Small Wars Journal

18 February SWJ Roundup

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Protests Grow Violent Across Middle East, N. Africa - Los Angeles Times

Popular Rage Encounters State Violence in Mideast - New York Times

Populist Empowerment Grips the Middle East - Washington Post

Summary of Anti-Government Protests in Arab World - Associated Press

Saudi Prince Calls for Reform Amid Regional Unrest - Associated Press

Bahrain's Security Forces Drive Out Protesters from Downtown Square - VOA

State of Emergency in Bahrain After Deadly Crackdown - Washington Post

After Bahrain Crackdown, Mourning, More Protest - Los Angeles Times

Bahrain Locked Down After 5 Protesters Killed - Associated Press

Bahrain Urged to Show Restraint After Bloody Clampdown - BBC News

To Bahrain's Sunnis, Monarchy Is Fine - New York Times

U.S. Urges Bahrain to Show Restraint - Washington Post

Bahrain Turmoil Poses Fresh Test for White House - New York Times

Pentagon Watching Unrest in Bahrain - New York Times

Bahrain Defends Crackdown on Anti-Government Protesters - VOA

Yemen Protests Continue for 7th Day - Voice of America

Protesters Face Off for 7th Day in Yemen - New York Times

Yemen Unrest: Dozens Injured in Sanaa Clashes - BBC News

Activists Call for New Demonstration in Cairo - Washington Post

Egyptians Pack Cairo Square to Celebrate - Los Angeles Times

Egypt's Missing Stir Doubts on Military's Vows for Change - New York Times

Egypt After Mubarak: Three Ex-Ministers Arrested - BBC News

Security Remains Shaky in Egypt After Revolt - Associated Press

Egyptians Say Military Discourages an Open Economy - New York Times

Post-Mubarak, Egypt Protesters Now Pushing Army - Associated Press

Workers Strike Along Suez Canal - New York Times

Libyan Protesters Express Rage, Call for Reforms - Voice of America

Libyan Unrest Spreads to More Cities, Reports Say - New York Times

Libya Protests: Death in al-Bayda as Unrest Spreads - BBC News

Dozens Reported Killed in Libyan Crackdown - New York Times

Anti-Government Protesters Killed in Libyan Clash - Associated Press

Algeria to End State of Emergency, PM Says - Voice of America

Former Tunisian President Reported in Grave Condition - Voice of America

Bahrain: The Ticking Clock - Washington Post editorial

Blood Runs Through the Streets of Bahrain - New York Times opinion

Israel / Palestinians

Israel Kills 3 Palestinians at Gaza Border - Washington Post

Palestinians Seek Global Recognition Through S. America - Washington Post

Abbas Casts Doubt on Palestinian Elections - New York Times

Abbas: No Elections if Gaza Doesn't Take Part - Associated Press


Afghan Imams Wage Political Battle Against U.S. - Washington Post

Gates: U.S. Must Consider Sustainability of Afghan Forces - AFPS

U.S.-funded Militia in Helmand Province to be Expanded - BBC News

U.S. Airstrike Kills Terrorists in Afghanistan - AFPS

Sailor Awarded Silver Star for Heroism - San Diego Union-Tribune

Get Out of Afghanistan - Washington Post opinion


Pakistan Worries Top Pentagon Officials - Voice of America

Raymond Davis Case: Pakistan Court Delays Decision - BBC News

Court Gives Pakistan 3 Weeks to Decide on Immunity - Washington Post


Gates: U.S Has 'Interest' in Keeping Troops in Iraq - Associated Press

Gates Pleads for 'Critically Urgent' Funds for DoS Work - Washington Post

State Department Needs Iraq Funding, Gates Says - AFPS

Two Iraqi Protesters Killed Amid Unrest in Kurdistan - Washington Post

Protests Spread to More Iraqi Cities - New York Times

Kurdish Guards Fire on Protest in Iraq, Killing 2 - Associated Press

Baghdad Demands $1 Billion from U.S. in War Damages - Associated Press


Iran Rallies Set for Weekend - Voice of America

Iranian Opposition Leader Missing as Tensions Rise - New York Times

Iran Says Warships Will Make Suez Passage - Voice of America

Iran Warships Suez Canal Passage 'Back On' - BBC News

Iran Asks for Warships to Pass Suez Canal - Associated Press

Israel's Lieberman Says Iranian Warships a 'Provocation' - Washington Post


Testimony Includes Detainee's Statement, Terrorist Training - AFPS

Guantanamo Convict "Made Terrorists" - Reuters

Detainee Who Pleaded Guilty Describes Terror Training - New York Times

Suit in Terror Case Is Thrown Out - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates, Mullen Take Budget to Senate Committee - AFPS

United States

Government Shutdown Looms - Los Angeles Times

United Kingdom

Barack Obama Coming to U.K. on State Visit in May - BBC News

Obama in State Visit to Britain in May - Associated Press


Canada Hit by Cyberattack From China - New York Times


South Sudan Chosen as Name for New Country - BBC News

In Uganda, Unrest Gains Little Ground - New York Times

Ugandans to Vote on Museveni's 25-year Grip on Power - BBC News

Ivory Coast Government Takes Control of Foreign Banks - BBC News


Suspect Arrested in Shootings Outside Mexico City - Associated Press

Brazilian Police Arrested over 'Vigilante Death Squad' - BBC News

Brazil: Rio De Janeiro Police Chief Accused of Leaks - Associated Press

2 Haiti Presidential Candidates Start Campaigns - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

U.S. Military to Bolster its Forces in Pacific - Washington Times

North Korea Completes Second Missile Site - Reuters

Taiwan's President Seeks More U.S. Arms - Washington Post

China Blasts New U.S. Policy on Internet Freedom - New York Times

Japan: Gates Hopes Futenma Plans Set in Spring - Stars and Stripes


Belarus Dissident Vasily Parfenkov Jailed for Protest - BBC News