Small Wars Journal

15 December SWJ Roundup


War Review Cites Strides, Less Confident of Governance - Washington Post

Intelligence Reports Offer Dim Views of Afghan War - New York Times

Classified Reports Counter Optimism on Afghan War - Los Angeles Times

White House: Afghan Review will Support July Drawdown - Associated Press

U.S. Officials See Progress, Problems in Afghan War - Associated Press

Taliban Down But Not Out In Afghanistan's Kandahar - Reuters

Holbrooke's Death Leaves Major Void in Afghan Strategy - Washington Post

Post-Holbrooke Question: 'What Now?' - New York Times

Holbrooke's Death Complicates Af-Pak Peace Efforts - Associated Press

Envoy Post to Remain After Holbrooke's Death - Voice of America

Suicide Attack Retaliation for Incursion into Taliban Heartland - Stars and Stripes

NATO Service Member Dies in Southern Afghanistan - Associated Press

Failure in Afghanistan Not an Option - Washington Times opinion

Vietnam Syndrome - Washington Times opinion


Mullen Meets With Pakistanis to Align Interests, Goals - AFPS

Mullen Expresses Impatience With Pakistan on Visit - New York Times

Top U.S. Officer: Pakistan Knows What We Want - Associated Press

Pakistan Islamic Party 'to Withdraw from Coalition' - BBC News

Islamic Party Quits Pakistan Government Over Minister - Reuters

Sacred Shi'ite Ritual Tests Pakistan's Security Resolve - Reuters


Sunni-Backed Politician to Join Iraqi Government - Associated Press

Roadside Bombs Kills 3 And Wound 32 In Iraq - Reuters

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Signs His First Book in Beirut - Associated Press


Foreign Ministry Spokesman: No Change in Policy With Sacking of Mottaki - VOA

Iran President Faces Anger at Home Over Firing FM - Associated Press

Iran Says Bomb Kills Dozens Near Mosque - Associated Press

Korean Peninsula

South Korean Drills Draw More Threats from North Korea - Washington Post

South Korea Holds Nationwide Air Raid Drill - New York Times

S. Korea Stages Mass Evacuation Drill Amid Tension - Associated Press

North Korean Nuclear Ability Seen to Far Outpace Iran's - New York Times

Reports Suggest Additional N. Korea Nuclear Facilities - Voice of America

South Korea Suspects North Has More Uranium Sites - Reuters

North Korea Digging Tunnel For Spring Nuclear Test - Reuters

U.S. Envoy Calls Korean Peninsula Division a Tragedy - Associated Press


WikiLeaks, Round Three - Small Wars Journal (post-release - cutoff 10 Dec)

SWJ WikiLeaks Roundup - Small Wars Journal (pre-release)

Poll: Americans Say WikiLeaks Harmed Public Interest - Washington Post

WikiLeaks Founder Assange Granted Bail - Voice of America

WikiLeaks Founder Granted Bail, But Not Yet Freed - Washington Post

Wikileaks Founder Assange Bailed, But Release Delayed - BBC News

Court Grants Bail to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange - Reuters

Release on Bail of WikiLeaks Founder Is Delayed by Appeal - New York Times

Assange Granted Bail, but Sweden Appeals - CNN News

WikiLeaks Prompts Kenyan Leaders' Push for Recall of U.S. Envoy - VOA

U.S. Memos: Mubarak's Son as President Tough Sell - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Concern over Anti-satellite Weapons - The Economist

New Showdown: House Plans Vote on Military Gay Ban - Associated Press

Amos Suggests DADT Repeal Could Result in Casualties - Washington Post

Marine Commandant Concluded DADT Repeal May Risk Lives - Stars and Stripes

'Birther' Trial: Lakin Facing Jail Time for Guilty Plea - Stars and Stipes

Court Martial: Soldier Can't Present Photo of Dead Civilian - Associated Press

Air Force Blocks Media Sites, Including NYT - Wall Street Journal

Air Force Blocks Sites That Posted Secret Cables - New York Times

United States

World Reacts to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke's Death - Voice of America

World Pays Tribute to Holbrooke - BBC News

World Pays Tribute to Holbrooke: 'The Bulldozer' - Associated Press

Defense Leaders Pay Tribute to Holbrooke - AFPS

Mullen: Af-Pak Region Will Feel Loss of Holbrooke - AFPS

START Treaty Debate Looms - Washington Times

Blocked Bill May Weaken Armed Services Panels - Associated Press

18 from Colombian Rebel Group Charged in 2003 Kidnappings - Washington Post

U.S. Court Indicts Dutch FARC Rebel Tanja Nijmeijer - BBC News

VA Man Used Facebook to Threaten D.C. Area Bombings - Washington Post

United Kingdom

SAS Commander Resigned from Army over Defence Cuts - The Sun


Referendum on Oil-rich Sudan Province Likely Delayed - Washington Times

Sudan's Highest Court to Probe Vote Complaints - Reuters

Bombs Hit South Sudan Before Vote - Associated Press

Sudan Police Arrest Women Protesting at Flogging Video - Reuters

Pressure Mounts on Ivory Coast President to Step Down - VOA

Ivory Coast's Ouattara Steps Up Pressure on Rival - Associated Press

Ivory Coast's Ouattara Party Urges Street Action - Reuters

ICC Prosecutor to Name Suspects in Kenya Poll Violence - BBC News

ICC Prosecutor to Name Kenya Violence Suspects - Reuters

Kenya Braces for Violence After ICC Announcement - Associated Press

U.K., Canada: Kenya Must Sue for School-Fund Theft - Associated Press

Nigeria May Drop Bribery Charges Against U.S. Ex-VP - VOA

Under Pressure, Ethiopia Plans Crackdown on Baby Business - VOA

Americas and Caribbean

Politics Enables Mexican Fugitive to Defang a Law - New York Times

Mexican Border City Hits 3,000 Dead in Drug War - Associated Press

La Familia Party Leads Mexico Police to Nazario Moreno - BBC News

Mexican President: Party Led to Drug Lord's Demise - Associated Press

Mexico Marijuana Growers Learn New Tricks From U.S. - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Seeks Decree Powers for 1 Year - Associated Press

Chavez's Decree Move Enrages Foes in Venezuela - Reuters

Asia Pacific

10 Filipino Soldiers Killed by Rebels Before Truce - Associated Press


Raid on Islamic Groups in Germany - New York Times

German Police Raid Homes Linked to Islamist Groups - Associated Press

Sweden Probes Blasts, Seeks Links to Other Attacks - Reuters

U.K. Mosque: Stockholm Bomber Didn't Seem Violent - Associated Press

Legal Cases to Determine Russia's Future with the West - Washington Post

Russian Arms Sales to Reach $10 Billion This Year - Associated Press

President Medvedev Says Russia Must Plug Brain Drain - Reuters

Moscow Riot Police Deployed Amid Ethnic Tensions - Associated Press

Italy: Berlusconi Survives Vote of Confidence - New York Times

Italy: PM Berlusconi Survives Confidence Vote - Washington Post

Berlusconi Barely Wins Confidence Vote in Italy - Associated Press

Berlusconi Narrowly Survives Italy Confidence Vote - Reuters

Violence Erupts In Rome After Berlusconi Wins Vote - Reuters

Greece Paralyzed by General Strike Against Reforms - Associated Press

Turkey's Entry Bid Scores Mixed Points In E.U. Debate - Reuters

Kosovo: KLA Behind Deadly Human Kidney Trade - Associated Press

Kosovo Leader Was Criminal Mafia Boss - Reuters

Middle East

U.S. Envoy Meets Palestinian President - Voice of America

Envoy Says U.S. Committed to Palestinian State - Associated Press

Hamas Rally Celebrates 23rd Anniversary - Voice of America

Palestinian Kids Play Risky Game With Israel Police - Reuters

Bethlehem Tourism Swells as Violence Ebbs - Associated Press

Palestinian Firefighters Barred From Israeli Fete - Associated Press

Another Chance for Progress in the Middle East - Washington Post editorial

Palestinians Must End Cycle of Evasion - Los Angeles Times opinion

South Asia

Chinese Premier on Trust-Building Trip to India - Associated Press

China's Wen In India to Focus on Trade Despite Mistrust - Reuters