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13 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


The Challenges of Occupying Kandahar - WSJ

Afghanistan on Track on Closing Private Security Companies - AP

NATO-Backed Afghan Militia Scheme Seen Expanded - Reuters

Giving Birth Is a Battle for Survival in Afghanistan - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Lawmakers Freeze $700 Million to Pakistan as Distrust Grows - Reuters

Pakistani PM: NATO Blockade Likely to Last Weeks - VOA

Pakistan Ponders NATO Tax Scheme - BBC

Pakistan Denies Holding Talks with Taliban - VOA

Pakistan President Pushes Son to Fore - WP

PM: President May be Out for 2 Weeks - AP



Obama, Maliki Hail ‘New Chapter’ For Iraq Without US Troops - VOA

Obama Meets Iraqi Leader to Chart Broad Shifts - NYT

Obama, Maliki Pledge Cooperation - WP

Obama Welcomes Era of 'Equal Partnership' with Iraq - LAT

Obama, al-Maliki Mark End of Iraq War - WT

Obama Backs Iraq Post-war Future - BBC

Obama: US Troops Leaving Iraq with Heads Held High - AP

Obama Says US Will Be Loyal Partner for Iraq - Reuters

NATO to Stop Training Iraq Army When US Troops Leave - Reuters

Premier’s Actions in Iraq Raise US Concerns - NYT

Ex-Iran Guard Commander Visits White House with Iraq Leader - WT

Iran's Bid for Power in Postwar Iraq - CSM

Obama’s Too-Rosy Vision of Postwar Iraq - WP editorial

After Iraq: What will History Say? - CSM opinion



Iran Claims to Pull Data from US Drone - WP

Iran Says it's Almost Done Decoding Downed US Drone - AP

Iran to 'Reverse Engineer' US Drone to Exploit Secrets - TT

Iran Says It Will Reverse-Engineer US Drone - AP

US Asks Iran to Give Back Drone - BBC

Obama Demands Iran Return Downed Drone - TT

Drone Wars: The Mullahs Strike Back - WT editorial



Syrians Vote as Fighting Spreads, Strikes Continue - VOA

Uprising Overshadows Syria Polls - BBC

As Syria Urges Local Voting, UN Puts Death Toll Past 5,000 - NYT

Syria Holds Local Elections as Deadly Clashes Continue - LAT

Strike in Syria Targets Economy, Assad's Backers - AP

Syria Votes Amid Violence, Activists Say Polls a Sham - Reuters

UN: Syrian Death Toll 'Exceeds 5,000' - BBC

UN Rights Chief Says 5,000 Dead in Syria - AP

Inside Syrian Regime, Hard-liners Gain Upper Hand - CSM


Middle East / North Africa

Hezbollah Claims to Release Names of CIA Officers in Lebanon - WP

Hezbollah Station Identifies 10 Supposed CIA Officers - NYT

Hezbollah Names 'CIA Spies' on TV - BBC

Senior Israeli: Arabs Not Ready for Democracy - AP

Israelis Try to Move Bedouin Camps - WP

Israel Orders Closure of Disputed Jerusalem Ramp - AP

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Projected to Triple by 2059 - AP

Israeli Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Mosque Loudspeakers - LAT

Rocket Fired from Lebanon at Israel Falls Short - AP

UN Tries to Bolster Yemen Peace, Qaeda Inmates in Jail - Reuters

Al-Qaida Militants Escape in Yemen Prison Break - AP

King of Bahrain Defends Handling of Protests - TT

UK Urges Bahrain to Embrace Reform after Protests - AP

Saudi Woman Executed for Sorcery - BBC

Saudi Arabia Executes Woman for 'Sorcery' - TT

Press Group Urges Egypt Investigate Media Attacks - AP

Egypt Islamists Offer Vision for Sin-Free Tourism - AP

Libyan Leader Vows Army, Police Force in 100 Days - AP

Tunisian Activist Named President - BBC

Tunisia Assembly Elects Rights Activist President - AP

Tunisia Installs Former Dissident as President - Reuters

Fighting Flares in Tribal Dispute South of Tripoli - Reuters

Middle East States of Mind - LAT opinion

The Muslim Brotherhood Internationale - JP opinion


International Criminal Court

Gambian Will Lead Prosecution in Hague - NYT


US Department of Defense

A Soldier’s Death Brings Intense Emotion - WP

House, Senate Negotiators Strike Deal on Defense Bill - WT

Democratic Senator Finds House Defense Bill Riddled with Earmarks - AP

Pentagon’s Michele Flournoy to Step Down - WP

Pentagon's First Female Policy Chief Quitting - AP

Obama Plans to Cut National Guard Force Along the Border - S&S

CA Family Who Lost 4 Sues Over Military Jet Crash - AP

Ex-Naval Officer Gets Prison Time for 9-11 Fraud - AP

The President and the Generals - NYT opinion

Countering an EMP Attack - WT opinion

Pentagon's 3 Doomsday Scenarios - CSM opinion


United States

Lawmakers Seek to Ease Concerns on Detainees - WP

Supreme Court to Weigh In on Immigration Battle - LAT

High Court to Consider Arizona’s Appeal on Migrant Law - WT

Supreme Court to Rule on Immigration Law in Arizona - NYT

‘Occupy’ Protesters Block Some Gates at Western US Ports - AP

‘Occupy’ Rallies Disrupt US Ports - BBC

‘Occupy’ Ports Blockade: Protesters Eye West Coast Sites - Reuters

Ex-Blackwater Firm Gets a Name Change, Again - WP

Blackwater Gets an Even Bigger Makeover - CNN

Guantánamo Forever? - NYT opinion

Stealth Jihad in the Senate - WT opinion



Canada Pulls Out of Kyoto Accord - BBC

Canada Bans Burqa at Citizenship Swearing In - AP



East Congo Opposition to Protest Kabila Election - VOA

Kabila Defends DR Congo Election - BBC

Growing Criticism of Congo Vote - AP

Congo Church Official Questions Election Results - AP

Uganda, Rwanda Move to Mend Troubled Relations - VOA

Panetta: Djibouti Critical to US Terror Fight - AP

Is a US Military Precedent Being Set in Africa? - WP opinion



Mexican Troops Kill 11 Gunmen Near US Border - AP

Mexico Zeta Drug Gang Boss Caught - BBC

Mexico Navy Catches a Founder of Zetas Drug Cartel - AP

Mexico's Navy Captures Zetas Leader 'El Lucky' - Reuters

2 Students Die in Clash With Mexican Police - AP

Colombia Extradites Alleged Drug Kingpin to US - AP

Rights Group Slams Colombia Military Justice Plan - AP

Peru's Humala Swears in New Team - BBC

Chavez Launches Cash Giveaway for Poor Venezuela Kids - Reuters

Jailed Noriega Arrives in Panama - BBC

Manuel Noriega Arrives Back in Panama - TT

Cubans Honor Catholic Patron Ahead of Papal Visit - Reuters

Dreamers Bring Ideas, Projects to Post-Quake Haiti - AP

Oprah Winfrey Visits Haiti Under Tight Security - AP

Pope Announces Trip to Mexico, Cuba Next Spring - LAT


Asia Pacific

China Police Block Access to Protest Village - TT

S. Korea Accuses Chinese Boat Captain of Killing Coast Guard Officer - VOA

S. Korea to Get Tough on Illegal Chinese Fishermen - AP

Philippine Military Chief to Focus on Spratlys Row - AP

Philippines Top Judge Impeached - BBC

Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Impeached - AP

Burma Wants End to Border Clashes - BBC


Central Asia

Rights Group: Uzbekistan Denies Basic Legal Rights - AP



Cameron Addresses British Parliament Over Veto on Europe Treaty - NYT

UK PM Cameron Defends Europe Veto - BBC

UK OM Cameron: EU Veto ‘Right Thing to Do’ - WP

Britain's Cameron Defends Opt-Out from New EU Treaty - LAT

Coalition at Odds as Clegg Snubs Cameron's EU Treaty Statement - TT

Cameron Says EU Membership Is Vital to Britain - Reuters

Insight: The Day Europe Lost Patience With Britain - Reuters

France: Sarkozy Says Now Clearly Two Europes - BBC

France: Sarkozy Rival Denounces EU Treaty - WP

Chronic Pain for the Euro - NYT

Euro Zone Fiscal Pact Fails to Restore Confidence - Reuters

Russia Withstands Euro Zone Contagion but Risks Rising - Reuters

Russia's Prokhorov to Challenge Putin in Presidential Election - VOA

Billionaire to Oppose Putin in Russian Presidential Election - NYT

Russia: NJ Nets Owner to Run Against Putin - WP

Russian Tycoon Prokhorov Says He'll Take on Putin - LAT

Russia: Billionaire Prokhorov Announces Presidential Bid - TT

NJ Nets Owner Challenges Putin for Presidency - AP

Russia: Two Putin-Era Russians Seek Liberal Mantle - Reuters

Attendance Light at Rally for Russia’s Ruling Party - NYT

In Russia, Words then Deeds - WP

UK Bookseller Guilty of Terror Crime - BBC

Bullets Sent to Italy Justice Minister, Rome Mayor - Reuters

Center-Left Lupu to Run Again for Moldova President - Reuters


South Asia

India: New Delhi Marks 100th Anniversary - TT

Bold Attack on Kashmir Minister Leaves Guard Dead - AP

Call to Probe Missing Sri Lanka Men - BBC