Small Wars Journal

16 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


NATO Assessment Emphasizes Setbacks for Taliban - NYT

Afghan Violence Falling Sharply, NATO Says - McClatchy

US Base in Normally Tranquil Province Hit by Suicide Team - LAT

Militants Assault US Base in Eastern Afghanistan - AP

Militants Strike US Afghan Base - BBC

Eight People, 2 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan - VOA

Searches of Turbans, Symbols of Identity, Rattle Afghans - NYT

Taliban Bomber Responsible for British Deaths Captured - TT

Son of NY Bomb Plot Sheik Killed in Afghanistan - AP

NATO: Taliban Did Not Kill Afghan President's Brother - Reuters

Afghan Parliament Clears Hurdle to Aid - WP

Afghanistan Passes Key Hurdle to Release Aid Funds - Reuters

The Afghan War Everyone Wants to Forget - TS opinion



US Goes after Haqqani Network - WP

US Missiles Kill 6 in Northwestern Pakistan - AP



To Isolate Iran, US Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data - NYT

The Texan-Iranian, Saudi Ambassador, and Tale of 2 Cousins - TT

Four Attacks that Have Been Blamed on Iran - CSM

Iran's Supreme Leader Rejects US Allegations - VOA

Khamenei: US Charges ‘Meaningless’ - WP

Iran Says US Claim of Plot Has 'No Legal Logic' - AP

Saudi Arabia Refrains from Fingering Iran - CSM

Iranian Oil Sales, Foreign Exchange Taking a Hit from Sanctions  - CSM

The One-Way War - WS opinion

Breaking Tehran - NR opinion

The Diminishing Returns of Reasonableness - NR opinion

Punching Holes in the Iran Plot - TD opinion



US Cuts Back the Proposed Size of Its Force in Iraq - NYT

US Abandons Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq Next Year - FOX

US Drops Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq - AP

No Decision Yet on Future Troop Presence in Iraq - Reuters



2 Killed at Funeral for Syrian Victim - VOA

Syrian Forces Fire at Mourners, Battle Defectors - Reuters

Syrian Forces Target Funeral, Assassinate Activist - AP



Heightened Security in Libya's Capital Following Clashes - VOA

Libyan Forces Search Tripoli for Gadhafi Loyalists - AP

Gaddafi Home Town Largely Destroyed - WP

Gaddafi Loyalists Hold Out in Last Desperate Resistance at Sirte - TG

Ruined Sirte Becomes a Killing Ground - TT



Where is Yemen Headed as Saleh Tries to Reassert Power? - CSM

Yemeni Troops Fire into Crowds, Dozens of Casualties - VOA

Deadly Protests in Yemen Capital - BBC

Fatal Airstrikes Hit Yemen as Violence Escalates in Capital - NYT

Yemen Forces Kill 12; Insurgents Wreck Gas Pipeline - Reuters

Yemen Says Al Qaeda Militants Killed in Drone Strike - LAT

US Strike Kills 9 Al Qaeda Militants in Yemen - AP


Israel / Palestinians

Israel, Hamas Prepare For Prisoner Swap on Tuesday - VOA

Hamas Negotiator: We Won't Continue Talking to Israel - JP

Israel’s Peres Begins Review of Palestinians to be Freed - VOA

Israeli President Begins Pardoning Palestinians - AP

Israel Publishes Prisoner Swap List - BBC

Israel Names Prisoners to Be Freed in Swap Deal - Reuters

Chinese Jews Feel More at Home in Israel - LAT



Egypt’s Military Expands Power, Raising Alarms - NYT

Stunned by Bloodshed, Egyptians Torn Over Army - AP

Hundreds March for Muslim-Christian Unity in Cairo - AP

Egypt's Military Rulers Criminalize Discrimination - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Oman Votes for Advisory Council After Protests - AP

Morocco's Problem: Freelance Jihadis, Not Al-Qaida - AP

Saudi Arabia's Hollow Equal Rights - FA opinion


US Department of Defense

McKeon: Tax Hike is Last Resort to Fund Defense - NT

Strong Bonds Link Military Dogs, Handlers - S&S

Leaders Challenge Gay Troops to Come Out, be Role Models - S&S

Battaglia Ready to Assist in Shaping Total Force - AFPS

McNabb Passes TRANSCOM Command to Fraser - AFPS

Army Museum's Morbid Oddities Resettled in MD - AP


United States

Michele Bachmann Vows to Finish Mexico Border Fence - LAT

America’s ‘Primal Scream’ - NYT opinion

OWS: Marxist Mobocracy - WT opinion

In Protest, the Power of Place - NYT opinion

Crisis of Decadence - NR opinion

A Serious Discussion of US Foreign Policy? - WPR opinion



Rallies Across the Globe Protest Economic Policies - NYT

United in Anger, ‘Occupy’ Goes Global - WP

Protests Against Corporate Greed Spread Across Globe - LAT

'Occupy' Protests Go Global - CSM

Riots in Rome as Wall Street Protests Go Global - TS

Rome Erupts Amid Global Greed Protests - TA

'Occupy' Anti-capitalism Protests Spread Around the World - TG

NY Caps Day of Worldwide Protests - BBC

Wall Street Protests Go Global; Riots in Rome - Reuters



US Ventures into Bloody Uganda Conflict - Time

What US Manhunt for LRA Leaders Reveals about War Strategy - CSM

Rights Groups Welcome US Decision to Send Troops to Uganda - VOA

Ugandans Welcome US Troop Plan to Fight Rebels - Reuters

8 Opposition Parties Pull Out of Liberian Election - VOA

Liberia Opposition Denounce Poll as 'Fraudulent' - BBC

Liberians Count Votes and Fraud Allegations - NYT

Radical Sect Kills Policeman in North Nigeria - AP

Senegal Curbs a Bloody Rite, African-Style - NYT

Treat Somali Pirates Like Terrorists - WT opinion



Mexico’s President Works to Lock In Drug War Tactics - NYT

Twenty Die in Mexico Prison Fight - BBC

Mexico: Prison Fight Leaves 20 Inmates Dead - AP

Brazil President Holds Her Own as Lula Successor - LAT

Haiti MPs Approve New Government - BBC

UN: Haiti Prison Break Trial to Begin Tuesday - AP

Cuba's Ladies in White Mourn Leader, Vow to Go On - Reuters

Cuban Dissidents Mourn Passing of Leader Pollan - AP

Central America Death Toll at 45 From Heavy Rains - Reuters


Asia Pacific

China's Leaders Begin Key Meeting - BBC

China and Vietnam to Strengthen Military Ties - Reuters

Japan's Aging Air Force Plans Major Overhaul - AP

Aid Arrives for Flood-Swamped Thailand, Cambodia - VOA

Thailand: Bangkok Escape Floods as Waters Recede - AP

Forging a Stronger US-Korea Alliance - KT editorial


Central Asia

Upcoming Election Raises Specter of Terror in Kyrgyzstan - AP



European Officials Struggle Toward a Debt Solution - NYT

Europe rejects US, IMF Debt Plan - WP

G20 Ministers Meet to Resolve European Debt Crisis - VOA

EU Summit to be 'Decisive' for Crisis - BBC

European Economic Protests Turn Violent in Rome - VOA

Rioters Hijack Rome Protests, Police Fire Tear Bas - AP

Italy’s Berlusconi Vows to Punish Rioters - BBC

Protesters in Lisbon Surround Parliament - Reuters

New Stage for US-Russia Relations - WP

Russia: Medvedev Says Leader Plan Was Studied - NYT

Russia's Medvedev Rallies Disappointed Supporters - AP

German Police Critiqued for Spying - WP

French Socialists to Choose Presidential Nominee - AP


South Asia

India Struggles to Cope with Population Boom - WP

India ex-Minister Held on Graft - BBC