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17 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP

David Ignatius - WP Columnist


Northern Route a Key Supply Network for NATO Troops - VOA

In Karz, Fears that Government Won't Provide - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Fighting Worsens in Damascus as Russia Blasts ‘Blackmail’ - WP

Fighting Spreads in Damascus; Russia Resists Pressuring Syria - NYT

Syrian Fighting Reaches Capital - VOA

Syrian Rebels Push War Into Capital Damascus - AP

Syria Fighting Closes In on Capital - Reuters

Assad 'May Use Chemical Weapons' - BBC

UN Security Council to Vote on a Syria Resolution on Wednesday - Reuters

Russian FM: West 'Blackmails' Russia on Syria - BBC

Russia Accuses West of Blackmail on Syria Plans - AP

China Paper Decries 'Pretext' to Intervene in Syria - Reuters

An Islamic School for Girls - NYT opinion



Americans Taken Hostage in Egypt Released - VOA

Mubarak Sent Back to Prison - VOA

Mubarak Ordered Back to Prison - BBC

2 Americans Kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai Are Freed - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Clinton Meets Israeli, Palestinian Leaders - VOA

Peace Talks Must Resume, Clinton Says in Israel Visit - NYT

Clinton Confers with Israeli Leaders about Syria, Egypt, Iran - WP

Clinton Sees US, Israel in Lockstep on Iran - Reuters

Clinton Issues New Iran Warning on Israel Visit - BBC

Clinton: Iran Proposals in P5+1 Talks 'Non-Starters' - Reuters

Mideast Peace Slips to Second Billing for US - AP

Israeli’s Act of Despair Leaves Protesters Shaken - NYT

US Jewish Leaders Criticize West Bank Report - AP

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Israel Draft Plans - AP

Gaza Christians Protest 'Forcible Conversions' - AP

Turkish-Kurdish Oil Deals Upset Iraq - VOA

Panetta Accelerates Stennis Carrier Strike Group Deployment - AFPS

US Navy Ship Fires on Boat in the Persian Gulf - NYT

US Navy Ship Fires on Boat in Persian Gulf - BBC

US Navy Ship Fires on Boat Off Dubai, Killing 1 - AP

USNS Rappahannock Fires After Vessel Ignores Warnings - AFPS

Tunisia's Islamists Re-elect Ghannouchi as Party Chief - Reuters

Libya Olympic Official 'Abducted' - BBC

2 Libyan Journalists Freed After Abduction - AP


US Department of Defense

New Acquisition Chief Describes Goals, Challenges - AFPS

Report: Military Health-Care Costs Could Soar - WP

Muslim Holy Period Delays Sept. 11 Case at Gitmo - AP

Guantanamo Hearing Delayed for 9/11 Suspects Due to Ramadan - Reuters


United States

Rise in Pill Abuse Forces New Look at US Drug Fight - NYT

US Faces Worst Drought Since 1956 - BBC


United Kingdom

G4S Boss Faces Olympics Security Questions from MPs - BBC

Olympic Athletes Begin Arriving in London - VOA

Border Staff 'Being Cut Too Fast' - BBC



IMF: Global Economic Growth Slowing - VOA



DR Congo, Rwanda Agree on 'Partial Solution' to M23 Rebellion - VOA

Congo, Rwanda Agree to Mount Force Against Rebels - AP

Mali: Near Timbuktu, a Fragile Calm Follows Unrest - VOA

AU Urges Mali Ansar Dine Rebels to Break With Qaeda - Reuters

South Sudan President Plans to Shrink Government - VOA

UN Report Says Somali Government Corrupt - VOA

Three Kenya Police Killed Near Somali Border - Reuters

Army Deadline Looms for Nigerians - BBC

Zimbabwe NGOs Urge Youths to Vote - VOA

Ghana Questions 2 Peace Corps Members on Killing - AP

Equatorial Guinea in Spotlight with Controversial UNESCO Award - VOA

UNESCO Equatorial Guinea Prize 'Shameful' - BBC

Ivory Poachers and Their Enablers - NYT editorial



US Senate Report: HSBC 'Allowed Drug Money Laundering - BBC

Mexico City Detains 187 in Flash Mob Violence - AP

Poll: Chavez Leads by 15 Points in Venezuela’s President Race - AP

Cuba Hits Walls in 2-Year Effort at Privatization - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

Deputy Defense Secretary to Travel to Asia-Pacific Region - AFPS

PACOM’s Senior NCO Lauds Growing Philippine Enlisted Professionalism - AFPS

WTO: China Discriminating Against US Credit Companies - VOA

North Korea Dismisses Top Military Leader - VOA

North Korea Strips Military Chief of All Duties - WP

Removal of Army Chief Follows a Familiar Pattern in North Korea - NYT

North Korea Names New Vice-Marshal - BBC

Reshuffle of N. Korea's Military Gains Momentum - AP

Tokyo Rally Is Biggest Yet to Oppose Japan’s Nuclear Plan - NYT

Thai Politicians Weigh Options Following Constitution Verdict - VOA

Thai Forces Kill Drug Suspects - BBC

Post-Poll Protests Hit East Timor - BBC



Spanish Workers Protest Austerity Measures - VOA

Hungary Urged to Prosecute 'Nazi' - BBC

Romania PM Sees Political Paralysis if Basescu Survives - Reuters

Europe’s Last Dictatorship - NYT opinion


South Asia

India and Pakistan to Resume Cricket Ties - VOA

Pakistan Polio Drive Hit by Ban - BBC

Police Kill 2 Burqa-Clad Militants in NW Pakistan - VOA

The US-Pakistan Puzzle - WP editorial