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12 March SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


American Soldier Fires on Afghan Civilians Inside Homes; 16 Killed - WP

US Sergeant Is Said to Kill 16 Civilians in Afghanistan - NYT

US Soldier Held for Shooting Afghan Civilians - VOA

Afghan Village Shooter Said to be American Enlisted Soldier - S&S

US on Alert for Afghan Reprisals - BBC

Taliban Vows Revenge for US Soldier's Shooting Rampage - CNN

Obama 'Deeply Saddened' by Killing of Afghan Civilians - LAT

Officials Condemn Afghanistan Shooting, Offer Condolences - AFPS

Afghanistan Killings Raise Questions About Alliance With US - LAT

Afghans Express Skepticism Over Shooting Account - AP

For US, Bad News on War Continues Amid Anger Over Killings - WP

In Assessing the Damage, Fears of an Emboldened Taliban - NYT

Deadly Afghan Shootings Lead to Debate in DC. - LAT

Analysis: Obama's Afghanistan Problem Gets Worse - AP

Afghan Civilian Deaths Could Delay Strategic Pact With US - Reuters

Gingrich: Afghanistan May be 'Undoable' Mission - AP

Killings Add to Worries at Soldier’s Home Base - NYT

Double Sacrifice: Family Loses Sons in Afghanistan - AP

Afghanistan Denies Alleged Smuggling by Air Force - AP

Afghan Officials: 45 Feared Trapped in Avalanche - AP

Germany's Merkel Pays Surprise Trip to Afghanistan - Reuters



UN's Annan Leaves Syria Empty-Handed - VOA

UN Envoy Leaves Syria Empty-Handed - NYT

UN Envoy Leaves Syria Without Deal - WP

UN Envoy Annan 'Optimistic' Over Syria - BBC

Peace Envoy to Syria Optimistic Despite Failed Talks - LAT

Military Points to Risks of a Syrian Intervention - NYT

A Look at Syria's Armed Opposition - ISW

'Many Dead' in Fresh Homs Attacks - BBC

Activists: Civilians 'Massacred' in Central Syria - AP

Politicizing Intelligence on Syria - WS opinion

Military Intervention Could Backfire in Syria - NP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Fighting Continues on Israel-Gaza Border - VOA

Fighting Between Israel, Gaza Continues Without Signs of Letting Up - WP

Gaza Fighting Continues, Despite Truce Efforts - NYT

Death Toll Increases in Gaza-Southern Israel Clashes - LAT

Israel Kills 10 Palestinian Militants in Gaza Strikes - Reuters

Israel Air Strikes Kill Militants - BBC

2 Gaza Militants Killed in Israeli Airstrikes - AP

West Bank Settlers Agree to Move - BBC



Egypt MPs Move to Withdraw Confidence From Government - Reuters

Egypt Parliament to Consider Cutting Off US Aid - AP

Keeper of Islamic Flame Rises as Egypt’s New Decisive Voice - NYT

Egypt Acquits 'Virginity Test' Military Doctor - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Turkey Struggles in Role of Mideast Power - LAT

Al-Qaeda, Saleh Cast Long Shadows Over 'New' Yemen - Time

Yemen Officials: US Airstrikes Hit Al-Qaida Area - AP

Threats and Killings Striking Fear Among Young Iraqis - NYT

Iraqi Youth Panic at Reports of Killings - WP

Whiter Human Rights in Egypt? - WP opinion

Trouble in Tunisia - WP opinion


United States

Returning Veterans Fight for the Civilian Jobs they Left Behind - S&S

The Nuclear ‘Implementation Study’ - NYT editorial

Cry, the Beloved Constitution - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Amateurs Battle Malware, Hackers in UK Cybergames - AP

UK's Hague Faces Suit Over Pakistan Drone Strikes - Reuters



Church Targeted in Nigeria Attack - BBC

Car Bomb Explodes Near Nigeria Church; 10 Killed - AP

Kenyan Officials Blame al-Shabab for Deadly Attack - VOA

Kenya: Nairobi Grenade Attack Kills Six - BBC

Sudan Investment Conference Called Off as US Pulls Out - Reuters

Opponents Want Chad Dictator Tried in Belgium - AP



Latin Americans Seek US-Style Electioneering - AP

El Salvador in General Election - BBC

Chavez to Return to Venezuela From Cuba This Week - AP


Asia Pacific

Security Forces Kill at Least 5 in China - NYT

American Exports to China Boom - WP



France: Sarkozy, in Rousing Talk, Takes Conservative Stands - NYT

France: Sarkozy Threat Over Open Borders - BBC

Sarkozy Threatens French Pullout of Visa-Free Zone - AP

Russian Activists See Political Reprisal in Court Case - NYT

Greek Leaders Turn Focus to Preparing for Elections - NYT

Leftist Party Wins in Slovakia Parliamentary Election - NYT

Leftist Opposition Wins Big in Slovakia Election - AP

What Greece Means - NYT opinion


South Asia

Indian Legislators 'Face Charges' - BBC