Small Wars Journal

12 January SWJ Roundup


Biden: U.S. Will Stay in Afghanistan as Long as Afghans Want Help - VOA

Biden Promises U.S. Support Beyond 2014 - Washington Post

Biden Assures Karzai of Aid From U.S. Beyond 2014 - New York Times

Biden Backtracks on Afghanistan Troop Pullout Date - Los Angeles Times

Biden Says U.S. will Not Abandon Afghanistan - Associated Press

Biden Meets Karzai, Visits Troops in Afghanistan - AFPS

NATO Officials Confirm Taliban Leaders' Deaths - AFPS

New Radio Program to Help Afghans Learn to Read - Stars and Stripes

Suicide Blast in Afghan Capital Kills Four - BBC News

AfPak's Strategic Blinders - Foreign Policy opinion


Zardari Ally to Succeed Slain Official in Pakistan - New York Times

Pakistan Names Replacement for Slain Governor - Associated Press

Suspected U.S. Missile Strike Kills 4 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Drone Attack in Pakistan Kills Three 'Militants' - BBC News


IEDs Killed 21,000 Iraqi Civilians 2005-2010 - USA Today

Iraq and Kuwait Remain at Odds After Shootout - New York Times

Iraqi Fishermen Kill Kuwaiti Coast Guard Officer - Associated Press

Surviving on Scavenging in Iraq - New York Times


Israel: Only A Threat Of Force Will Halt Iran Nukes - Reuters

Iran Rounds Up Christians in Crackdown - Associated Press

Iran's Spy Chief Denounces Alleged Israeli Plot Against Nuclear Scientists - VOA


In Realm of Religion, Women Lose Out - New York Times

Korean Peninsula

Gates Demands a Halt of North Korean Tests - Wall Street Journal

Gates: North Korea Becoming Direct Threat to U.S. - AFPS

Gates: N. Korean Ballistic Missiles Pose 'Direct Threat' to U.S. - Washington Post

Gates Warns of North Korea Missile Threat to U.S. - New York Times

Gates: N. Korea 'Direct Threat' to U.S., ICBMs within 5 Years - Stars and Stripes

Chinese President to Call for New Talks on North Korea - Associated Press

N. Korea Slams S. Korea over Defense Ties with Japan - Associated Press

2 Koreas Restore Key Hot Line Despite Tension - Associated Press


Assange: WikiLeaks to Speed Release of Leaked Docs - Associated Press

WikiLeaks Founder Said to Fear 'Illegal Rendition' to U.S. - New York Times

Assange's Lawyers Outline Defense for Extradition Hearing - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Mullen Observes Disconnect Between U.S. Military and Public - Washington Post

Leaders Emphasize Importance of Moral Courage, Candor - AFPS

Plans for Closing Joint Forces Command Likely Ready Next Month - GovExecutive

United States

Groups Rally for Closure of Guantanamo Bay - Washington Post

Judge Turns Down Release of Guantanamo Prisoner - Associated Press

Interagency Coordination: Too Much Sharing? - Baltimore Sun opinion


Devastating Australian Floodwaters Reach City of Brisbane - New York Times

Australia Floods: Fears Worsen for Brisbane - BBC News

Australia Floods Threaten Queensland Capital, 14 Dead - Los Angeles Times

Floods Enter Brisbane, 20,000 Homes in Danger - Associated Press

Australia Floods Inundate Brisbane, 67 Missing - Reuters

United Nations

American Banks Dropping U.N. Mission Accounts - Associated Press


More Votes, and More Deaths, in Southern Sudan - New York Times

S. Sudan Reports Clash Between Arabs, Southerners - Associated Press

Ten Killed In Sudan Ambush as South Votes - Reuters

U.S.: Sudan Could be Removed from Terror List This Year - Voice of America

Ivory Coast: With Leader Digging In, Civilians Pay the Price - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Four Dead in Alassane Ouattara Stronghold - BBC News

4 Dead as Forces Raid Ivory Coast Neighborhood - Associated Press

Machete Attacks in Central Nigeria Leave 19 Dead - Associated Press

Niger Seizes Suspects in French Hostage 'Killings' - BBC News

Rights Group says 35 Dead in Tunisia Protests - Voice of America

Tunisia Protests: Fresh Clashes in Tunis - BBC News

Violent Unrest Breaks Out In Tunisian Capital - Reuters

Jobless Youths in Tunisia Riot Using Facebook - Associated Press


Bit by Bit, a Mexican Police Force Is Eradicated - New York Times

Catholic Leaders Warn of 'Totalitarian' Venezuela - Associated Press

Ship Standoff Strains Jamaica, Honduras Relations - Associated Press

Haitian Home for Street Children Rebuilds - Voice of America

Haiti Still Mired in Post-quake Problems - Los Angeles Times

In Haiti, Hope Is the Last Thing Lost - Wall Street Journal

Haiti: A Year After the Quake, Waiting to Rebuild - Associated Press

Bill Clinton Frustrated at Pace of Haiti Rebuilding - BBC News

OAS Report Offers Way Past Haiti's Political Paralysis - Washington Post editorial

Reclaiming Haiti - Washington Post opinion

Asia Pacific

Gates: Chinese Taking Strategic Dialogue Proposal Seriously - AFPS

Test of Stealth Fighter Clouds Gates Visit to China - New York Times

China: Test Flight Signals Stealth Jet Reached New Stage - Wall Street Journal

China Says Stealth Jet Test-Flight Should Not Scare U.S. - Reuters

Chinese Leaders Surprised by Fighter Test During Gates Visit - Voice of America

Gates Gets Tour of Chinese Nuclear Base - Associated Press

Taiwan Could be Less Hot-Button Issue in Future, Gates Says - AFPS

Japan PM Kan to Replace No. 2 Minister - Reuters

Vietnam's Party Congress Opens Amid Tight Security - Associated Press


2 Arrested as Spain and France Move Against ETA - New York Times

Jailing the Opposition in Russia and Belarus - Washington Post

Moscow Police Arrest Dozens to Avert Racist Riots - Associated Press

Belarus Opposition Lobbies E.U. to Adopt New Strategy - New York Times

Middle East

Clinton Makes Visit to Yemen, Underscores Social Reform - Washington Post

Clinton Advocates Changes in Yemen - Wall Street Journal

Clinton Backs Yemeni Efforts Against al-Qaida - Voice of America

Clinton in Yemen: Al-Qaeda Militants 'Urgent Concern' - BBC News

Clinton in Yemen to Press Counterterror Efforts - Associated Press

Israel: Netanyahu Rejects Clinton Criticism - Washington Post

Hamas Tells Other Gaza Militants to Stop Attacks - Associated Press

Israel Missile Kills Islamic Jihad Militant In Gaza - Reuters

Lebanese Leader Says No Deal on Hariri Investigation - Associated Press

Saudi Arabia, Syria Fail to Forge Deal Over Lebanon Court - Reuters

Christian Is Killed in Shooting on Train in Egypt - New York Times

Policeman Shoots Christian Dead in Southern Egypt - Associated Press