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18 June SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP



Attack at US Base in Afghanistan Worse than Initially Disclosed - WP

Central Asia Set to Receive US Military Equipment from Afghanistan - Rianovosti



26 Killed in Pakistan Car Bombing - VOA

Bombs in Pakistan Kill at Least 32 - NYT

Deadly Bus Bombing in Pakistan - BBC



Syria’s Assad Embraces Pariah Status - WP

Syrian Government Forces Escalate Attacks - VOA

'Shelling Intensifies' in Homs - BBC

Syrian Activists Warn of Fire Conditions in Homs - AP

UN Suspends Mission in Syria - WP

UN Suspends Syria Mission, Citing Increase in Violence - NYT

UN Demands Evacuation of Syrian Civilians in Homs - AP

One Night Only: Syria in Revolt, on a Beirut Stage - NYT

Obama to Press Putin on Syria at G20 Amid Skepticism - Reuters



Iran’s Economic Pain Deepens as New Nuclear Talks Begin with US, Allies - WP

Iran to Face Critical Choice in the Latest Round of Nuclear Talks - NYT

Iran: About 20 Arrested for Nuclear Scientist Hits - AP



Egyptians Vote on Final Day of Historic Presidential Election - VOA

Egypt Military Adds to Power as Vote Ends - NYT     

Egypt's Military Granted Powers - BBC

Egypt Army to Outline President's Role, Retain Powers - Reuters

Egypt Holds Final Leadership Poll - BBC

Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory for Morsi - CNN

Islamists Say Win Egypt Presidency; Army Holds Power - Reuters

Islamist Claims Victory in Egypt President Vote - AP

Islamist Vows to Be a President for All Egypt - Reuters

Low Turnout for Egyptian Presidential Run-Off - VOA

Egyptian Activists Debate How Not to Vote - NYT

Al-Qaida Urges Egypt to Cancel Treaty with Israel - AP



Iraq Car Bombs Target Shi'ite Pilgrims - VOA

Iraq: Baghdad Car Bombings Target Shia - BBC

2 Car Bombs Target Shiites in Baghdad - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Begins Deporting Migrants from Africa - VOA

Crackdown on Migrants Tugs at Soul of Israelis - NYT

120 South Sudanese Leaving Israel Under Pressure - AP

Palestinians Shot Dead in West Bank - BBC

Heir to Saudi Throne Dies - VOA

Saudis Seek a Crown Prince and Talk of Other Successors - NYT

Troops Deployed in Western Libya - BBC

Arab Identities - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Drone, Intel Work Saves Hundreds of Jobs - S&S

Aberdeen Scientists Fight a War Against IEDs - BS

Military Suicides a 'National Public Health Problem' - S&S

Reports: Air Force's Troubled Technology Projects Cost Millions - S&S

In Sweden, Man Claims to Be AWOL Since 1984 - NYT


United States

In a World of Complications, Obama Faces a Re-election Test - NYT

In Modern World of Politics, are Two-term Presidencies History? - WP

After Chorus of Protest, New Tune on Deportations - NYT

What is America’s Cyberwar Policy? - WP editorial

Mr. Obama Acts on Immigration. Will Congress? - WP editorial


United Nations      

UN: 800,000 Forced to Flee Their Countries in 2011 - AP

World Close to Ending Polio, Yet It's a Tough Foe - AP

Take Meat Off the Menu - WP opinion



Pope, Cardinals Meet on Scandal Probe - VOA

Pope to Irish: Child Abuse by Clergy 'a Mystery' - AP



Activists Demand More Protection for African Children - VOA

Multiple Church Bombings in Nigeria Ignite Riots - VOA

Explosions Hit Nigerian Churches - BBC

3 Church Attacks and Retaliation Rock Nigeria - Reuters

21 Killed in Attacks on Churches in Nigeria -AP

Suicide Bomb in Key Somali Town - BBC

Africa’s Hidden Water Wealth - NYT opinion



World Leaders Meet in a Mexico Giving Brazil a Run for Its Money - NYT

Mexico's Drug War Rocks US Expat Stronghold - Reuters

Venezuela: Who Would Replace Hugo Chavez? - WP

Charges after Paraguay land clash - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

China Closes Window on Economic Debate, Protecting Dominance of State - NYT

Chinese City Beset by Scandal Tries to Turn Page - AP

China Puts First Female Astronaut in Space - VOA

First Female Astronaut From China Blasts Into Space - NYT

North Korea Accuses Clinton of 'Reckless' Criticism - AP

Japan OK's Restart for 2 Nuclear Reactors - VOA

Japan Public Still Divided as 2 Reactors to Be Opened - NYT

Thailand: Suspected Islamist Insurgents Kill 3 Thai Troops - AP

Burma’s Suu Kyi Says Nobel Prize Dispelled Isolation - VOA

Burma Dissident Says Nobel Opened Her Heart - NYT

Suu Kyi Asks Burma Refugees to Seek Ethnic Unity - AP

As Singapore Loosens Grip, Residents Lose Fear to Challenge Authority - NYT



European Leaders to Present Plan to Quell the Crisis Quickly - NYT

US Effort to Contain Euro Crisis Takes on New Urgency - WP

Germany ‘Will Do Whatever it Takes to Defend the Euro’ - WP

European Protesters Decry Austerity Plan - VOA

Greece Conservatives, Leftists in Tight Race - VOA

Supporters of Bailout Claim Victory in Greek Election - NYT

Greek Right 'in Narrow Poll Lead' - BBC

Greece: Far-Right Party Returns to Parliament - AP

Germany Welcomes Greek Conservatives' Win - AP

Aftermath of the Greek Vote - NYT

White House Urges Swift Formation of New Greek Government - Reuters

France: Hollande Party 'Wins Majority' - BBC

Socialists’ Victory in France Buttresses Hollande’s Power - NYT

Socialists Take French Parliament, Sweep Power - AP

13 Inmates Killed in Turkish Prison Fire - AP


South Asia

Pay Row Closes Bangladesh Firms - BBC

Journalist Killed in Bangladesh - AP