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2 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Report: Afghan Militants Have Mafia-like Financing - AP

Afghan Forces Kill 7 Insurgents Over Attack Plan - AP

'Five Insurgents Killed' in Kabul Gun Battle - BBC

Afghan Finance Minister Under Scrutiny - NYT

Afghan Force Development Director Outlines Priorities - AFPS

Putin Regrets NATO's Plan to Leave Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Top US Commander in Afghanistan to Visit Pakistan - AP

Pakistani Acid-Attack Victim Enjoys New Life in Texas - VOA



Assad: Syria's 'Fate' at Stake - VOA

Where's Assad? Mystery Deepens About Syrian Leader - AP

'Dozens Die' in Damascus Raids - BBC

Activists: Syrian Troops Kill Dozens Near Damascus - AP

Syrian Fighting Intensifies in Battle for Control of Aleppo - NYT

Syrian Rebels Execute Assad Loyalists in Aleppo - VOA

Rebels Execute Pro-Syrian Regime Clan Members - WP

Atrocities Flow Both Ways in Syria - WP

Video Said to Show Execution by Syrian Rebels Stirs Debate - NYT

Syrian Rebel Shootings Condemned - BBC

Obama Authorizes Secret Support for Syrian Rebels - Reuters

Syrian Refugees Grow Impatient with Top Defectors - AP

UN General Assembly to Meet on Syria - VOA

General Assembly to Ask Syria's Assad to Step Down - AP



Military Action Against Iran an Option - WP

Panetta, Israeli Leaders Warn Iran - VOA

Panetta Asks Israel for Patience on Iran - AP

US, Israeli Leaders United Against Iranian Nuke Efforts - AFPS

Iranian Nuke Program Dominates Panetta’s Talks in Israel - AFPS

Israel: Iran Unfazed by Warnings - BBC

UN Chief Tells Iranian Exiles in Iraq to Move - AP

Iran, Israel Waging Silent War - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Killings Hit Two-Year Peak - BBC

Iron Dome System Demonstrates US-Israeli Partnership - AFPS

Al-Qaida Attacks Yemen Town, 4 Troops Killed - AP

Bahrain 'Weaponizing' Tear Gas - BBC

Egypt and Israel Dispute 'Presidential Letter' - BBC

Panetta Warns Egypt on Sinai as Potential Base for Terrorists - Bloomberg

Egypt Releases Partial List of Ministers - NYT

New Egypt Cabinet to be Announced - BBC

Egypt to Get Technocrat-Heavy Cabinet - WP

New Egyptian Cabinet Has Few Holdovers, Islamists - AP

Coptic-Muslim Clashes in Egypt - BBC

A Culture of Terror - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

US Model for Future War Fans Tensions with China and Inside Pentagon - WP

Carter Describes Possible Unintended Effects of Sequestration Law - AFPS

Official: Sequestration Cuts Could Mean Less Training for Troops - S&S

House Panel to Probe Army’s IED Software Report - WT

Air Force Assures F-22 Readiness Following Extensive Testing - AFPS

Man Accused of Setting USS Miami Submarine Fire to Stay in Jail - AP

Army to Stop Using Forensic Psychiatrists for Soldiers with PTSD - S&S

Tailhook Whistleblower Wants Congressional Hearing on Lackland - S&S


United States

Inquiry Into Security Leaks Is Casting Chill Over Coverage - NYT

US Central Bank Decides Against New Economic Stimulus - VOA

GSA Scandal Widens; Dozens of Conferences Now Under Investigation - WT

Agreement Bolsters Reservist, Veteran Employment Opportunities - AFPS

A Law to Strengthen Our Cyberdefense - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

London Struggles to Strike Economic Gold - WP

An Olympics Vigil, From 30,000 Feet - NYT



Australia Rejects Proposal to Base US Carrier - AP



Clinton: America Wants Sustainable Partnerships in Africa - VOA

Clinton Challenges Africa to Embrace Democracy - AP

US Wants to Mend Ties with Sudan - WT

Ivory Coast Pushes for UN Military Action in Mali - VOA

Civilian Casualties Rise in DR Congo Conflict - VOA

Muslim Protests in Ethiopia Reveal Religious Fault Lines - VOA

Somali Leaders Approve New Constitution - VOA

Somali Leaders Back Constitution - BBC



Venezuela's Opposition Wants to Scrap Preferential Oil Deals - Reuters

Honduras Institutes Public Gun Ban for Violence-Hit Region - Reuters

Honduran Finance Minister Resigns Following Wife's Arrest - Reuters

Ecuador: Sweden Spurned Offer to Question Assange - AP

Cuba: Castro’s Spurious Offer to Talk with US - WT opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

RIMPAC Made Possible by Air, as Well as by Sea Assets - HSA

Strait of Malacca Stands as Model of Multilateral Cooperation - AFPS

US to Mull More Bombers, Submarines for Pacific - Reuters

In Africa, Clinton Takes Swipe at China - WP

Clinton Visits Africa to Counter Rising Roles of Militants, China - WT

China Unveils Oil Offensive in South China Sea Squabble - Reuters

Activist Chen Seeks US Pressure on China - BBC

China Jails 20 on Terrorism, Separatism Charges in Restive Xinjiang - Reuters

China Scorns US Criticism of Religious Policies - Reuters

Japan Concerned by Chinese Naval Activity, Lack of Transparency - WP

Philippines Arms Itself with New Pacts - AT

Rights Group Slams Burmese Military on Rohingya Violence - VOA



Russia: Putin Starts to ‘Tighten the Screws’ on Foes - WT

Greece Agrees On New Bailout Cuts - BBC

2 Pig Heads Hung Outside Mosque in France - AP

Belarus Generals Sacked Over Swedish Teddy Bear Stunt - BBC

Russia’s Beleaguered Opposition - NYT editorial


South Asia

India Blackout Highlights Power Problems in Developing Countries - VOA

As Power Restored in India, ‘Blame Game’ Over Blackouts Heats Up - NYT

India Groping for Blackout Blame - WP

India to Give Free Medicines to Nation's Poor - VOA

Bangladesh: Missing Man Returns After 23 Years in Pakistan Jail - BBC