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13 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Gen. Allen Hastily Transforming Afghan Mission - WP

US Commander in Forced to Change Mission Tactics - S&S

US Commander Holds Talks with Pakistani Army Chief - AP

Afghan Gunmen in Uniform Target NATO Troops - VOA

Gunmen in Afghan Police Uniforms Kill 2 NATO Soldiers - NYT

Men in Afghan Police Uniforms Kill 2 NATO Troops - AP

Spy Balloons Become Part of the Afghanistan Landscape - NYT

Army General Removed from Job in Afghanistan - S&S



7 Killed in Syria as More UN Observers Arrive - VOA

Islamists Claim Damascus Blasts - BBC

In Video, Militants Claim Deadly Syria Bombings - AP

Syria Bombings Could Signal al-Qaida’s Engagement - VOA

Syria’s Resurgent Muslim Brotherhood - WP

Clashes Rage in Syria, Opposition Meets Abroad - Reuters

Fragmented Syrian Opposition Debates Leadership - Reuters

Syria Says US Allied to 'Terrorists' in Country - Reuters

Iran Wins Release of Turkish Journalists in Syria - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen: US Drone Strikes Kill 11 al-Qaida Militants - AP

Yemen Militants 'Killed by Drone' - BBC

US May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police Force - NYT

In Iraq, Car Perk Overrides Promises to Public - AP

Exiles: Iran Advancing Active Nuclear Arms Program - Reuters

Saudi Arabia King Sacks Cleric Who Attacked Social Reform - Reuters

Israelis Rally Over Living Costs, Social Issues - AP

Israel Envoy Meets With Palestinian President - AP

West Bank Leader Says Security Forces Can’t Get Guns - NYT

Panetta, Bahraini Crown Prince Meet at Pentagon - AFPS

Bahrain Protesters Clash With Police Outside Capital - Reuters

Egypt Court Rules to Keep Elections on Schedule - AP

Egypt’s Coptic Christians Fear Rise of Islamists - WP

In Egypt Turmoil, Thieves Hunt Pharaonic Treasures - AP

Candidate in Egypt Makes an Insider’s Run for President - NYT

Libya Minister Warns Italy on Clandestine Immigration - Reuters

EU Observers Suggest More Transparency for Algeria - AP

Iraq's Wounds - NYT At War video

First Arab World Debate Lacks Substance - DS editorial

Yemen a Lab for Obama's Way of War - FP opinion

Israel's New Kind of Coalition - FA opinion

Tragic Farce of Voting in Iran - TNY opinion


US Department of Defense

Breedlove Tapped to Replace Welsh as USAFE Commander - S&S

Officer: Military Could Learn from Civilian Courts - AP


United Kingdom

New Amenity on London Roofs for the Olympics: Missiles - NYT

London 2012 Security: 'Sonic Weapon' to Be Used - AP

Royal Navy 'Top Gun' Pilots Train to Fly US Fighters - BBC



Refugees Begin Journey to South Sudan - BBC

Sudan Says It's Ready to Talk With South Sudan - AP

'Militant Leader' Held in Nigeria - BBC

Senior Boko Haram Commander Caught in Nigeria - Reuters

Nigerian 'Gold Rush' Poisoning Children - VOA

Congo Clashes as Deadline Expires - BBC

Kenya Seeks German Man for Info on Terror Group - AP

EU Force Frees Iranian Dhow From Somali Pirates - Reuters

Togo Opposition Leader Threatens Poll Boycott - AP

Time for the U.S. to Arm South Sudan - WP opinion



Mexican Violence Leaves Behind Trail of Doubts - NYT

Mexico Spending Heavily on Troubled Oil Field - Reuters

Crossword Plot? Probe Ridiculed in Venezuela - AP

With Burial, Nicaragua Party Tries to Create Hero - AP

New York Meets Cuba in Art-Fair Chef Exchange - AP

Modest Gains Mark Haitian Leader's First Year - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

US-Philippine Ties Deepen Amid China Tensions - AP

'No China War Footing' over Shoal - BBC

China to Free Cash for Lending - NYT

Out of Texas, Chinese Voice of Dissent for Religious Freedom - NYT

Burma's Exiled Activists Consider Returning Home - VOA

American Family Believes Missing Son Held in N. Korea - TC

Human Rights, Not So Pure Anymore - NYT opinion



Russia: Putin's First Week Sees Wave of Challenges - AP

Greek President Attempts to Form New Government - VOA

Greek Leader Will Attempt to Broker a Coalition - NYT

Greek President in Last-Ditch Coalition Effort - AP

Key Talks Loom for Greek Parties - BBC

Germany’s Merkel Faces Tough Election Test - BBC

Merkel Risks Setback in German State Vote - AP

Thousands March Against Economic Gloom in Spain and Britain - NYT

Spain Activists Mark Protest Year - BBC

At Least 100,000 March in Spain Over Austerity - AP

Hungarian Far-Right Protests Against Govt Austerity - Reuters

Fire Bombs Target Tax Office in Italy - Reuters

Irish Support for EU Treaty Rises Sharply - Reuters

Serb Nationalists Call for Protests Over Vote - NYT

Greek Tragedy - NYT opinion