Small Wars Journal

14 January SWJ Roundup


Rush for Results May Undermine Aid Goals - Christian Science Monitor

Coalition Works to Extend Southern Afghanistan Gains - AFPS

Forces in Afghanistan Target Taliban, Haqqani Leaders - AFPS

AF: Opium Prices Soar, Focus on Taliban, Drug War Stumbles - Washington Post

Dispute Emerges Over Military Damage to Afghan Property - New York Times

Afghan Taliban 'End' Opposition to Educating Girls - BBC News

DOD Teachers Take on Mission in Afghanistan - AFPS

The Challenges of Small-Unit Patrolling in Afghanistan - New York Times


Karachi Ethnic Violence Kills 12 - BBC News

Gunmen Kill Female Police Officer in Pakistan - Associated Press


Biden and Maliki Focus on Two Nations' Future Relationship - Washington Post

In Iraq, Biden Reaffirms Deadline for Troops' Exit - New York Times

Biden Promises Responsible Drawdown in Iraq - AFPS

Biden: Iraq May Need U.S. Help Beyond 2011 - Voice of America

Biden Addresses U.S. Troops in Baghdad - Associated Press

Sadr Return Complicates U.S. Troop Presence in Iraq - Associated Press

Iraqi Religious Heads Call For Christians' Protection - Reuters


Iran Invites Foreign Experts to Nuclear Sites - Associated Press

Iran's Nuclear Sites Tour Proposal Flounders - Reuters

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda's Tentacles - Los Angeles Times opinion

Korean Peninsula

Gates Pledges Help if S. Korea is Attacked by North - Washington Post

Gates Reaffirms U.S. Support of South Korea - New York Times

S. Korea, Japan Improve Military Ties in Face of North Korean Threat - VOA

Gates Stresses Need to Prevent North Korean Provocations - AFPS

Gates: N. Korea Must Show Good Faith for New Talks - Associated Press

U.S. Again Urges North Korea to Meet Its Obligations - Reuters

N. Korean Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in S. Korea - Associated Press

Talking to North Korea - New York Times editorial


U.S.-Japan Ties Should Deepen, Gates Says - Washington Post

Gates Wants More Japanese Cooperation on Defense - Voice of America

Japanese Military Seeks Greater Cooperation with U.S. - Washington Post

U.S. Will Defer to Japan on Moving Okinawa Base - New York Times


Accused Soldier in Brig as WikiLeaks Link Is Sought - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Commission to Recommend Allowing Women in Combat Units - Stars and Stripes

United Kingdom

Mohammed the Brit - New York Times opinion

United States

Foreign Missions Hamstrung by New U.S. Banking Rules - New York Times


Australian Floods Peak in Brisbane - New York Times

Australia Floods: Brisbane Begins Massive Clean-up - BBC News


Global Piracy Costs Billions, Says Study - BBC News

Around the World, Freedom is in Decline - Washington Post editorial


Tunisian Security Forces Clash With Youths in Fresh Protests - VOA

Behind Tunisia Unrest, Rage Over Wealth of Ruling Family - New York Times

Tunisia President Appeals for Peace, Pledges Reform - Los Angeles Times

Tunisian Protests: Tunis Marchers Test Ben Ali's Words - BBC News

Tunisia Sees Protest March, Strikes After Riots - Associated Press

Tunisian Leader Says He Will Step Down in 2014 - Associated Press

Tunisian Leader Bows to Unrest, Sets Departure Date - Reuters

In South Sudan, the Future Beckons and Sobers - Los Angeles Times

Referendum Logos Accent Challenges Facing Sudan - New York Times

North Sudan Ruling Party Says South Sudan Vote "Broadly Fair" - Reuters

Sudan Deal to End Abyei Clashes - BBC News

South Sudan Aid Agencies Continue Food Aid as Need Declines - VOA

Three U.N. Contractors Kidnapped In Sudan's Darfur - Reuters

3 U.N. Vehicles Burned in Ivory Coast - Voice of America

Mobs in Ivory Coast Attack United Nations Vehicles - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Mobs, Security Forces Attack U.N. Cars - Associated Press

U.N.: Toll In Ivory Coast Rises to 247 Dead, 49 Missing - Reuters

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Wins Party Primary - BBC News

Nigerian President Wins Primary Election - Associated Press

Nigeria's Jonathan Wins Ruling Party Primaries - Reuters

Report: Al-Qaida Claims Niger Kidnapping - Associated Press

Niger: Al Qaeda Claims Kidnapping Of Frenchmen Found Dead - Reuters

Rwanda Sentences Dissident Exiles to Long Jail Terms - BBC News

Somalia to Launch Attacks Soon on Al-Qaida - Associated Press


Amid Drug Violence, Acapulco Watches Tourism Recede - Los Angeles Times

Mayor Shot to Death in Southern Mexico - Associated Press

Gunmen Kill 9th Police Officer in Northern Mexico - Associated Press

Colombia Police Nab Go-Between With Mexican Cartel - Associated Press

Honduran Vote Could Open Way to Re-election - Associated Press

Death Toll Mounts in Brazilian Deluge - New York Times

Brazil's Flash Floods and Mudslides Leave at Least 470 Dead - Los Angeles Times

Toll Rises After Brazil Mudslides - Associated Press

Envoy Allowed to Meet With Jailed American in Cuba - Associated Press

Haiti Gets Remedies for Vote - Washington Times

Haiti Leader Has Doubts About OAS Report - Reuters

DomRep Resumes Deportations of Haitian Migrants - Associated Press

Snub to Latin America - Washington Post opinion

Asia Pacific

Gates Confident of China Leader's Control over Military - Los Angeles Times

Gates: U.S. Troops Help Keep N. Korea, China at Bay - Associated Press

China Looks Forward to President Hu's U.S. Visit - Voice of America

Chinese Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison for Evading Tolls - New York Times

Careful with China - Washington Post opinion

Philippines, Muslim Rebels to Resume Talks - Associated Press

In Otherwise Tolerant Malaysia, Shiites Are Banned - Associated Press

Indonesia Torture Video Soldiers on Minor Charges - Associated Press

Central Asia

Kazakhstan Paves Way to Extending President's Term - Associated Press

Kazakh MPs Back Referendum to Extend Leader's Rule - Reuters


Belarus Issues Warning to Rights Group Amid Crackdown - New York Times

Italy: Court Revokes Automatic Immunity for Berlusconi - New York Times

Italy's Top Court Rules Berlusconi Can Face Trial - Reuters

Russia: Medvedev Acknowledges Graft Progress Scant, Seeks Law - Reuters

Poland Objects to Russia's Report on Fatal Air Crash - New York Times

Russia's Crash Report Stirs Polish Politics - Washington Post

Middle East

Clinton Bluntly Presses Arab Leaders on Reform - New York Times

Clinton Pushes Economic and Political Reforms in Middle East - Washington Post

Clinton Tells Mideast Leaders to Open Up Systems - Los Angeles Times

Hamas Deploys Forces to Stop Gaza Rocket Fire - Associated Press

Guyana Recognizes a Palestinian State - Associated Press

Lebanon: For Hezbollah, Claiming Victory Could Be Costly - New York Times

Hezbollah Works to Get More Power in Lebanon - Washington Post

Bad Choice: Stability in Lebanon or Support for Tribunal - Washington Times

Hariri 'Caretaker PM' as Lebanon Seeks New Government - BBC News

Lebanon's Caretaker PM Seeks Support - Associated Press

Lebanon to Start Talks on New Government on Monday - Reuters

Hezbollah Aims for More Political Power in Lebanon - Associated Press

Egypt Charges Man With Murder In Christian Shooting - Reuters

Mideast Threats - Washington Post opinion

South Asia

India 'to Cut Kashmir Troops by a Quarter' - BBC News