Small Wars Journal

14 April SWJ Roundup


Taliban Intelligence Network Embraces the New - Los Angeles Times

Bomber Strikes at Meeting of Afghan Elders - New York Times

Afghan Tribal Elder Killed in Suicide Bombing - Los Angeles Times

Suicide Bombers Strike Afghan Local Police, Kill 3 - Associated Press

Violence Against Aid Workers Has Surged - Los Angeles Times

Corps to Field Ballistic Boxers to Marines - Stars and Stripes


New CIA Drone Attack Draws Pakistan Rebuke - New York Times

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

French, British Leaders Meet About Libya - Washington Post

Allies Clash on Libya Stalemate - Wall Street Journal

Arabs, West Plan to Aid Libyan Rebels - Washington Times

NATO Foreign Ministers to Hold Talks in Berlin - BBC News

Libya Tops Agenda at NATO Ministers' Meeting - Associated Press

Clinton Seeks to Restore NATO Consensus on Libya - Associated Press

Gaddafi Must Step Down, Says 'Contact Group' - BBC News

Pentagon Says It Has Kept Up Some Strikes - New York Times

U.S. Continues Airstrikes in Libya - Los Angeles Times

NATO Steps Up Airstrikes Around Misurata - Washington Post

Libyan Rebels Urge Stronger U.S. Military Role - Associated Press

NATO Airstrikes Hit Gadhafi Targets - Associated Press

Hospitals Struggle to Care for Wounded in Libya Fighting - VOA

Major Powers Pledge Aid for Libyan Rebels - Voice of America

U.S. Continues Missions to Support Libya No-fly Zone - AFPS


Egypt Detains Mubarak and Family - Washington Post

Prosecutors Order Mubarak and Sons Held - New York Times

Mubarak's Arrest Watershed Moment for Egypt - Los Angeles Times

Hosni Mubarak's Detention Ordered - BBC News

Protesters See Victory as Egypt's Mubarak Detained - Associated Press

Under Investigation in Egypt - Washington Post listing

Three Wise Men - Washington Post opinion

Cairo's Roundabout Revolution - New York Times opinion


Tunisia Has Legal Cases Against Ben Ali - Reuters


At Least Seven Dead as Protests Rock Yemen - Voice of America

Yemen's Loyalists Clash With Defiant Troops - New York Times

Rebel Soldier Killed in Clash Between Military Factions - Washington Post

Rival Forces Clash in Sanaa - BBC News


Demonstrators Demand Syrian Government Release Detainees - VOA

New Grievances Broaden Syria's Protest Movement - New York Times

Women, Kids Block Highway in Protest - Washington Post

Syrian Students Mount Protests in Aleppo, Capital - Reuters

Syria's Bloody Repression - Washington Post editorial


Iraqi Youths' Political Rise Stunted by Elites - New York Times

Iranian Group Seeks U.S. Shield After Iraqi Raid - New York Times


London: Iran's Rights Record 'Terrible' - United Press International

U.S. Says Iran Helps Crackdown in Syria - Wall Street Journal


Gulf Media Find Their Red Line in Uprisings - Reuters


Uneasy Balancing Act in Jordan - New York Times

Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Foreign Minister Faces Corruption Charges - New York Times

Israel's Lieberman Closer to Corruption Charges - BBC News

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

U.S. Has No Strategy to Deal with Muslim Brotherhood - Washington Times

Poland Looks to Its Past in Assessing Arab Present - New York Times

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press


World Sea Attacks Surge With More Violent Pirates - Associated Press

Piracy at an All Time High in 2011 First-Quarter - Reuters

FBI Snatches Alleged Pirate Inside Somalia - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Navy's Laser Test Could Put Heat on Pirates - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Obama Wants Defense Review, $400 Billion in Cuts - Voice of America

Obama, Gates, Joint Chiefs to Find More Savings - AFPS

Pentagon: Obama Budget Cut Forces, Missions - Associated Press

Gates Warns of Fallout from U.S. Defense Cuts - Agence France-Presse

Pentagon Warns on Big U.S. Defense Cuts - Reuters

Critical Shortage of Neurologists for Troops - Stars and Stripes

United States

Obama Unveils Deficit-Fighting Plan - Voice of America

Obama Urges Cuts and More Taxes on Rich - New York Times

Obama Seeks Spending Cuts, Taxes on Wealthy - Washington Post

Obama Unveils Plan to Cut Deficit by $4 Trillion - Los Angeles Times

Obama Stokes Deficit Fight - Wall Street Journal

Obama's Speech on Reducing the Budget - New York Times transcript

Federal Intelligence Sharing Hit - Washington Times

Chinese National Created Fake Army Special Forces Unit - CNN News


Strongman Out, Ivory Coast Is Reviving - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo to Face Charges - Associated Press

U.N.: 800 Civilians Killed This Year In S. Sudan - New York Times

Sudan: Aid Workers Taken Hostage in Darfur Freed - Reuters

Sudan's Gold Rush Lures Thousands to Remote Areas - Reuters

U.N. Pressures Somalia on Elections, Reforms - Reuters

Swaziland Protests Overwhelmed by Violence - Associated Press


Mexico Nabs Police Accused of Backing Gang Massacre - Reuters

Number of Bodies Found Mexico State Rises to 122 - Associated Press

Mexico: More Bodies Found in Mass Graves - BBC News

Colombia OKs Extraditing Drug Kingpin to Venezuela - Associated Press

Venezuela Opposition to Pick Chavez Challenger - Reuters

Chavez Says Venezuela Govt Prepared for Coup Repeat- Associated Press

Brazil Police Arrest Lawmaker for Paramilitary Ties - BBC News

Populist Seeks Stability in Peru, His Adviser Insists - Reuters

Asia Pacific

China Policy Main Topic for the G-20 - New York Times

Japan's Nuclear Crisis Continues to Hit Economy - Reuters

Calls Grow for Japan PM to Quit in Wake of Quake - Reuters

U.S. Airmen Quietly Reopen Wrecked Airport in Japan - New York Times

N. Korea Says It Is Holding U.S. Citizen - Associated Press

N. Korea Confirms American Arrest - BBC News

Vietnam Releases 2 Prominent Dissidents - Associated Press

Central Asia

Kazakh President Holds Fast - Washington Post


Belarus Says Suspects Confessed to Subway Bombing - New York Times

Two Suspects 'Admit' Belarus Bomb - BBC News

Russians Wonder Who Might Lead Them Next - New York Times

Italy: Berlusconi Vows to Leave in 2013 - BBC News

South Asia

India and China Resume Defense Ties - BBC News

Resistance to Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Grows in India - New York Times