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19 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


UN Urges Massive Support for Afghan Forces - AP

Afghanistan Fundraising Goal Elusive Before NATO Summit - Reuters

As NATO Prepares to Talk Security, Afghans Talk Corruption - S&S

On Joint US-Afghan Mission, Balancing Suspicion and Ambition - WP

French Leader Sticks to Afghan Pullout Timetable - AP

France: Obama, Hollande Agree on Much-But Not Afghanistan - Reuters

Rockets Kill 2 NATO Troops, 3 Afghan Civilians - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

NATO and Afghanistan - NYT editorial

The Uncertain Fate of Afghan Women - WP opinion



Syrian Protesters Rally in Northern Flashpoint City - VOA

Aleppo Rallies Buoy Syrian Opposition - WP

Syria Protests 'Grip Aleppo City' - BBC

Largest Protests Yet in Syria's Biggest City - AP

UN Chief Blames al-Qaida for Syria Attack - VOA

Venezuela Says Third Diesel Shipment Sent to Syria - Reuters



World Powers Forge Joint Approach to Iran Talks - TWB

G8 Leaders: Iran Must Disclose More About Nuclear Program - Reuters

Obama, G8 May Remind Iran of Their Own 'Oil Weapon' - Reuters

Iran May Seek 'Tactical Gain' With UN Nuclear Deal - Reuters

Iran Sanctions Bill Blocked in US Senate - WP

UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief to Visit Tehran - VOA

UN Nuclear Chief Will Go to Iran, Elevating Talks - NYT

UN Nuclear Chief to Visit Tehran - WP

Diplomats: Nuclear Agency Chief to Visit Tehran - AP

Tell Iran Where We Draw the Line - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Boosts Funding for Israel's 'Iron Dome' Defense System - VOA

Iraq: Bomb Blasts at Bird Market in Baghdad Kill 5 - AP

Yemeni Troops Kill 11 Al-Qaida Militants in South - AP

Protesters Angered by Gulf Union - BBC

Bahrain Protesters Decry Unity Plans With Saudis - AP

Egypt's Moussa Stresses Experience in Time of Flux - VOA

Egypt’s Rulers to Redraw President’s Powers on Eve of Election - WP


G8 Summit

G8 Summit to Focus on Africa Food Security - VOA

Greek Row Brews Before US G8 Summit - BBC

Obama Meets With France’s New Leader Ahead of G-8 Meeting - NYT

G8 Leaders Broadly United on Iran and Syria - Reuters

G8 Leaders: Iran Must Disclose More About Nuclear Program - Reuters

Obama, G8 May Remind Iran of Their Own 'Oil Weapon' - Reuters


NATO / Summit

NATO General Outlines Summit Topics, Alliance Changes - AFPS

US European Command, NATO Boost Cyber Defenses - AFPS

Afghanistan Fundraising Goal Elusive Before NATO Summit - Reuters

NATO and Afghanistan - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

House Passes Defense Budget Bill Despite DOD, White House Objections - S&S

House OKs $642 Billion Defense Bill - AP

Budget Amendment Would Pull All Four BCTs Out of Europe - S&S

Ospreys to be Based in UK for Special Ops Missions - S&S

Judge Weighs Multiple 9/11 Trials at Gitmo - AP

Soldier Faces Murder Charges in Iraq Base Deaths - S&S

Marine Gets 15 Years in Prison for Comrade's Death - AP


United States

House Vote Upholds Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects - NYT

US Rethinks Secrecy on Drone Program - WSJ

Federal Appeals Panel Hears CIA Leak Case in Va. - AP

A New Attack on the Constitution - NYT editorial



$3 Billion in Private Sector Pledges to Help Feed Africa - VOA

Obama Unveils US Africa Food Plan - BBC

Record Number of Africans Flee to Yemen - VOA

Possible Talks between Nigerian Government, Boko Haram - VOA

Travel Ban on Guinea-Bissau Junta - BBC

After Charles Taylor in Sierra Leone - WP opinion



Mexico Detains Third General Tied to Drug Cartel - NYT

Third Mexican General Detained for Cartel Links - BBC

4th High-Ranking Mexican Army Officer Detained - AP

Journalist Kidnapped and Killed in Northern Mexico - AP

Inmates Take Over Honduras Jail - BBC

Hundreds Leave Venezuelan Prison Amid Standoff - AP

Brazil President to Receive Apologies for Torture - AP

Cuban Offshore Oil Attempt Fails - BBC

Remnants of Haiti's Army March in the Capital - AP

Mexico’s Presidential Front-runner - WP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

Pentagon Study Says China Military Getting Stronger - NYT

Pentagon Accuses China of Cyberspying to Expand Economy and Military  - VOA

Pentagon: Elements of Chinese Military Expansion are Concerning - S&S

Report Depicts China’s Military Progress, Strategic Thinking - AFPS

Chinese Activist Leaves Hospital, Headed for US - WP

Blind Chinese Activist Prepares to Leave for US - AP

Chinese Tycoon Gets Life Sentence for Smuggling - NYT

Locklear: PACOM’s Priorities Reflect New Strategic Guidance - AFPS

Japan Launches South Korean Satellite Into Orbit - VOA

Korean Surveillance School Trains Citizen Snoops - VOA

Philippines to Receive 10 New Patrol Ships from Japan - IGN

Divided but Peaceful 2 Years After Thai Violence - AP

US Move to Suspend Burma Sanctions Draws Mixed Reaction - VOA

China’s Power Struggle - WP opinion



US European Command, NATO Boost Cyber Defenses - AFPS

Turkey Aims to Damp Drone-Report Furor - WSJ

Russia: Putin Reaches Down for First Appointment - NYT

Whisper of Nuclear War Spurs a Sell-Off in a Russian Stock Market - NYT

Russian Defense Plant Worker Convicted of Treason - AP

A War of Words Over Euro Crisis - NYT

Merkel 'Suggests Greek Euro Vote' - BBC

Germans Deny Merkel Suggested Greek Vote on Euro - WP

Greeks Face Epic Choice - WP

Caustic Comedian Alters Italy’s Political Map - NYT

Moody’s Downgrades Spanish Banks - VOA

Spain May Have to Revise Its 2011 Budget Deficit - AP

European Markets Respond to Crisis - WP

Spain’s Yearnings Are Now Its Agony - NYT opinion


South Asia

India's Currency Plunges to Record Low - VOA

India Charges Prompt Italy Row - BBC