Small Wars Journal

14 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


On a Remote Afghan Mountain, a Test of US Plans - NYT

Afghan Helicopter Mission Defended - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghan Students Rally Against Pakistan - AP



US Drone Strike Kills Haqqani Insider - WP

Top Haqqani Commander Killed in Pakistan Drone Strike - BBC

Suspected US Drones 'Kill 10 Militants' in Pakistan - BBC

Intelligence Links Iran to Saudi Diplomat’s Murder in Karachi - WP



Obama Warns Iran Must Pay for 'Reckless Behavior' - VOA

Obama Says Facts Support Accusation of Iranian Plot - NYT

Obama Vows to Hold Iran Accountable - WP

US Considers Sanctions on Iran's Central Bank - LAT

Obama Says Iran to Face Toughest Possible Sanctions - Reuters

Obama Blames Plot to Kill Saudi Diplomat on Iran - AP

Obama Censures Iran over 'Plot' - BBC

US Eyeing New Sanctions Against Iran - VOA

US Eyes Iran's Central Bank as Sanctions Target - Reuters

US Believes Khamenei Aware of Assassination Plot - S&S

Iran Scoffs at US Account of Alleged Assassination Plot - NYT

Drugs and Terror Mix in Case - WSJ

Ambassador Plot Casts Light on Iran's Strike Force - AP



Activists: Clashes in Syria Kill at Least 13 - VOA

Clashes in Syrian Uprising Leave at Least 14 Dead - NYT

Clashes in Syria 'Leave 19 Dead' - BBC

Twenty Killed in Syrian Clashes, EU Sanctions Bank - Reuters

Man Charged in US for Spying on Syrian Protesters - Reuters



US Launches Effort to Track Down Gaddafi Missiles - WP

Libya Revolutionaries Have Surt in Stranglehold - LAT

Amnesty Urges Libya to Tackle 'Stain' of Detainee Abuse - BBC

Islamic Hard-liners Vandalize Sufi Shrines in Tripoli - AP



Militants Aided by Iran Fired at GI’s in Iraq, Officials Say - NYT

New Security Steps in Iraq Withdrawal - WP

After Attack, Neighborhood Bounces Back to Normalcy - NYT

Bomb Blasts Hit Iraq's Sadr City - BBC

Twin Explosions in Baghdad Kill 15 People - AP

Two Bombings Kill 16 in Baghdad Shi'ite District - Reuters

Turkey Urges Iraq to Crackdown on Kurdish Rebels - AP


Israel / Palestinians

Israel-Palestinian Swap Due in Sinai Next Week - Reuters

Palestinian Prisoners in Trade May be Deported - AP

Clinton: Arafat Changed Mind on Peace Deal - AP

Israel Does Not Stand Alone - WP opinion

Israel Gives In to Terrorists - WT opinion



Egypt’s Arrests of Smugglers Show Threat of Libya Arms - NYT

Egypt Military Takes over Inquiry of Coptic Unrest - AP

Egypt Promises to Address Coptic Christians’ Concerns - NYT

Young, Tech-savvy Islamists Try to Project New Image - LAT

Imprisoned Egyptian Blogger's Hunger Strike Fights Military Rule - VOA

Egypt’s Failing Army - NYT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

US Arms Deal to Bahrain Faces Resistance - WP

Saudi Claims Alleged Iranian Plotter Orchestrated Bahrain Unrest - NYT

An Ominous Message from Tunisia - WP


US Department of Defense

Amid a World of Threats, Panetta Laments Pending Budget Axe - S&S

Panetta Assails Plan for US Military Cuts - Reuters

Panetta: Doubling Cuts Would Force Irresponsible Budgeting - AFPS

Dempsey: Partnerships, Innovation Crucial for Future Force - AFPS

Drone Computer Virus Nothing to Worry About, Air Force Says - NYT


United States

Lawmakers Suggest Treating Drug Cartels as Terror Organizations - WT

Three US Muslims Convicted in Terrorism Case - LAT

Occupy Wall Street Braces for Showdown - LAT

Feds Can't Say 'Our Soldiers' in Mass. Terror Case - AP

Judge Tosses Iraq Vet's Lawsuit over 'Hurt Locker' - AP

America the Overcommitted - NYT opinion

Ending Hypocrisy of Terrorist Designation - WT opinion



Gunmen Kidnap 2 European Aid Workers in Kenya - NYT

Spanish MSF Doctors Seized Near Kenya-Somali Border - BBC

Gunmen Kidnap 2 Aid Workers in Kenya; Link to Somalia - WP

2 Spanish Aid Workers Seized in Kenya Refugee Camp - AP

Kenya Hunts Spanish Pair's Captors - BBC

Liberia's Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Likely to Face Run-off - BBC

Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf Leads on Early Vote Count - Reuters

Ex-Warlord Becomes Kingmaker in Liberia Ballot - AP

In Sudan, the 'Voice of the Antonov' Sows Terror - Reuters

Uganda Ministers Deny Corruption - BBC

Discontent Simmers as Uganda’s Economy Staggers - NYT



Panetta Warns of Retreat in Africa Due to Budget Cuts - WT

SOUTCOM, Partners Fight Transnational Crime - AFPS

Mexico Arrests Key Leader of Zetas Gang - LAT

Mexican Army Captures Drug Cartel Lieutenant - AP

Arrest over Mexico Casino Attack - BBC

Mexico Steps Up Security as Host of Pan Am Games - LAT

Casino Arrests Stir Scandal in Mexico - WSJ

Ex-Cartel House Converted Into Kids Club in Mexico - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Proposes Shooting Down Drug Planes - AP

Colombia's President Santos Hails US Trade Deal Vote - BBC

2nd Ex-Guatemala General Detained in Genocide Case - AP

Haiti Gov't Links to Old Regime Prompt Scrutiny - AP

Haiti Leader Determined to Revived Disbanded Army - AP


Asia Pacific

US Welcomes South Korean President on State Visit - VOA

South Korean President Hails Trade Deal, US Partnership - WT

Obama Hails South Korea Trade Deal as Win for Both - AP

The Enduring US-Korean Alliance - WT opinion

Radiation Hotspots Found in Japan - WP

China's Export Growth Eases Amid Global Turmoil - NYT

As Thai Floods Spread, Experts Blame Officials, Not Rain - NYT

Bangkok Rushes to Dig Canals to Prevent Flooding - AP

Thai PM Confident Bangkok Will Escape Worst of Floods - Reuters

Burma Political Prisoner Releases 'Not Enough' - BBC

Call for All Burma Political Inmates to Be Freed - AP

Greenpeace Director Denied Entry to Indonesia - AP



Slovakia Ratifies Eurozone Fund - BBC

Slovakia Approves European Rescue Fund - NYT

Slovakia Approves Bailout Fund - WP

New Downgrade for Spain's Credit Rating - BBC

G20 Meeting to Discuss Eurozone - BBC

Berlin Firebomb Alert: 4th Day Device Found on Train Line - BBC

Young Russian Scientists Rally Against Bureaucracy - WP

Russia: Putin's Presidency Bid Fails to Boost Party's Ratings - Reuters

New Charges Possible Against Former Ukraine PM - NYT

Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko Faces Embezzlement Inquiry - BBC

Concerns Grow About Authoritarianism in Macedonia - NYT

Belarus KGB Gets Tough New Powers as Anger Grows - AP

Mladic to Have One War Crimes Trials, Not Two - Reuters

Saudi-backed Religious Tolerance Center Opens in Vienna - AP


South Asia

Burmese President Visits India as Ties Between Neighbors Deepen - VOA

Squeezed Out in India, Students Turn to US - NYT

India: Seized Car Bomb 'Targeted Delhi' - BBC