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13 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Key Officials Under Karzai Are Criticized - NYT

Afghan Officials Met With Jailed Taliban Leader - AP



US Syrian Policy in Shambles Year After Obama Told Assad to Step Down - McClatchy

Syrian Activists: Communications Down in Flashpoint City of Aleppo - VOA

Syrian Jets Pound Rebel Positions as Opposition Presses for No-Fly Zone - NYT

Rebels Carve Out Large Enclave in North Syria - AP

Syrian Opposition Leader Calls for No-Fly Zone - AP

Confused Civilians Swarm Into Syria Battle Zone - Reuters

Arab League Postpones Syria Talks - BBC

Iran's Ahmadinejad Urges Muslim Unity Ahead of Syria Meeting - Reuters



Egypt's Morsi Orders Top Military Officers to Retire - VOA

In Upheaval for Egypt, Morsi Forces Out Military Chiefs - NYT

Egypt Leader 'Retires Army Chief' - BBC

Egypt’s President Ousts Military Chiefs in Bold Bid - WP

Egypt's President Seizes Powers Back from Military - AP

Breaking Free, Egypt's President Morsi Removes Generals - Reuters

Egypt Leader Explains Sackings - BBC

Egypt's Morsi Says No Targeting Intended With Decree - Reuters

Gunmen Kill Egyptian Tribal Leader and Son in Sinai - Reuters

Egypt Army in 'Deadly Sinai Raid' - BBC

Morsi’s Sweeping Change - WP opinion

Has the Brotherhood Staged a Coup? - Time opinion

There Is Nothing to Stop Egypt's Islamists Now - PJ Media opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Minister Asks Nations to Say Iran Talks Have Failed - NYT

Israeli Premier: Iran Dwarfs All Threats - AP

Iranians Struggle to Recover After Powerful Earthquakes  - VOA

200 Rescued in Iran After Quakes; Death Toll Rises to 300 - NYT

Iran Raises Earthquake Death Toll to 306 - AP

Bahrain Returns Its Ambassador to Iran - Reuters

Kuwait Opposition Attacks Plan to Change Election Law - Reuters

Tanker Leaves Gash in US Destroyer After Collision Near Strait of Hormuz - AP

US Must Act on New Iran Nuclear Report - Commentary opinion

7 Reasons Israel Shouldn't Strike Iran - TA opinion



WikiLeaks: Our Site's Been Hit by Weeklong Attack - AP


US Department of Defense

IG Says F-35 Cost Can’t be Tamed - WT

Submarine Commander Relieved of Duty Week After Taking Command - AP

Military Sexual Assault is Focus of YouTube Series - AP

Troubled Veterans Left Without Health-care Benefits - ST

Woman Becomes First Openly Gay General - NYT


United States

Key Senators Want to Punish Defense Contractor Over Sales to China - McClatchy

Concerns Arise Civilian Drones Can Be Hijacked - LADN

Researchers say Racist Internet Sites Breed Hate - VOA

Free Speech at Military Funerals - NYT editorial

Is the Threat From Hate Groups Overlooked? - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Spectacular Close to London Games - BBC

Olympics End with a Musical Bang - WP

Triumphant London Puts Out the Torch - NYT

'Glorious' Games Come to an End - CNN

Terror-free Olympics? No Accident, Officials Say - AP



Nigerian Forces Say Kill 20 Islamists in Shootout - Reuters

Nigeria Army 'Kills 20 Islamists' - BBC

Sudan 'Very Optimistic' About Border Agreement With S. Sudan - Reuters

Bangladeshi UN Peacekeeper Killed in Sudan's Darfur - Reuters

AIDS High on Clinton Africa Agenda - VOA

UK Terms for Resuming Rwandan Aid - BBC

Rwandan Tells AP of Training to Fight Congo - AP

Mali Interim PM to Form Unity Government Within 72 Hours - Reuters

Tens of Thousands Gather in Mali for Unity Gov't - AP

Well-Known Somali Journalist Killed - VOA



Mexican Border as Terror Route Worries US - HC

Family Murdered in Central Mexico, Three Children Among the Dead - Reuters

Mayor-Elect Killed in Mexico - BBC

Mexican Mayor-Elect Shot to Death - AP

Factbox: Worst Atrocities in Mexico's Drug War - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

US Must Sit on Fence Amid Japan-S. Korea Isle Row - JT

S. Korea Olympic Medal Withheld Over Isle Dispute Sign - BBC

Korea Policing the Net. Twist? It’s South Korea. - NYT

Japan: Govt, Nuke Plants’ Coziness Worsened Fukushima Disaster - S&S

Japan's Economy Slows, Grows 1.4 Pct in April-June - AP

Insight: Bo's Brand of Justice Leaves Timebomb for China - Reuters

Opposition Leader Suu Kyi Meets Myanmar President - AP



Germany Refocuses on Neo-Nazi Threat - WP

Turkish Kurd MP Abducted 'by PKK' - BBC

Kurdish Rebels Kidnap Turkish Lawmaker - AP


South Asia

India Yoga Guru to Announce Protest Plan - BBC

Zardari's Daughter: Pakistan Working Hard to Combat Polio - VOA