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17 April SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Official Dismisses Comparison of Kabul Attacks, Tet Offensive - AFPS

Assaults in Afghanistan Signal Militant Foe’s Evolution - NYT

US Says Haqqanis Behind Afghan Attacks - VOA

Haqqani Network Was Planning Major Attack in Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Taliban Says Rehearsed Attack for Two Months - Reuters

Afghan Attack Response Shows Improved Forces, Leaders Say - AFPS

Afghan Forces' Strengths, Failures on Display in Kabul Siege - LAT

Afghan Forces Quell Attack; Few Civilians Are Killed - NYT

Karzai Blames NATO Intelligence Failure for Spate of Attacks - WP

Karzai Says NATO Failed as 18-Hour Kabul Attack Ends - Reuters

Clinton Spoke to Pakistan Minister About Afghan Attacks - Reuters

US Prepares for What May be Last Big American-run Offensive - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Australian PM Sets Early Date for Afghan Pullout - VOA

Australia PM Sets Out Afghan Exit Plan - BBC

Australian Troops to Exit Earlier from Afghanistan - AP

Australia to Begin Afghan Exit a Year Early - Reuters



Syrian Clashes Continue as UN Monitors Begin Mission - VOA

UN Monitors Begin Work in Syria - WP

Shelling, Shaky Truce Challenge UN Few in Syria - Reuters

UN's Ban: Syria Must Allow Observers Full Access - AP

Syria Cease-fire Poses New International Challenges - VOA



Clinton: 'Burden' on Iran to Show Seriousness in Nuclear Talks - VOA

Clinton Says US Will Keep Sanctions on Iran - Reuters

U.S. Lawmakers Say Iran Talks Inadequate, Urge More Penalties - Reuters

Danish Foreign Minister: No Room for Weakening Iran Sanctions - Reuters

Iran Says Ready to Resolve Nuclear Issues - Reuters

Iran Tightens Grip on Web in 'Soft War' with West - AP

Awaiting Iran’s Answer - WP editorial

Obama's Most Potent Iran Weapon - Fox opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Palestinians to Deliver Netanyahu Ultimatum on Talks - Reuters

Israeli Military Officer Suspended for Striking Activist With Rifle - NYT

Iraq Official’s Arrest Casts Doubt on Prospect for Fair Voting - NYT

Human Rights 'Crisis' in Bahrain - BBC

Three Militants Killed in Possible US Drone Strike in Yemen - Reuters

Egypt's Military Takes Bigger Role in Constitution - AP

Egypt Sues UK Over Frozen Assets - BBC

Egypt, a State of Confusion - LAT editorial


Defense Budgets

Global Military Spending Flattens as US Cuts Back, Russia Adds - LAT

Think Tank: Russia, China Boost Arms Spending - AP

Panetta, Dempsey Say Pentagon Feels Sequestration’s Shadow - AFPS

SECNAV: Navy Can Meet Mission with 300 Ships - NT


US Department of Defense

Vietnam Veteran to be Awarded Medal of Honor Posthumously - S&S

DOD Expands Scope of Probe in Colombian Prostitution Scandal - WP

Secret Service Prostitution Probe Snares More Troops - LAT

Panetta, Dempsey Announce Initiatives to Stop Sexual Assault - AFPS

Panetta Touts 'Zero-tolerance Culture' for Sexual Assault - S&S

Air Force NCOs Harassed Online after Receiving Bronze Stars - S&S

Panetta Says he Regrets Cost to Taxpayers for Weekend Trips - WP


United States

US Govt: Other Targets Eyed Before NYC Subway Plot - AP

Piracy Definition in Dispute as Piracy Trial Looms - AP

After Refining Image, New Scandal for Secret Service - NYT

Colombia Scandal 'Embarrasses' US - BBC

US Revokes Security Clearance of 11 Agents Over Colombia Incident - Reuters

US Busts Global Online Drug Market, Arrests Eight - Reuters

GSA Officials Get a Grilling Over a Trip to Las Vegas - NYT

Over-Protecting POTUS? - LAT editorial

Homelessness Among Female Veterans - NYT editorial

Echoes of the End of the Raj - NYT opinion



Central Africa: US Troops Moving Slowly Against Kony - WP

Sudan: South Sudan Branded 'Enemy' State - BBC

Sudan Parliament Calls South an 'Enemy' - Reuters

Guinea-Bissau Coup Leaders Announce Transitional Council - VOA

Guinea-Bissau Candidate Denounces Coup Before Vote - AP

Donors, Government Failing to Reform Congo Army - Reuters

Islamist Group in North Mali Tries to Win Recruits - AP



Despite Obama Charm, Americas Summit Boosts US Isolation - Reuters

Chavez Battles Re-election Hurdle: Venezuela Inflation - Reuters

Argentine President Plans to Nationalize Oil Company - AP

Police Missing in Peru After Hostages Freed - AP

Rioting Inmates Hold 80 Hostages in Brazil - AP

US, Haiti Kick Off Vaccination Campaigns - AP

U.S. Drug Appetite Plagues Latin America - CSM opinion


Asia Pacific

UN Security Council Expands North Korea Sanctions - VOA

UN Council to Expand North Korea Sanctions - NYT

UN ‘Strongly Condemns’ North Korea Rocket Launch - WP

UN Strongly Condemns N. Korea Rocket Launch - AP

US-Philippine War Games Start Amid China Standoff - NYT

Philippine President: No War With China Over Shoal - AP

China Premier Calls for End to Corruption - NYT

Taiwan Launches Drill Simulating Chinese Invasion - DN

Video Shows Dramatic Details of Tibetan Immolation - AP

Ex-Army Chief Wins East Timor Presidency - Reuters



Norwegian Mass Killer Pleads Not Guilty in Court - VOA

Norwegian Man Claims Self-Defense in Killings - NYT

Norway's Mass Killer's Tears Not 'Out of Pity' - AP

Koran Giveaway in Germany Has Some Officials Worried - NYT

Turning the Tables on Russia - NYT opinion