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19 August SWJ Roundup

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U.S. Sends Warning to Afghanistan, Kerry Delivers Message - Los Angeles Times

Petraeus Uses Media to Press Patience on Afghanistan War - Associated Press

More Attacks on Officials and a Protest Over a Deadly Raid - New York Times

Romania Shows Support for the U.S.-led Mission - Los Angeles Times

Grenade Thrown From Mosque Wounds 4 ISAF Troops - AFPS

Afghan Protesters Allege Civilian Deaths in NATO Raid - Voice of America

Presidents Flying Blind - Los Angeles Times opinion


U.S. Strategy in Pakistan Is Upended by Floods - New York Times

Aid for Pakistan Lags, U.N. Warns - New York Times

After Slow Start, Aid Finally Flowing to Pakistan - Associated Press

U.S. Continues to Rush Relief to Pakistan - American Forces Press Service

Pakistan Assures Donor Money Will Go to Flood Victims - Voice of America

A Lifetime, Washed Away - New York Times opinion

Russia Conference

Central, South Asian Leaders Meet in Russia - Voice of America

Russia Pushes to Increase Afghanistan Business Ties - New York Times


U.S. Withdrawal Not End to Mission in Iraq - Washington Times

Civilians to Take U.S. Lead After Military Leaves Iraq - New York Times

Iraq in the Rear-view Mirror - Los Angeles Times

Goodbye Iraq: Last US Combat Brigade Heads Home - Associated Press

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Exits Iraq - BBC News

U.S. Says Troop Numbers In Iraq At 56,000 - Reuters

Insurgents Kill 5 Govt Employees Around Iraq - Associated Press


Khamenei: Iran Won't Talk With U.S. In Current Climate - Reuters

Iran Urges IAEA to Counter Sanctions - Voice of America

Iran Condemns Possible U.S. Military Action - Associated Press

Iranian Woman May Be Spared Execution - Associated Press


WikiLeaks and Pentagon Disagree About Talks - New York Times

WikiLeaks Has Yet to Contact 'Competent Authorities' - AFPS

Pentagon Rebuffs WikiLeaks on Review of War Documents - Voice of America

WikiLeaks: Pentagon Ready to Discuss Afghan Files - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Virginia Politicians Plan JFCOM Counterattack - Army Times

Joint Forces Command Closure Part of Bigger Plan - Virginian-Pilot

Pentagon Cost-Saving Drive Comes Under Fire - Wall Street Journal

DOD Announces July Recruiting, Retention Data - American Forces Press Service

Defense Missile Agency Seeks to Cut Costs - American Forces Press Service

United States

Guard Troops Headed to Border Will Have Focused Mission - Los Angeles Times

First U.S. Guards at Mexico Border - BBC News

Stolen Valor Act Is Declared Unconstitutional by Circuit Court - New York Times

Obama's Mosque Comments Fuel Controversy - Voice of America

Obama: 'No Regrets' About Comments on Mosque Near 'Ground Zero' - VOA

Muslims Around World Monitor Mosque Debate - Washington Times

September 11 Anniversary Set For Muslim Center Marches - Reuters

General Lavelle's Rehabilitation - New York Times opinion

U.S. Can't Afford Unilateral Military Moves Abroad - Los Angeles Times opinion


Rebels Kill 3 in U.N. Force in Congo - New York Times

Indian Peacekeepers Killed in DR Congo - BBC News

Sudan to Deport Foreign Aid Workers - Associated Press

Ethiopia Faces Era Of One-Party Rule - Voice of America

West African States Mull Troops For Guinea Bissau - Reuters

1 Million South African Public Servants on Strike - Voice of America

Scheme May Unmoor Benin, an Anchor of Stability - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

Lawmakers in Mexico to Debate Drug Fight - New York Times

Mexico: Mayor Found Dead Three Days Kidnapping - Los Angeles Times

Body Of Kidnapped Mayor Dumped In Northern Mexico - Reuters

Corrupt, Insecure Prisons Undermine Mexico Drug War - Reuters

U.S. Reviews Options on Colombia Base Agreement - Washington Times

Colombia President Sees No Effect From Base Ruling - Associated Press

Multinational Exercise Focuses on Panama Canal Defense - AFPS

American Ordered to Return to Prison in Peru - New York Times

Peru Court Revokes Parole for U.S. 'Rebel' Lori Berenson - BBC News

American Activist Surrenders to Peru Police - Associated Press

Venezuelan Newspaper Says Photo Ban Political - Associated Press

Cuban Dissidents Denounce Government Harassment - Reuters

Haiti: The Candidate and the Charity - New York Times editorial

Asia Pacific

U.S. Expects Long Presence in Region of S. China Sea - Associated Press

U.S., South Korea Announce Yellow Sea Exercise - AFPS

Pilot in Crash In China Fled North Korea, Report Says - New York Times

N. Korea Confirms It Seized South Fishing Boat, Crew - Associated Press

China Still Stymies U.S. on Military Transparency - Associated Press

Blast Kills 7 in China's Xinjiang Area - Associated Press

Attack Kills 7 In China's Restive Xinjiang - Reuters

U.S., Vietnam Explore Enhanced Defense Cooperation - AFPS

Burma's Pro-Democracy Leaders Praise U.S. Decision - Associated Press

Thais to Rule on Suspected Arms Dealer Extradition - Associated Press


A Mission to Modernize Germany's Armed Forces - New York Times

Yugoslav War Crimes Court Orders Probe of Prosecutors - Associated Press

Middle East

Lebanon Militants: Leader Slain en Route to Iraq - Associated Press

Amin al-Hindi, 70, Former Palestinian Intelligence Chief, Dies - New York Times

Israeli Soldier's Facebook Photos Spark Controversy - Voice of America

Secret Study Reveals Most Syrians Dissatisfied, Outspoken - Los Angeles Times

Five Injured In Bombing on South Yemen Police - Reuters

South Asia

Deadly Protests in Kashmir Test India's Inclusive Ideals - New York Times

India, Pakistan in Kashmir Border Clash - BBC News