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14 May SWJ Roundup

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Al Qaeda

Bin Laden's Operational Role Debated - Voice of America

Europe and bin Laden: No Intel is Good Intel? - Associated Press

Accounts Piece Together Bin Laden's Fugitive Trail - Associated Press

Pornography Is Found in Bin Laden Compound Files - New York Times

Porn Found at bin Laden Hideout - Washington Post

Pornography Found in Bin Laden Hideout - Reuters


Top Spy Denounces U.S. Before Parliament - New York Times

Spy Chief Offers to Resign after bin Laden Killing - Washington Post

Pakistan Condemns Bin Laden Raid - BBC News

Pakistan Lawmakers Slam U.S. After Session With Army - Associated Press

Pakistan City Nervous About U.S. Hunt for Taliban Chief Omar - Reuters

Police Doubt Bombing Was for Bin Laden - New York Times

Bin Laden Widows in Pakistan Questioned by CIA - New York Times

Musharraf Says He Will Return to Pakistan - Assoicated Press

Pakistan After Bin Laden - New York Times editorial

Benazir Bhutto was Right - Washington Post opinion


Taliban Show Resolve to Fight on After bin Laden - Associated Press

'Rogue' Afghan Policeman Kills Two NATO Troops - Reuters

Coalition Works to Reintegrate Insurgents - AFPS


Syrian Protests, Expected to Wane, Grow Stronger - Los Angeles Times

Thousands Continue Protest Across Syria - Voice of America

Defying Crackdown, Syria Protesters Return to Streets - New York Times

Syria Offers 'Dialogue' to Opposition - Washington Post

Syrian Troops Fire at Protesters, Killing 6 - Associated Press

Syria Army 'Leaves' Protest Areas - BBC News

U.N.: Up to 850 Killed in Syria - Reuters

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Gadhafi Says NATO Cannot Reach Him - Voice of America

A Defiant Qaddafi Says He Survived Attack - New York Times

Gaddafi Says He is Beyond Reach - Washington Post

'I Am Still Alive,' Kadafi Declares - Los Angeles Times

Gadhafi Taunts NATO; Regime Says 11 Clerics Killed - Associated Press

Captive Soldiers Tell of Discord in Libyan Army - New York Times

U.S. Disappoints Libyan Rebel Envoys - BBC News

Int'l Court to Seek Libya Arrest Warrants - Associated Press

Letter from Libya: To Live and Lose in Misurata - Los Angeles Times


Yemeni President Vows to Stay, At Least 3 Dead in Protests - Voice of America

Huge Protests in Yemen as Talks Drag On - New York Times


Liberals vs. Islamists in Egypt - Washington Post

Egyptian Muslims, Copts Dampen Religious Feuds - Voice of America

Ex-First Lady Of Egypt Is Detained In Inquiry - New York Times

Egypt Graft Agency Orders Mubarak and Wife Detained - Reuters

Egypt Rulers Vow Crackdown on 'Deviant Groups' - Reuters

Egyptians Urge Rulers to Step Up Palestinian Support - Reuters

A Muslim Brotherhood Leader Speaks Out - Washington Post opinion


Shiites Differ over U.S. Troop Extension - Washington Post


Ahmadinejad Defends Aide - Washington Post

Iranian Cleric Warns President Amid Power Struggle - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Jordan: Thousands Protest for Palestinian Right of Return - Associated Press

Palestinian Dies After Protest in Jerusalem - Reuters

Middle East / North Africa

U.S. Middle East Envoy Mitchell to Resign - Voice of America

U.S. Mideast Envoy Resigns After 2 Years of Frustration - New York Times

Al-Jazeera Draws Spotlight, Criticism - Washington Post

U.S. Eases Travel Warning for Bahrain - Associated Press

Omani Forces Arrest Protesters After Clashes - Reuters

Italy Delivers 4 Frigates to Tunisia - Associated Press

Report: 7 Algerian Soldiers Killed by Militants - Associated Press

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Immersive Technology Fuels Infantry Simulators - AFPS

Audio Battlefield Aims to Help Prepare New Troops - Associated Press

Copter Pilots Seek Civ Med Treatments to Save Careers - Stars and Stripes

Allegations Upend Lives of 2 Muslims in Army - New York Times

United States

Cities Nationwide Heighten Vigilance on Terror - New York Times

'Enhanced' to the Point of Torture - Washington Post opinion


MEDREACH 11 Builds Capabilities, Cooperation - AFPS

Somali Piracy 'Costs $8bn a Year' - BBC News

Ouattara Says No Exemptions in Search for Ivorian Justice - Reuters

Gunmen Kidnap Briton and Italian in North Nigeria - Reuters


Mexican Army Catches Drug Boss Linked to Guzman - Reuters

New President to Take Power in Struggling Haiti - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

China Rebuffs New Tibetan Leader - BBC News

2 Suspects, Vendor Killed in Indonesia Terror Raid - Associated Press


'Old Ironsides' Bids Farewell to Germany - Stars and Stripes

Denmark Warned Over Border Plans - New York Times

E.U. Concern at Danish Border Plan - BBC News

Russia Raps Amnesty Report as 'Politically Biased' - Reuters

Libyan Immigrants Becoming Italian Immigrants - New York Times

In Greece, Austerity Kindles Deep Discontent - Washington Post

South Asia

West Bengal Vote Ends 34 Years of Communist Rule - Voice of America

India's Voters Send Communists to Defeat in West Bengal - New York Times

Voters in India Reject Communists - Washington Post

Communists Routed in West Bengal - BBC News