Small Wars Journal

15 August SWJ Roundup


Suicide Bombers Attack Governor's Compound, 22 Killed - VOA

Attack Is Latest to Jolt a Usually Quiet Afghan Area - NYT

Suicide Bombers Kill 22 in Afghanistan Raid - LAT

Deadly Assault on Afghan Compound - BBC

19 Dead in Attack on Afghan Governor’s Compound - AP

DOD Identifies Five US Troops Killed in IED Blast - S&S

A Trusted Man in Afghanistan - WP

Afghanistan's Former Spy Chief: 'Never Trust the Taliban' - TT

NATO: Raids by US Commandos Nearly Triple Since '09 - S&S

US to Keep Control of Prison, Missing Milestone - S&S

Afghan Widows Form Community on Kabul Hill - WP



US Links Pakistani Aid to Performance - WSJ

Risks for US Aid Efforts in Pakistan - CSM

US Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter - NYT

Paper: China Accessed US Helicopter - Reuters

Bomb Blast Kills 12 in Southwest Pakistan Hotel - VOA

Lethal Blast in Southern Pakistan - BBC

Bomb Rips Through Hotel in Southwest, Killing 12 - AP

Pakistan Interrogates Guards of Kidnapped American - VOA

Pakistan Quizzes Suspects Over Abducted American - Reuters

Pakistani Police Don't Know Who Kidnapped American - AP

Drones Alone Are Not the Answer - NYT opinion



At Least 22 Killed in Syria's Siege on Port City - VOA

Syrian Navy Ships Join Attack on Coastal City - NYT

Syrian Gunboats Join Fresh Attack Against Protesters - WP

Syria Forces Use Naval Power Against Latakia - LAT

Syrian Warships 'Shell Port City' - BBC

Syria Uses Gunboats for 1st Time to Crush Uprising - AP

Tank, Navy Attack on Syria's Latakia Kills 26 - Reuters



Libyan Rebels Capture Part of Zawiya - VOA

Libya Rebels Fight for Key Towns - BBC

Libya Rebels Threaten a Supply Line to the Capital - NYT

Rebels Fight to Cut off Kadafi's Supplies - LAT

Libyan Rebels Strike Crucial Blow as They Take Zawiyah - TT

Libyan Rebels Try to Cut Routes to Tripoli - AP

Gaddafi Defiant as Govt Said to Be Talking With Rebels - Reuters

Gaddafi Urges Libyans to Take Up Arms Against NATO - Reuters

Life Gets Easier in Libyan Rebel Capital - WP



Smuggling in North Sinai Surges as the Police Vanish - NYT

Mubarak Trial to Resume in Egypt - BBC

Egypt's Ex-President Mubarak to Return to Court - Reuters

Civilian Activist Charged by Military Prosecutor - WP

Egypt Activist Charged With Inciting Violence - AP

Egypt Blogger 'Defamed' Military - BBC

Lawyers Press Demands in Mubarak Security Head Trial - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Leader Vows Fiscal Reform but No Quick Fixes - NYT

Chinese Military Chief Visits Israel for 1st Time - AP

Palestinians Set for UN State Bid - BBC

U.S. Restarts Work of Aid Groups in Gaza Strip - Reuters

US Funds Restored to Aid Groups in Gaza - AP

Hamas Criticises Fatah Over Election Plan - Reuters

Abbas’s Desperate Ploy - WP opinion

Why Turkey Should Apologize to Israel - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran's 1st Nuclear Power Station Connected in Weeks - TT

Twin Blasts Kill 5 Iraqi Army Personnel in Baghdad - AP

17 Militants, 3 Soldiers Killed in Yemen Fighting - AP

Yemen Opposition Asks West to Freeze Saleh Assets - Reuters

Jordan King Welcomes Reform Plans - BBC

Reforms to Strengthen Jordanian Parliament - Reuters

Proposed Reforms Not Enough for Jordan Protesters - AP

Many Hurt in Algeria Bomb Attack - BBC

Algerian Suicide Attack Wounds 29 - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


US Department of Defense

New Stryker Vehicles Can Protect Troops Better - USAT

Wordsmiths Take Aim at Simplifying Acronyms for Army - S&S

Foreign Fights Need Training, Not Troops - DN


United States

US Visa Rule Will Burden Families, Lawyers Say - NYT

Hunt for Bin Laden Profits - LAT editorial


United Kingdom

Home Secretary May Defends Riot Policing Stance - BBC

Britain Debates a Plan to Turn to U.S. ‘Supercop’ - NYT

UK Police Wary of 'Supercop' Plan - BBC

Cameron Confronts Britain's 'Moral Collapse' - TT

Cameron: Riot-Hit UK Must Reverse 'Moral Collapse' - AP

UK Gangs Thrive in August Riots - AP

UK Riots Commentary - TT comments and opinions



'All Guilty' in Somalia Conflict - BBC

Terror Group Blocking Aid to 3 m Starving Somalis - USAT

More Food Aid Needed in E. Africa - VOA

WFP Expands Relief Work in Famine-Hit Somalia -AP

Somali Refugees Move to New Site in Kenya - VOA

Frustration Mounts As Somalis Wait for Famine Relief - VOA

Somali Islamists Thrive as Children Die - TT

Somalia PM Orders Aid Protection - BBC

Somalia Wants Humanitarian Force to Guard Food Convoys - Reuters

Remains of Crashed US Helicopter Still Lies in Mogadishu - VOA

Pressures Bear Down on Sudanese Strongman - WT

S. Africa: ANC's Malema Sorry over Botswana - BBC



Mexicans March Against Drug War - BBC

Police: 11 People Slain in Acapulco, Mexico - AP

Mexican Soldiers Uncover 'Narco-tunnel' to US - CNN

Argentine President Dominates Unusual Primary Vote - AP

Chavez Returns to Venezuela After Chemotherapy - CNN

Haiti, Stuck in the Mud - WP editorial


Asia Pacific

New US Envoy Reassures China - BBC

China's First Carrier Completes Initial Sea Trials - VOA

Chinese Military Chief Visits Israel for 1st Time - AP

China Moves Swiftly to Close Chemical Plant After Protests - NYT

S. Korean President Calls for Cooperation With North - AP

Japan’s Economy Slows 'Less than Expected' - BBC

Fugitive’s Return Jolts Indonesia’s Political World - NYT

Burma Opposition Leader Steps Out - CNN

Cheers in Burma as Suu Kyi Travel Tests Freedom - AP



Suspect in Norway Reconstructs Killings for Police - NYT

Norway Killer Reconstructs Shootings on Island - AP

Russia's Arctic 'Sea Grab' - CSM

Russia Arrests a Gadfly Over Some Simple Advice for Voters - NYT

Estonian Gunman Echoed Russian Propaganda - WT

Turkey: Senior PKK Rebel Denies Reports of His Arrest - Reuters

From Ataturk to Erdogan, Reshaping Turkey - WP opinion


South Asia

On the India-Pakistan Border, a Cold Peace - Reuters

Indian Leader’s Illness Prompts Questions, Restraint - NYT

Nepal’s Prime Minister Resigns, Citing a Stalemate - NYT