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12 July SWJ Roundup

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General, Governor Call Helmand Gains Sustainable - AFPS

As Marines Leave Helmand, Focus Turns to Training Those Left Behind - S&S

Taliban Commander: Al-Qaida a 'Plague,' Victory Not Possible - S&S

Afghan Exit Will Cost US Billions, Pentagon's No. 2 Says - USAT

Afghan Activists Protest Woman's Public Execution - VOA

ISAF Continues Improvements to Afghan Hospital - AFPS

Afghan-Coalition Force Captures Weapons Smuggler - AFPS

Bales to Face Military Court Hearing in September for Killing Civilians - S&S

GI Who Killed Civilian Waits to Learn if He Faces Court-martial - S&S



Attack on Pakistan Police Compound Leaves at Least 9 Dead - NYT

Militants Ambush Pakistan Police - BBC

Pakistani Taliban Attack Police Compound; 9 Killed - AP



Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Defects; Joins Rebels - VOA

Top Syria Diplomat Abandons Assad - BBC

Opposition: Syria's Iraq Ambassador has Defected - AP

Syria Says Defecting Ambassador Is Fired - NYT

Top Syrian General Fails to Surface After Defecting - NYT

UN Envoy Says Syria President Discusses Transition - AP

China Backs Annan's Call for Iran Role in Syria Talks - Reuters

Arms Deliveries Slow to Syrian Rebels - WP

Russian Warships Steam to Syria - VOA



Morsi Says He Will Respect Egyptian Court Ruling - VOA

Morsi Seeks Talks on Egypt Crisis - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Floating Base Gives US New Footing in the Persian Gulf - NYT

US Navy Sends Tiny Submersibles to Persian Gulf - S&S

Khamenei: West 'Vaccinated' Iran Against Sanctions - Reuters

Iran: Tehran Abuzz as Book Says Israel Killed 5 Scientists - NYT

Iraq: Putting a Megawatt Smile on a Simmering Problem - NYT

Deadly Bombing Hits Yemen Police - BBC

Suicide Attack on Yemen Police Cadets Kills 10 - AP

Israeli Military Strikes Gaza, Kills 1 Militant - AP

Q&A: Israel's Draft Debate and the 'People's Army' - LAT

Universal Draft a Call to Arms for Israeli Arabs - Reuters

Libya's Jibril Has Vote Lead, Islamists Say Not Beaten - Reuters

Middle East on Edge - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

B-1 Bomber Mission Shifts from Afghanistan to China, Pacific - USAT

DOD Working to Halt Budget Sequestration, Little Says - AFPS

DOD Must Have Petroleum Fuel Alternatives, Official Says - AFPS


United States

A Covert Career That Was Cut Short - WP

Obama and Romney Trade Jabs over Venezuela’s Chavez - FP

Virgin Galactic Announces LauncherOne - WP


United Kingdom

Olympics Troops Announcement Due - BBC

UK: 3,500 More Troops Assigned to Olympics - AP

Arrests Underline Security Jitters Before Olympics - AP

Panel: Olympics Pose Challenge to UK Spies - AP

British Banking Scandal Likely to Spread - VOA

Belfast Cops Gird for Riot as Orange Marches Start - AP

Rolling Stones Celebrate 50th Anniversary - AP


United Nations

UN 'Reliant on Private Security' - BBC



AU, Somali Forces Target al-Shabab Training Camp - VOA

Guantanamo Prisoner Returns to Sudan after 10 Years in Custody - WP

Guantánamo Prisoner Is Repatriated to Sudan - NYT

UN Reasserts Mission’s Mandate in DR Congo - VOA

UN Increases Troop Strength in DR Congo’s North Kivu Province - VOA

Congo Rebels Threaten Goma City - BBC

Poverty and Injustice Drive Nigeria's Sectarian Violence - Reuters

Hate Speech Case Stirs Free Speech Debate in Kenya - VOA

Aid Agencies Make Kenya Appeal - BBC

3 Aid Workers Abducted in Central Somalia - AP

In Uganda, HIV Prevention No Longer Just ABC - VOA

New Sudans, Old Troubles - WP editorial



Attacks on Mexico Papers Underline Peril to Journalists - NYT

'Corrupt' Brazil Senator Expelled - BBC

Russian Oil Drilling Off Cuba Is Delayed by Old Embargo - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

US: 'Important Progress' at Pacific Trade Talks - VOA

US-China Talks at ASEAN Meeting - BBC

US, China Square Off Over South China Sea - AP

Delays, Disputes Beset ASEAN Resolution of South China Seas - VOA

Japan Protests Chinese Ships Entry Into Waters Near Disputed Isles - Reuters

Locklear: China Visit Represents Positive Step - AFPS

Japan Eyes Political Shakeup After Ozawa Forms New Party - Reuters

Obama Eases Burma Sanctions, Tightens on Those Undermining Reform - VOA

Obama Eases Sanctions on Burma - BBC

US Sanctions on Burma Formally Eased - NYT

White House Formally Lifts Ban on US Investment in Burma - WP

US to Demand Disclosures as It Eases Burma Sanctions - Reuters

Clinton to Meet With Burma's President - AP

In Historic Visit, Clinton Reaches Out to Laos - AP

Vietnam War’s Legacy Is Vivid as Clinton Visits Laos - NYT

US Citizen Jailed for Insulting Thai King Freed by Royal Pardon - VOA

Pardon for American Convicted of Insulting Thai King - NYT

Amnesty Condemns Use of Torture in Tajikistan - AP

China’s Economy, Still Strong - NYT opinion



Europe’s Major Banks Boost Reserves - WP

Europe’s Downturn Creates Unlikely Smugglers - NYT

Spain Plans Sweeping Budget Cuts - BBC

Spain’s Leader Plans New Austerity Steps as Miners Clash With Police - NYT

Russian Lawmakers Approve Internet Blacklist Measure - VOA

Russia Passes Law Curbing Internet - WP

Far from Russia’s Big Cities, Political Protest is a Lonely Pursuit - WP


South Asia

Indian Police 'Killed Tribals' - BBC