Small Wars Journal

13 January SWJ Roundup


U.S. Military Chief Mike Mullen in Afghan Warning - BBC News

Mullen: Afghanistan Remains Focus of U.S. Security Strategy - AFPS

U.S. Military Chief: Enemy in Afghanistan is Losing - Associated Press

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Taliban Leaders - American Forces Press Service

Attacks in Afghanistan Kill 5 NATO Troops - Associated Press

Suicide Bomber Strikes Bus in Afghan Capital - New York Times

Suicide Bomber Strikes in Kabul; Intel Officers Apparent Target - Washington Post

U.S. Keeps Funneling Money to Troubled Afghan Projects - McClatchy

Congress Downs Corruption Auditor. Wrong Target? - Christian Science Monitor

The End Could be in Sight for German Troops in Afghanistan - Deutsche Welle

In Afghanistan, Woman's Place is at the Peace Table - Los Angeles Times opinion


Biden in Pakistan for Talks With Top Officials - New York Times

Biden Emphasizes U.S. Commitment to Pakistan - Washington Post

Biden Seeks to Reassure Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

Biden Hails Pakistan-U.S. Alliance Against Extremism - Voice of America

Biden Focuses on Regional Peace, Stability in Pakistan Visit - AFPS

Biden Reasures Pakistan in Speech as Bomb Kills 18 - Associated Press

Shadow Over Pakistan Security Grows - Associated Press


Contours of Lasting American Presence in Iraq Taking Shape - Washington Post

Biden Visits Iraq for Talks on Future Relationship - Washington Post

Biden: Iraq's Success in U.S. Interest - Associated Press

Kuwaiti PM in First Visit to Iraq Since Gulf War - BBC News

Kuwaiti PM on First Visit to Iraq Since Gulf War - Associated Press


Iran, U.S. Prepare for 'Last Chance' Nuclear Talks - Washington Post

Iran Says Time Running Out for Nuclear Deal - New York Times

U.S. Agencies Believe Iran's Nuclear Efforts Have Slowed - Reuters

Iran Invites Foreign Experts to Nuclear Sites - Associated Press

China Effectively Rejects Iran Nuclear Invite - Reuters

Iran Announces New Satellite Launch Plan - CNN News

Iran's Nuclear Slowdown - Washington Post editorial

Korean Peninsula / N.E. Asia

N. Korea Seen as Drawing Bead on Both Seoul, U.S. - Washington Times

Gates in Tokyo for Talks on North Korea - New York Times

U.S., Japan Pledge to Update Military Agreement - Stars and Stripes

Pentagon Chief Huddles With Allies About N. Korea - Associated Press

Gates Warns on North Korea, Eyes Japan Ties - Reuters

U.S. Urges North Korea to Get 'Serious' on Talks - BBC News

North Korea's Military: A Bad Hand Played Well - Associated Press

Hot Line Connecting Koreas Returns to Service - New York Times

China Says Shares U.S. Goals on Korea as Hotline Reopens - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Senators Say Military Cyber Ops Not Disclosed - Associated Press

Defense Language Institute to Set Up Training Unit in Europe - Stars and Stripes

Save Energy, Save Our Troops - New York Times opinion

United States

Obama Calls for a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics - New York Times

Let Us Heal Together, Obama Says at Memorial Event - Washington Post

Obama Urges Empathy, Unity in Tragedy's Wake - Los Angeles Times

Cuban Exile Lied to U.S., Prosecutor Tells Texas Jury - New York Times


Australian Floods Rage Through Brisbane - New York Times

Australia Rebuilding Task 'of Postwar Proportions' - Washington Post

Queensland Rebuilding 'Huge Task - BBC News


Watchdog Group: Freedom Slipped Worldwide in 2010 - Associated Press


South Sudan Voter Turnout to Reach 60 Percent Threshold - Voice of America

South Sudan's Referendum Vote Reaches 60%, Says SPLM - BBC News

Sudan Turnout to Pass 60 Percent Threshold - Reuters

Police, Demonstrators Clash in Tunisian Capital - Voice of America

Mayhem Spreads in Tunisia; Curfew Decreed - New York Times

Tunisia Protests and Deaths Continue - Los Angeles Times

Tunisia: Further Violence Reported Despite Curfew - BBC News

Tunisia Dismisses Official, Announces Corruption Probe - Washington Post

Tunisia Seethes - New York Times editorial

Religion and Region at Play in Nigerian Election - Associated Press

Security Tight Before Nigeria Ruling Party Primary - Associated Press

Nigeria's Ruling Party to Decide Jonathan's Fate - Reuters

Army Will 'Retaliate' in Ivory Coast - Associated Press

Ivory Coast: Abidjan Clashes Kill At Least 6 Police - Reuters


Mexico Updates Four Years of Drug War Deaths to 34,612 - BBC News

Mexican Official: 34,612 Drug-War Deaths in 4 Yrs - Associated Press

Juarez Killings Activist Chavez Murdered in Mexico - BBC News

Activist in Women of Juarez Cases Slain in Mexico - Associated Press

Obama Honors Haiti Earthquake Victims, Notes Relief Efforts - AFPS

Good News for Haiti: New Jobs and a Restored Landmark - Washington Post

Haiti Mourn Quake Dead, Find Hope in Own Resilency - Associated Press

Cuba Calls Immigration Talks With U.S. 'Fruitful' - Associated Press

U.S. Charges Six For Attempted Arms Sales In Colombia - Reuters

Panama Seeks Extradition of Noriega for 2nd Time - Associated Press

Brazil Flood and Mudslide Deaths Rise as Search Goes On - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Gates Arrives in Japan for Military Talks - American Forces Press Service

U.S. Will Defer to Japan on Moving Okinawa Base - New York Times

U.S. Defense Secretary Calls China Talks Productive - Voice of America

Gates Says China Relations Ready for Next Level - American Forces Press Service

Mullen Cites Strategic Importance of China-U.S. Relationship - AFPS

Test Unrelated to Gates Visit, China Says - New York Times

Gates Gets Tour of Chinese Nuclear Base - Associated Press

Chinese General to Visit U.S. Base - Washington Post

China's Authoritarianism - Washington Post opinion

Freed Burma Democracy Icon Seeks to Revive Party - Associated Press


Belarus Intensifies Efforts Against Former Candidate - New York Times

'Hero of Ukraine' Prize to Wartime Partisan Leader Revoked - New York Times

Italy Smashes Afghan People-smuggling Ring - BBC News

Irish Police Seize IRA Dissidents' Weapons Factory - Associated Press

Middle East

Lebanese Government Collapses As Hezbollah Exits - Voice of America

Hezbollah Forces Collapse of Lebanese Government - New York Times

Lebanon's Government Collapses as Hezbollah Resigns - Washington Post

Lebanese Coalition Collapses in Turmoil over Probe - Washington Times

Hezbollah and Allies Topple Lebanese Unity Government - BBC News

Hezbollah and its Allies Topple Lebanon Government - Associated Press

Hezbollah And Allies Resign, Toppling Lebanon Government - Reuters

Government Fall Plunges Lebanon Into Uncertainty - Associated Press

Hariri to Lead Caretaker Government In Lebanon - Reuters

Lacking Leverage, U.S. Grasps for a Solution in Lebanon - New York Times

No Immediate Cutoff Of U.S. Aid to Lebanese Forces - Reuters

Clinton: Hezbollah Tribunal Move Is Transparent Effort to Subvert Justice - VOA

Obama Meets With Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri - Voice of America

Hezbollah's Latest Suicide Mission - New York Times opinion

Clinton Blasts Arab Governments on Reforms - Wall Street Journal

Clinton Urges M.E. States to Open Governments, Economies - Los Angeles Times

Clinton says Mideast Faces Disaster without Reform - Associated Press

U.S.: Specific Claims Inhibit Mideast Peace Process - Associated Press

Clinton: Israel Makes Its Own Decisions - Associated Press

Gaza Militants Say to Halt Rocket Fire At Israel - Reuters

Clinton in Qatar Seeks Persian Gulf Cooperation - Voice of America

Yemen and Turkey Deepen Ties With New Accords - New York Times

Yemen Bars Citizens From Embassies Without Permit - Associated Press

Hundreds of Christians Demonstrate on Cairo's Edge - Associated Press

Egypt Christians Clash With Police Over Shooting - Reuters

South Asia

In New Delhi, Anger Rising Violently to the Surface - Los Angeles Times

India, China in New Visa Row Over Disputed State - Associated Press

Battle to Reach Thousands of Sri Lanka Flood Victims - BBC News

U.S. To Help Bangladesh Conduct 40-Year-Old War Crimes Trials - Reuters