Small Wars Journal

13 March SWJ Roundup

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Scramble to Avert Meltdowns at 2 Nuclear Reactors - New York Times

Nuclear Crisis Escalates at Damaged Reactors - Washington Post

Nuclear Crisis Intensifies in Japan - Los Angeles Times

Problems for Second Japan Reactor - BBC News

Japan Tries Using Seawater to Cool Damaged Reactor - Wall Street Journal

Nuclear Emergency Is Worst in Decades - New York Times

Thousands Missing as Horror of 'Superquake' Emerges - Daily Telegraph

Japan Pushes to Rescue Survivors as Toll Rises - New York Times

Japan Quake Efforts a Race Against Time - Los Angeles Times

Some Towns Feared to be Wiped Off the Map - Washington Post

U.S. Military Aid Arrives in Japan - Stars and Stripes

Japan Earthquake Shifted Earth on its Axis - Los Angeles Times

Heartbreak in Japan - Washington Post editorial


Afghan Leader Questions U.S. Military Operations - New York Times

Karzai Questions U.S. Military Operations - Stars and Stripes

Karzai Again Condemns NATO Operations - Washington Post


A Shooting in Pakistan Reveals Fraying Alliance - New York Times

Pakistan Spy Chief to Stay on as Key CIA Partner - Associated Press

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Gaddafi Forces Push Deeper Into Rebel Territory - Washington Post

Gaddafi's Tanks Roll East as Rebels Fear Revenge - Daily Telegraph

Libyan Rebels' Ragtag Army Left in Disarray - Los Angeles Times

Libya's Youth Revolt Turns Toward Chaos - New York Times

Libyan Rebels Building Civil Society From Scratch - Associated Press

Subterranean Jail a Sign of Gaddafi's Grip - Washington Post

Gadhafi Pushes Ahead as Arab League Calls for Help - Associated Press

Libyan Troops Defect Near Rebel-Held Misrata - Reuters

Arab League Backs No-Fly Zone Over Libya - Washington Post

Arab League Endorses No-Flight Zone Over Libya - New York Times

Arab States Support No-Fly Zone - BBC News

Arab League Asks for No-Fly Zone Over Libya - Associated Press

U.S. Backs Arab States' Call for Libya No-Fly Zone - Reuters

Gates Says U.S. Military Could Enforce No-Fly Zone - Washington Post

Egypt to Lift Restrictions on Political Parties - Associated Press

Tunisia Refuses to Legalize 5 Political Parties - Associated Press

Yemen: Security Forces Attack Protest Encampment - New York Times

Clashes in Yemen Turn Violent, Deadly - Washington Post

Yemen Protest Attacked by Police - BBC News

Yemen Police Fire on Protests, 6 Killed - Associated Press

Bahrain Negotiations Allowing Greater Iran Influence - Stars and Stripes

Gates Tells Bahrain's King 'Baby Steps' Aren't Enough - New York Times

Gates Calls for Mideast Reform, Recaps Message to NATO - AFPS

Gates: Arab Nations Must Enact Democratic Reforms - Associated Press

U.S. Training Quietly Nurtured Young Arab Democrats - Associated Press

China Says Middle East Should Solve Problems Itself - Reuters

Building a Culture of Tolerance in the Mideast - Washington Post opinion

Egypt's Would-be President - Washington Post opinion

U.S. Should Stay Out of Libya - Washington Post opinion

Five Myths About Gaddafi - Washington Post

Hope in the Mideast - Washington Post opinion


Iraqi Women Feel Shunted Despite Election Quota - New York Times

PM: Protesters are Out of Step with Iraq's Will - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

IDF Scours West Bank for Killers of 5 Settlers - Washington Post

IDF Hunts for Killers of 5 West Bank Settlers - New York Times

Israel Hunts for Killers of Sleeping Settlers - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Draft Memo Outlines DoD Shutdown Plans - Stars and Stripes

Arlington Burial Planned for Last 'Doughboy' Frank Buckles - AFPS

DOD Takes Steps to Secure Classified Data - AFPS

Pentagon Cancer Research Budget Under Scrutiny - Washington Post

The Pentagon's Biggest Boondoggles - New York Times Op-Chart

United States

Blackwater Duo Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter - Virginian-Pilot


South Sudan Accuses President Bashir of Plot - BBC News

S. Sudanese Rebels Attempt Attack on State Capital - Associated Press

Pro-Gbagbo Ivorian Forces Launch Assault in Abidjan - Reuters

Niger Votes a Year After Military-Led Coup - Associated Press

Niger Vote 'Example for Africa' - BBC News


Wanted: Officers to Retake Mexico - New York Times

Cartel Greets New Juarez Police Chief With Threat - Associated Press

Maryland Contractor Draws 15-year Sentence in Cuba - Washington Post

Cuba Gives 15-Year Prison Term to American - New York Times

U.S. 'Deplores' Cuba Verdict on Contractor Gross - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

2 Chinese Dissidents Freed After 10 Years in Jail - Associated Press

N. Korea Pushes Ahead with Succession Plan - Washington Post


Protest Over German Nuclear Power - BBC News