Small Wars Journal

16 November SWJ Roundup


Despite Gains, Night Raids Split U.S. and Karzai - New York Times

Afghan Officials Dismiss Talk of Rift with U.S. - Washington Post

Karzai Remarks Raise Questions About Afghan War - Associated Press

Clinton Defends U.S. Afghan Policy After Karzai Criticism - BBC News

Petraeus-Karzai Dispute Reflects Varied Perspectives, Says Pentagon - VOA

Karzai's Comments are Latest Frustration for Petraeus, NATO - Stars and Stripes

NATO, Russia to Cooperate in Afghan War - Associated Press

Taliban Leader Says Insurgents Are Waging War of Attrition - Associated Press

Taliban Chief Mullah Omar Rules Out Afghan Peace Talks - BBC News

Afghan Taliban Reject Talks Again - Reuters

Afghanistan Wants More Taliban Off Blacklist - Associated Press

Coalition, Afghan Forces Detain Numerous Insurgent Leaders - AFPS

Bush Says Some NATO Allies Let U.S. Down in Afghanistan - CNN News


U.S. to Give One-Half Billion Dollars for Pakistan Flood Assistance - VOA

Pakistan Drone Attack 'Kills Four Militants' - BBC News

Pakistan Bombshell - United Press International opinion


Bush Memoir Makes Selective Use of Iraq Data - Washington Post


Computer Worm May Have Targeted Iran's Nuclear Program - Washington Post

Iran Set for Air Maneuvers Tuesday - United Press International

Nigeria Reports Iran Arms Seizure to U.N Security Council - Reuters

Human Rights Lawyer Latest in String of Arrests - Washington Post

Germans Held In Iran Say Deceived By Activist - Reuters

Iran Woman With Stoning Sentence Shown on State TV - Associated Press


Muslim Pilgrims Ascend Mecca's Mount Arafat in Annual Hajj Ritual - VOA


U.S. Officials: Deal Close on NATO Missile Shield - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

The Newest Medal of Honor - Wall Street Journal

Life Won't be the Same for Medal of Honor Recipient Giunta - Stars and Stripes

'War' Excerpt about Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta's Actions - Stars and Stripes

GIs Testing 'Smart' Weapons that Leave Nowhere to Hide - Stars and Stripes

MARSOC to Purchase More Powerful Pistols - Marine Corps Times

Hearing for Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Ends - Associated Press

Hasan Declines to Testify At Fort Hood Tribunal - Reuters

U.S. Offers $20,000 Reward for Info on Va Shooter - Associated Press

United States

All Eyes on Sen. Kyl as Obama Presses Nuclear Treaty - Washington Post

Gates, Clinton Press for New START Ratification - AFPS

Juror Asks to Be Excused in Embassy Bombing Trial - New York Times

California Woman Charged with Terrorist Aid - Associated Press

U.S. Officials Defend New Airport Screening Procedures - Reuters

United Kingdom

Cameron: U.K. Still a World Power, Despite Cuts - Associated Press

U.K. Parliament Warns Staff Over Mumbai-Style Attack - Associated Press

Payout for Ex-Guantanamo U.K. Inmates - BBC News

U.K. Agrees Settlement With Ex-Guantanamo Detainees - Associated Press

U.K. to Compensate Guantanamo Ex-Detainees - Reuters


South Sudan Leader Salva Kiir Urges Massive Vote - BBC News

Sudanese Register to Vote on Secession for the South - New York Times

Thousands of Sudanese Register to Vote in Referendum - Los Angeles Times

South Sudanese Register For Independence Vote - Reuters

Nigeria Reports Iran Arms Seizure to U.N Security Council - Reuters

Militants Kidnap 7 From Exxon Platform Off Nigeria - Reuters

Conde Wins Guinea Presidential Runoff - Voice of America

Conde Declared Guinea Poll Winner - BBC News

Officials: Alpha Conde Wins Guinea Election - Associated Press

Alpha Conde Wins Guinea Vote - Reuters

Protesters Clash With Police Over Guinea Elections - New York Times

Polisario Demands U.N. Council Probe Of Sahara Clash - Reuters

Morocco Accuses West Sahara Activists Of Killing Police - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico: 10 Kidnapped Migrants Freed by Navy - Associated Press

U.N.: Haiti Cholera Cases Expected to Rise - Voice of America

Amid Cholera Outbreak in Haiti, a Scramble to Get Soap - Washington Post

U.N.: Cholera Affecting Haiti Security - Associated Press

Cholera Protesters Barricade Haiti City, Assail U.N. - Associated Press

Haiti Cholera Protests Target U.N. - BBC News

7 U.N. Troops Hurt, Attacked by Haitians - Washington Post

Haitians Attack U.N. Troops, Blame Them For Cholera - Reuters

Cuba and U.K. in Anti-drug Smuggling Talks - BBC News

Cuba Gets First British Warship Visit In Decades - Reuters

Asia Pacific

North Korea Defections on Rise, South Says - New York Times

North Korean Arrivals in South 'Surge'‎ - BBC News

Number of N. Korean Defectors to S. Korea Tops 20,000 - Associated Press

Internet Traffic was Routed via Chinese Servers - Washington Post

U.N. Human Rights Chief Welcomes Release of Aung San Suu Kyi - VOA

Suu Kyi Urges 'Real Genuine Talks' in Burma - Washington Post

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Aims for Peaceful Revolution - BBC News

Burma's Suu Kyi Seeks to Revive Political Party - Associated Press

As Indonesian Volcano Death Toll Grows, Evacuees Are Leaving Shelters - VOA


Obama: U.S--Russia Dialogue Productive, Will Continue - AFPS

In Russian Justice, the Jury Is Something to Work Around - New York Times

Chechen President Under Fire Ahead of Murder Trial - Associated Press

Bosnia Arrests Srebrenica Massacre Suspect - Voice of America

U.N. Prosecutor Allows Mladic May Not be in Serbia - Associated Press

Charges in Kosovo Organ-Selling Ring - New York Times

Europe Fears That Debt Crisis Is Ready to Spread - New York Times

Italy: Four Quit Berlusconi Cabinet, Deepening Crisis - New York Times

Italy: Beginning of End for Berlusconi? - Associated Press

Dutch Anti-Islam Party Averts Crisis as Retains MP - Reuters

Mohammad Cartoonist Wants His Old Identity Back - Reuters

Amnesty Says E.U. 'Failing' over CIA Renditions - BBC News

Middle East

U.S. Pinning its Mideast Hopes on 90-day Settlement Freeze - Washington Post

Netanyahu Tries to Shore Up Support for U.S. Plan - Associated Press

Israeli Government Seen Accepting New Settlement Freeze - Reuters

Israel 'Risks Chaos Without Peace', Official Warns - BBC News

Lawmakers Seek Conditions on Arms Sale to Saudis - Los Angeles Times

Will Egypt Elections Move the Arab World? - Voice of America

Egypt: NDP Fears Us, Muslim Brotherhood Says - United Press International

Egypt Police Accused in New Alexandria 'Torture' Case - BBC News