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18 August SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Taliban Leader Issues 'Unmistakable Message of Death' - VOA

Taliban Leader Urges Insurgents to Cut Civilian Deaths - Reuters

Afghan Policeman Kills 2 US Troops - VOA

Two Americans Killed by Afghan Recruit - NYT

Afghan Policeman Kills Two US Troops - WP

Afghan Policeman Kills 2 US Troops - BBC

Another Afghan Police Attack Kills Two US Servicemen - AP

Afghan Teen Behind Attack on Marines - WP

Infiltration or Bad Blood Behind Afghan Attacks? - AP

All Troops Now Armed at NATO HQ in Kabul - CNN

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Bomb Slams Into Bus Carrying Pakistan Shi'ites - VOA

During Ramadan, Pakistanis Dodge Religious Tax Collectors - AP



Veteran Algerian Diplomat to Seek Peace in Syria - VOA

Algerian Diplomat Will Replace Annan as Peace Envoy to Syria - WP

UN: Algeria's Brahimi Will Replace Annan in Syria - AP

US, Partners Face Difficult Decisions on Syria Intervention - VOA

West Still Debating Whether to Arm Syrian Rebels - VOA

Syrian Rebels Seek Anti-Aircraft Missiles - VOA

Syrian Forces Shell Aleppo, Bodies Found Near Damascus - VOA

Syria Fighting Deeply Scars Aleppo Neighborhoods - AP

Syria: Clashes Near Airport in Contested Aleppo - AP

Clashes, Demonstrations Continue Throughout Syria - VOA

Russia Embassy in UK Says Attacked by Syria Activists - Reuters

Syrian Refugee Exodus Escalates - VOA

First Syrian in Space Joins Revolt Against Assad - Reuters

America and Iran Square Off Over Syria - TD opinion



In Israel, Speculation Rises of Pending Attack on Iran - WP

Israeli Opposition: Solo Iran Strike Would Be Ineffective - AP

Hurt by Sanctions, Iranians Take Money Next Door - NYT

Iran’s President Calls Israel ‘an Insult to Humankind’ - NYT

Iran: Israel's Existence 'Insult to All Humanity' - AP

For Peace with Iran, Prepare for War - WP opinion

How America Can Slow Israel’s March to War - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iraqi Officials Say More than 90 Killed in Thursday's Attacks - AP

Lebanon Army Steps Up Security After Kidnappings - Reuters

Lebanon Breaks With Past in Syrian Bomb Probe - Reuters

Hezbollah Says Can Make Israeli Lives 'Hell' - AP

Hezbollah Says Can Kill Tens of Thousands of Israelis - Reuters

Firebomb Thrown Into Taxi Wounds 6 Palestinians - AP

In Yemen’s Change Square, the Revolution Continues - WP

Bahrain Teenager Dies in Clashes With Police - AP

Ex-US Envoy: Egyptian Defense Shakeup Sign of Rift - VOA

Egypt's Mursi Accused of Stifling Dissent in Media Crackdown - Reuters

Rethinking the Middle East - WP opinion



Ecuador Asylum Decision Criticized - BBC

Assange Faces Boredom, Stress Inside Embassy - AP

In UK Threat to Ecuador, Experts See Mistake - AP

Ecuador Leader Seeks Moral Halo in Asylum Fight - AP

Assange Faces Boredom, Stress Inside Embassy - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon IG Report Details Gen. Ward's Lavish Travel, Spending - AP

Harassment of Chen Frequent, Soldiers Say at Court-martial - FO

173rd Airborne BCT Major Charged with Sexual Assault - S&S

Judge Skeptical of New Policy on Guantanamo Access - AP

Inside Gitmo: 11th Ramadan in US Custody is Calm, Quiet - MH

Why is the Pentagon Making Big Cuts to Big Think? - FP opinion

Why Soldiers Commit Suicide - WP opinion



General Ham Closes Southern Accord Praising US-Botswana Partnership - AFPS

General Ham Looks Toward More Multilateral Exercises in Africa - AFPS

Somalia May Miss Key Political Benchmarks  - VOA

Somali President Hits Back Against UN Graft Charges - Reuters

Islamist Sect Suspected in Man's Death in Nigeria - AP

Sudan Frees US Resident After Washington Demands Release - Reuters

South Sudan Says China to Help Build New Airport in Juba - Reuters

S. African Police Claim Self-Defense in Mine Shootings - VOA

South African Official Defends Police Killing of 34 - NYT

S. Africa: Zuma Announces Mine Deaths Probe - BBC

S. African Leader Vows Probe Into Police Shootings - AP

Zimbabwe Census Kicks Off, Mugabe Says He Wants Baby Boom - VOA

Kenyan Official Welcomes Inquiry into Airport Tender Bid - VOA



Venezuela Gov't Says Economy Up 5.4 Percent - AP

Cuba Warns of Mosquito Increase, Disease Threat - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Navy Adding Surveillance Planes, Drones to its Asia-Pacific Fleet - S&S

US Report Warns of Japan ‘Drift,’ Urges Defense Boost - DN

Japan Embroiled in Diplomatic Row with China, S. Korea - VOA

China-Japan Island Dispute Has Long History - VOA

Japan’s PM Noda Pays Price for Tax Hike - WP

Japan Forces to Train with US Marines on Tinian in September - ST

China: Gu Kailai Verdict Due Monday - VOA

Burma Sets Up Internal Probe of Sectarian Unrest - AP

A China-US Space Pact - WP opinion



Russia: Pussy Riot Receives 2-Year Jail Sentence - VOA

Russian Band Given 2-Year Term for Stunt Deriding Putin - NYT

Pussy Riot Members Jailed for Two Years for Hooliganism in Russia - BBC

Russian Punk Rockers Found Guilty - WP

Russia: Pussy Riot Members Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison - AP

US, EU Condemn Russian Sentence for Punk Band - VOA

Russian Punk Band Verdict Draws Criticism Around Globe - Reuters

Germany Court Lifts Ban on Domestic Military Ops - TL

German Troops Can Be Deployed on Home Soil, Court Rules - Reuters

US “Disappointed” by Ukraine’s Lutsenko Verdict - VOA

Bosnian Boy's Death Puts Focus on Mine Fields - AP

A Russian Farce - WP editorial


South Asia

India Shaken as Region’s Ethnic Strife Reverberates - NYT

Exodus of Ethnic Groups Shows Alienation of India’s Northeast - WP