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13 April SWJ Roundup (Updated)


Bomber Kills Kunar Elder Malik Zarin - BBC News

Afghan Police: Suicide Bomber Kills 10 - Associated Press

International Security Assistance Force Operations Roundup - AFPS

Images from Afghanistan, April 2011 - Washington Post


CIA, Pakistan Look to Repair Rift - Washington Post

Pakistan, U.S. Attempt to Rebuild Trust - Los Angeles Times

U.S.-Pakistan Relations Facing Biggest Crisis Since 9/11 - The Guardian

Pakistan Says No to Drone Strikes, CIA Operations - Voice of America

Pakistan Wants to Cut CIA Drone Strikes, Personnel - CNN News

Pakistan Warns U.S. 'to Restrict CIA Activities' - BBC News

Can Pakistan Force U.S. to Back Off? - Christian Science Monitor

2 U.S. Missile Attacks Kill 6 Near Afghan Border - Associated Press

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan, First Since March - Reuters

USPACOM: Pakistan-Based Militant Group Expanding - Reuters

When Pakistan Says No to the CIA - New York Times opinion

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Pace of Attacks in Libya Conflict Is Dividing NATO - New York Times

France, Britain Want NATO to Fight Harder - Washington Post

Libya: NATO Must do More, say France and U.K. - BBC News

NATO Urged to Press Harder as Battles Continue - USA Today

Libyan Conflict Seen as Stalemate - Voice of America

Foreign Ministers Meet Amid Fears of Libya Stalemate - Reuters

Rebels Set to Talk, but Not With Qaddafi's Ex-Ally - New York Times

Libyan Rebels Urge Stronger U.S. Military Role - Associated Press

Libya Rebels Ask Foreign Allies for Arms - Reuters

Libyan Rebels Say Repel Govt Offensives in Misrata - Reuters

Algeria Denies Libyan Rebel Claims on Mercenaries - Associated Press


Special Report: Inside the Egyptian Revolution - Reuters

Prosecutors Order 15-Day Detention of Mubarak - Washington Post

Egypt's Mubarak Hospitalized Amid Growing Corruption Probe - VOA

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in Hospital after 'Heart Attack' - BBC News

Mubarak Hospitalized in Egypt - New York Times

Egypt Army Enters Cairo Square After Five-Day Protest - Reuters


E.U. Demands Tunisia Do More to Stop Illegal Migration - BBC News


Rival Military Factions Clash in Yemen - New York Times

Renewed Protests in Yemen After Gulf Plan Rejected - VOA

1 Killed, 4 Wounded in Latest Yemen Protest - Associated Press

Yemen Protesters Vow to Stay in Sanaa Square - Agence France-Presse

Who's Really In the Opposition, Anyway? - Foreign Policy opinion


Syria Presses Crackdown in Two Cities on Coast - New York Times

Syrian Forces Attack Two Villages Near Baniyas - Washington Post

'Dozens Injured' in Baniyas as Arrests Continue - BBC News

Syrian Forces Arrest 200 in Rebellious Town - Reuters

In New Protest, Syrian Women Block Main Highway - Associated Press

White House Finally Condemns Syria - The Guardian opinion


5 Killed in Violence Across Iraq - CNN News

Nine Dead, including Four Police, in Attacks - Agence France-Presse


Iran Touts Major Advances in Nuclear Program - Washington Post

Rising Natural Gas Prices Stir Anger in Iran - Washington Post

E.U. to Impose Iran Sanctions Over Human Rights - Associated Press

Iran's Nuclear Surge - Washington Post editorial


HRW: Bahrain Should Investigate Deaths in Custody - Reuters

Daughter of Prominent Bahraini Activist Challenges Obama - VOA

Hospital Is Drawn Into Bahrain Strife - New York Times

Israel / Palestinians

Clinton: U.S. Plans New Push on Arab-Israeli Peace - Reuters

New Hamas Weapon Alters Strategic Calculations - FOX News

U.N. Praises Palestinians' Progress Toward a State - New York Times

U.N. Praises Palestinian Preparations for Statehood - Wall Street Journal

U.N.: Palestinian Authority Largely Ready to Govern - BBC News

U.N.: Palestinian Authority Paving Way to Statehood - Haaretz

Blair to Endorse Palestinian State - The Australian

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Unrest Ripples Across Troubled Middle East - Voice of America

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

Pray. Hope. Prepare. - New York Times opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Casey Retires After Four Decades of Army Service - AFPS

Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey Jr. - Official Biography

Dempsey Lays Out Themes for Tenure as Army Chief - AFPS

General Martin E. Dempsey - Official Biography

United States

CIA's Brain Drain Since 9/11 - Washington Post

Pakistani Jailed for U.S. Bomb Plot - BBC News

Senators Probe Nuclear Future in Wake of Japan - Reuters

United Nations

U.N. Report: Over 100 Aid Workers Killed Annually - Associated Press


New Leader Consolidates His Control In Ivory Coast - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Ouattara Forces Move to Round Up Gbagbo Militants - VOA

Ivory Coast: Top Generals Pledge Loyalty to Ouattara - BBC News

Ivory Coast Generals Pledge Loyalty to President - Associated Press

Ivory Coast: 'Gbagbo Weapons Cache' Uncovered - BBC News

Reprisals Rock Ivory Coast After Strongman Deposed - Associated Press

Support May Boost Ouattara Chances in Ivory Coast - Reuters

WFP Airlifts Life-Saving Food to Thousands in Ivory Coast - VOA

PDP Election Losses 'Have Changed Nigeria' - BBC News

Nigeria Opposition Mulls Alliance to Beat Jonathan - Reuters

Sudan: Clashes Erupt in Darfur as Peace Talks Stall - Reuters

Police In Swaziland Squash Rally For Democracy - New York Times

Swaziland Police Disperse Manzini Democracy Activists - BBC News


U.S. Warns of Mexico Peril - Wall Street Journal

Mexico's Zetas Cartel Blamed for Mass Graves - BBC News

Mexico Finds 28 More Bodies in Border Pits - Associated Press

Death Toll in Mexican Mass Graves Rises to 116 - Reuters

Mexico Acquits Last of 35 Jailed Officials - Associated Press

No FARC in Venezuela, Says Colombian President Santos - BBC News

Colombia Says Rebel Camps Gone From Venezuela - Reuters

Peru Election: Humala, Fujimori Court Moderate Voters - BBC News

Uruguay Removing Amnesty for Dictatorship Crimes - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Japan Raises Severity of Fukushima Accident to Highest Level - VOA

Japan Rates Nuclear Crisis at Highest Severity Level - Washington Post

Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation - New York Times

TEPCO Still Working on Plan to End Japan Nuclear Crisis - Reuters

Japan PM Seeks to Calm Food Fears - BBC News

U.S. Says China's Navy Less Aggressive in 2011 - BBC News

Chinese Editors Detail Censors' Hidden Hand - Washington Post

China Arrests Fourth Dissident in 'Jasmine' Crackdown - Reuters

Chinese Democracy Activist Charged With Subversion - Associated Press

Chinese Shouwang Church Vows to Hold More Services - BBC News

U.S., South Korea Prepared to Deter Aggression - AFPS

U.S. Citizen Detained in North Korea - Associated Press

U.S. Urges North Korea to Release American - Voice of America

Philippine Army Arrests Bomb Suspect With JI Links - Associated Press


Space Exploration Remains Priority for Russia - BBC News

Belarus Tightens Security After Subway Blast - New York Times

Belarus Arrests Several over Minsk Metro Bomb Blast - BBC News

Belarus Detains Suspect in Subway Blast - Associated Press

France Issues First Fine for Woman in Islamic Veil - BBC News

5 Ways Europe is Targeting Islam - Christian Science Monitor

Fears About Immigrants Deepen Divisions in Europe - New York Times

Irish Police Make Arrest in Double Agent Killing - Associated Press

Nazi War Trials: FBI Thought Demjanjuk Evidence Faked - Associated Press

Demjanjuk Defense Asks for Trial Suspension - Associated Press

South Asia

Kashmiri Militants Watch Talks but Ready to Fight - Reuters

Voting Begins in Key Indian State Elections - BBC News

U.N. Panel on Sri Lanka Conflict Delivers Report - Reuters

Nepal: New Energy Minister Gokarna Bista is Stabbed - BBC News