S&S

Another Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire in China Protest - AP



Sarkozy Says France, Germany Will Offer Debt Crisis Plan - VOA

Central Bank Chief Hints at Stepping Up Euro Support - NYT

Despite Zone’s Crisis, Hungary Wants In to Euro - WT

Greek Workers Walk Out in Protest for 7th Time - NYT

Russia: Familiarity with Putin Breeding Contempt - WT

18 Months After Vote, Belgium Has Government - NYT

Kosovo Violence Threatens Serbia’s EU Aspirations - VOA

Croatia Center-Left to Take Power as Economy Sinks - Reuters

South Ossetian Opposition Leader Rejects New Vote - AP


South Asia

Popular Distrust Challenges Peaceful Rise of India and China - WP