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19 April SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

Admin Note: More and more dailies (NYT, LAT, Times of London, WSJ…) are now charging a subscription for access to their articles. SWJ will continue to link to individual articles but recognizes that this trend is a sign of the times (no pun intended). We will continue as long as it is feasible to post a decent Roundup without expecting readers to fork up bucks for subscriptions.


NATO Ministers Plan Future Role in Afghanistan - VOA

US, Allies Plan Funds for Afghans - WP

Afghanistan Needs Firm Security Funding Pledges, US Says - LAT

NATO Says Concrete Plans Emerging for Afghanistan After 2014 - Reuters

NATO, Russia Mull Closer Cooperation in Afghan War - AP

New Photos Show US Soldiers Posing With Afghan Insurgent Remains - VOA

Images of GI’s With Remains Raise Concerns Over Discipline - NYT

Photos of US Soldiers Posing with Afghan Corpses Prompt Condemnation - LAT

US Military Again Has to Condemn Troops’ Conduct in Afghanistan - WP

New Military Photo Scandal: Panetta Apologizes - AP

Afghans Revolted by US Troops Posing with Dead Suicide Bombers - LAT

New Afghanistan War Photos Part of a Long, Controversial Tradition - S&S

Pentagon Sought to Stop Paper From Using Photos - NYT

Army Denies Clemency in Afghan 'Thrill Kill' Case - AP

US Aims Newest, Laser-Guided Rocket at Afghanistan - DR



Syria Violence Continues Despite Truce, UN Observers - VOA

Syria 'Failing to Keep to Truce' - BBC

Amid New Strife, Deal Is Near on Full Team of Cease-Fire Monitors - NYT

UN Monitors in Syria Witness Attack by Troops - LAT

Gunfire and Wrangling Cloud UN Syria Mission - Reuters

UN Chief Says Progress Possible in Syria - AP

France Urges Humanitarian Corridor in Syria - Reuters

Taking Down Assad Through Moscow - NI opinion


Middle East / North Africa

CIA Seeks New Authority to Expand Yemen Drone Campaign - WP

South Yemen Violence Kills 2 Children, 6 Militants - AP

Yemeni Army Kills Seven Islamists in South - Reuters

Palestinians: Hamas Rule Has Not Turned Out as Expected - WP

Israeli Officer Who Struck Protester Is Dismissed - NYT

Iraqi Cities Hit by Deadly Blasts - BBC

Iraq: Blasts in Baghdad and Kirkuk, Iraq Kill 15 - AP

Series of Blasts Hit Iraq’s Capital - Reuters

Iran Army Ready for Action on Disputed Gulf Island - AP

Swiss Government Freezes More Iranian Assets - AP

Clashes Near Bahrain F1 Exhibit - BBC

Doubt Over Abu Qatada Deportation to Jordan - BBC

ICC Prosecutor Arrives in Libya - BBC

Libya: British Ex-Foreign Secretary Accused in Qaddafi Foe’s Rendition - NYT

Morocco Reforms Tested by Case Against Rapper - LAT

Disqualified Candidate: Egypt’s Military Rulers Will Not Cede Power - WP

Egyptian Transition 'in Danger' - BBC

Egypt's Looming Showdown - LAT opinion



NATO After Libya - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Budget Request Aligns Science With Strategy, Official Says - AFPS

Fighter Jet Faces Heavy Fire in Congress - LAT

Smaller Gator Fleet Has Side Effects for Corps - MCT

Marine Corps to Open Officer Infantry School to Women - S&S

Guantánamo Trials Should Be Open - NYT opinion


United States

New York Bombing Plot 'Mastermind' Testifies Against Friend - VOA

National Guard Withdrawing 900 Troops from US-Mexico Border - S&S

NYC Subway Plotter: We Wanted to Spread Panic - AP

Author Faces Civil Suit Over 'Three Cups of Tea' - AP

US Muslim: I Was Tortured at FBI's Behest in UAE - AP

3 in Scandal Being Forced Out of Secret Service, Officials Say - NYT

Secret Service Ousts 3 in Scandal; 8 More on Administrative Leave - WP

Woman Recounts Quarrel Leading to Agent Scandal - NYT

Secret Service Tries to Quell Furor Over Scandal - AP

Secret Service Agents Leave Over Sex Scandal - BBC



Sudan’s Bashir Seeks to 'Liberate' South Sudan - VOA

Sudan Leader Vows to 'Free' South - BBC

Sudan President Threatens to Oust South Government - AP

CAR: Land of Mangoes and Joseph Kony - WP

Zimbabwe President Wants Elections to End Coalition Government - VOA

UN Chief Calls For Release of Detainees in Mali Coup - VOA

Ex-Mali Leader in Senegal Embassy - BBC

DR Congo's Kabila Appoints New PM - BBC



Asian Investment Boom Seen in Latin America - AP

Mexico Captures Huge Bullet Haul - BBC

Ex-Judge: Venezuelan Officials Meddled in Cases - AP

Mass Land Invasions in Honduras - BBC

Haiti, UN Condemn Disruption at Parliament - AP

Cuba Reforms Economy in Effort to Preserve Political System - VOA

Cuba Hails 'Anti-US Rebellion' - BBC

Time to Include Cuba - LAT editorial

America's Out-of-Date Cuba Policy - FA opinion

The US-Latin America Disconnect - FP opinion


Asia Pacific

China: US Consulate Shielded Bo Aide, Delivering Him to Beijing - VOA

China Slams US Ambassador's Statement on Activist - AP

China Sends Second Boat to Standoff with Philippines - VOA

China Summons Philippine Diplomat Over Sea Dispute - AFP

Japan Vies for Ownership of Islands Despite China’s Threats - S&S

Taiwan Stages Military Exercises Aimed at China - AP

Experts: N. Korea Missile Carrier Likely From China - AP

IAEA Unlikely to Send Delegation to North Korea - VOA

South Korea Declares Ability to Strike Deep Into North - VOA

Burmese Pro-Democracy Leader Prepares for Historic Overseas Trip - VOA

Dissident to Travel Out of Burma After 24 Years of Resolving to Stay Put - NYT

EU States Agree in Principle to Suspend Burma Sanctions - Reuters

Kazakhs Jail 47 on Terrorism Charges - AP



UK Urges European Court Overhaul - BBC

Norway Gunman Questioned About Militant Group - VOA

Norway: Breivik to Give Bombing Testimony - BBC

Prosecutors Press Norwegian on Extremist Affiliations - NYT

Ukraine’s Choice - WP opinion


South Asia

India Declares Itself Major Missile Power; Beijing Within Reach - VOA

India Launches Long-Range Missile - BBC

India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile - NYT

India Ballistic Missile Test is a Success - LAT

India Tests Long-Range Missile - WP

India Tests Nuke-Capable Missile Able to Hit China - AP

Bin Laden's Family Likely in Pakistan a Few More Days - Reuters