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16 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Obama: Troops Bear Burden of Success in Iraq War - AFPS

US Marks End of Iraq Military Mission - VOA

US War in Iraq Declared Officially Over - NYT

Iraq War Draws to a Solemn and Quiet Close - WP

US Military Formally Ends Iraq Mission - LAT

US Formally Ends Iraq War With Little Fanfare - AP

US Military Marks End to Nearly Nine Bloody Years - Reuters

Ravaged and Remade, Iraq Is on Its Own - NYT

US Flag Ceremony Ends War in Iraq - BBC

US Marks the End of Iraq Campaign - TT

Panetta Concludes Iraq Mission, Noting Service, Sacrifice - AFPS

Iraq War 'Not in Vain,' Panetta Says - LAT

Panetta Declares Iraq War 'End of Mission' for US Troops - S&S

Dempsey: Iraq Campaign Was Worth the Cost - AFPS

As War Ends, Servicemembers Ponder its Meaning, Value - S&S

A Withdrawal Ceremony in Iraq, Observed by Few Iraqis - NYT

Iraqis View US Departure With Relief, Apprehension - AP

Whatever Happened to Falluja - NYT

Portraits of Iraqi Pride - NYT

Timeline: Major Events in the Iraq War - NYT

Iraq: Key Figures Since the War Began - AP

China Warily Watches US Withdrawal from Iraq - WP

What Has the War Left America? - WP

Victory in Iraq - WT editorial

A Formal End - NYT editorial

Hope for the Future, if at a Great Cost - TT editorial

In Iraq, Abandoning Our Friends - NYT opinion

An Unstable, Divided Land - NYT opinion



New Setback for Afghan Peace Talks - NYT

Karzai: Taliban Office Should Be in Afghanistan - AP

Karzai Only Supports Afghan-Led Talks - Reuters

Afghan Local Police Committed Abuses - WP

Deaths of Military Dogs Bound for Afghanistan Trigger Lawsuit - HC

Afghan Victim 'May Marry' Rapist - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistani Officials Decry NATO Attack - WP

Pakistan Downplays Proposed Freeze in US Military Aid - VOA

Pakistani Officials: NATO Apologized as it Fired - AP

Army Says Coup Memo Attempt to Hurt Pakistan - Reuters



Iran Warns Afghanistan to Stop US Drone Flights - NYT

Iran Demands Afghanistan Block US Drone Flights - AP

Officials Reject New Claim on Crashed Drone - WP

Ousted Shah's Son Wants Iran Leader Tried in Court - AP



27 Dead After Syrian Government Forces, Defectors Clash - VOA

Syria Army Defectors Said to Kill 27 Soldiers in Coordinated Assault - NYT

Syrian Rebels Kill 27 in Biggest Attack Yet During Uprising - TT

Syrian Rebels Kill 27 Troops, Canadians Told to Go - AP

Syrian Forces 'Given Free Rein' - BBC

A Road to Damascus Moment - WP opinion



Islamists Look to Extend Gains in Egyptian Elections - VOA

Islamists Set to Dominate in Egypt Vote - Reuters

Accusations Flare as Egyptians Vote in 2nd Round - AP


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Forms Special Ops Command; Experts Eye Iran - Reuters

New Attack on Palestinian Mosque - WP

New Attack on Mosque in West Bank - BBC

Jewish Radicals Get Off Hook in Israel - AP

Palestinians Light Christmas Tree in Bethlehem - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Hits Saudi Militant with Sanctions - AP

Bahraini Activist ‘Angry Arabiya’ Arrested - WP

Bahrain Activist's Arrest Caught on Video - NYT

Imprisoned Activist's Daughter Detained in Bahrain - AP

ICC: ‘Serious Suspicions’ Gaddafi's Death a War Crime - WP

Italy to Renew Pact on Libya Ties - BBC

Libya to Allow Police to Probe Lockerbie - BBC

Tunisia President Asks for 6 Month Trial Period - AP



WikiLeaks Suspect Manning to Appear in Court - WP

US Set to try Soldier Over Leaks, Targets Assange - AP

US Determined to Punish Bradley Manning - DS


US Department of Defense

NJ Help Line for Troops Expands to Nationwide Program - NYT

GAO: Improvements Under Way at Arlington Cemetery - AP

First Female Commandant of Drill Sergeant School Suspended - S&S

Casket Photo Sparks Investigation at Lackland AFB - AT

Air Force Investigates Photo of Airmen with Casket - AP


United States

Spending Deal Reached, Averting Government Shutdown - WP

US No Longer a Leader of Fiscal Rescue - WT

Justice Department: Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Violated Federal Law - WT

Smacking Down TSA - WT editorial

Officials Cover Up Culpability for Gun Smuggling and Murder - WT opinion

Electromagnetic Pulse a Real Threat - WT opinion


United Kingdom

French Leaders Launch Outspoken Public Attacks on Britain - TT

Britain Upgrades 2012 Olympic Security - VOA

Military to Provide 2012 Olympic Security - BBC

Britain's Armed Forces Face a New Enemy - TT opinion



3 Sentenced in Terror Plot on Australian Army Base - AP


United Nations

UN Official Tells Nations to End Gay Executions - AP

UN Calls for Protecting Gay Rights Worldwide - Reuters



Congo Supreme Court Hears Election Challenge - VOA

Congo Ire at 'Parody of Justice' - BBC

ICC Says Sudan's Al-Bashir Will Face Justice - AP

South Sudanese President Says Country Open for Business - VOA

UN: 2.7 Million South Sudanese to Need Food Aid in 2012 - Reuters

Somali Rebels Block ICRC Food Aid Convoys - Reuters

S. Africa: Zuma's Corruption Chief Resigns - BBC

South Africa Gallows Site Becomes Museum, Memorial - AP



Mexico Drug Gangs Up Ante With High-Tech Tunnels - Reuters

5 Bodies Found at Mexican Student Group Office - AP

Venezuela Extradites Drug Trafficking Suspect to US - VOA

Venezuela Gives Top Colombian Drug Trafficking Suspect to US - WP

Jail Terms Ordered in Colombian Kickback Scandal - AP


Asia Pacific

US Navy May Station Ships in Singapore, Philippines - Reuters

US, North Korea Hold Talks on Humanitarian Aid - NYT

US, N. Korea Resume Talks on Food Aid - WP

Japan Declares Tsunami-Crippled Nuke Plant Stable - AP

Japan Says Stricken Nuclear Power Plant in Cold Shutdown - Reuters

Aquino's Anti-Graft Drive Risks Philippine Instability - Reuters

Political Standoff Heats Up Between Rival Papua New Guinea PMs - VOA

Indonesia to Investigate Beheadings of Farmers - AP

Thailand: Police Defuse 6 Homemade Bombs in Bangkok - AP



Growth Slowing in China, Data Show - WP

Provincial Chinese Officials Seek to End Village Revolt - NYT

Chinese Protest Village 'Tense' - BBC

China Villagers Defy Government in Standoff Over Death - Reuters

Wukan Siege: First Crack in Chinese Villagers' Resolve - TT

China Clouds Data About Air Pollution - WT

China's Ambassador to Burma Meets Aung San Suu Kyi - VOA

Chinese Ambassador Meets With Dissident Leader in Burma - NYT

Will China Listen to its Downtrodden Masses? - TT editorial



Italy’s Leader Offers Tax Increases, but No Deep Reforms - NYT

Marines Gear Up for East European Mission - S&S

Romania Approves US Missile Interceptors - AP

Romania's Ex-PM Cleared of Corruption Charges - AP

Panetta to Reinforce Strong US-Turkey Partnership - AFPS

France: Chirac Found Guilty of Corruption - WP

France: Chirac Found Guilty in Political Funding Case - NYT

France: Chirac Convicted of Embezzling Public Funds, No Jail Time - WT

France's Jacques Convicted Chirac of Corruption - AP

France” Paris Court Convicts Carlos the Jackal - AP

American Dean of Paris Literary Scene Dies at 98 - Reuters

Germany’s Merkel Ends the Postwar Era - WT opinion



Russian Web Revolution Fuels Protest - WP

Putin Defends Russia Parliamentary Election Results - VOA

Putin Says His Foes Are Using Protests to Destabilize Russia - NYT

Russia: Putin Says Protesters Paid by Rivals - WP

Russia: Putin Mocks and Dismisses Protesters - TT

Russia: Putin Denounces Protesters, Rejects Rerun of Vote - AP

Russia's Putin Offers Protesters Small Change - Reuters

Russia’s Opposition Struggles for Unity - AP

Russia's Putin Relies on 'Collective Hostages' - Reuters

Russia Pledges $10 Billion in Eurozone Aid - VOA

Prominent Journalist Gunned Down in Russia's South - AP

The End of the Putin Era? - WP opinion


South Asia

Toxic Alcohol Kills 143 in India - BBC

Bootleg Booze Kills 143 in Eastern India - WT