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12 December SWJ Roundup

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Karzai: Death Toll in Attacks on Afghan Shi'ites Rises to 80 - VOA

Afghan Leader Says Toll from Attacks on Shiites Now at 80 - AP

US Commander Defends Unpopular Night Raids - WP

US Commander Defends Night Raids in Afghanistan - AP

Karzai Says Foreigners Are Responsible for Corruption - NYT

Iran Complains to Afghanistan about US Drone - NYT

The Afghan Girl who Became Symbol of Kabul Attack - TT

Afghan Folk Tales Take New Role in Classroom - WP



US Military Vacates Pakistani Air Base - VOA

CIA Leaves Base in Pakistan Used for Drone Strikes - NYT

Pakistani Government Denies Talks with Taliban - Reuters

Pakistani Taliban Spokesman Denies Peace Talks - AP

Pakistan to Keep NATO Convoy Ban - BBC

Pakistan's Zardari to Rest in Dubai for 2 More Weeks - Reuters



Iraqi Prime Minister to Meet US President at White House - VOA

Maliki Heads to US for ‘Post-War’ Consultations - WP

Iraq PM Maliki Visits Washington - BBC

Detainee in Iraq Poses a Dilemma as US Exit Nears - NYT

Once Bustling US Base in Basra Now a Ghost Town - S&S

US Victorious in Iraq Despite Obama - WT opinion

A New Mirage in the Iraqi Desert - WP opinion

After Iraq: What Will History Say? - CSM opinion



Iran Complains to Afghanistan About US Drone - NYT

Iran to US: We Won't Return the 'Beast' Drone - CSM

Iran Says It Will Not Return US Drone - AP

Obama’s Worrying Iran policy - WP opinion

Iran Won’t Give Up the Bomb - WP opinion



Defectors Fight Syrian Troops As Opposition Begins General Strike - VOA

'18 Killed' in Fresh Syria Unrest - BBC

23 Reported Killed in Syria Clashes - WP

General Strike Launched in Syria Amid Fierce Clashes - LAT

Major Battle in Syria; Shops Shut by Strike - Reuters

Syrian Troops Clash With Army Defectors - AP

France Suspects Syria in Lebanon Bombing - AP

France Points Finger at Syria for Lebanon Attack - Reuters

Israel: End of Assad Would Be 'Blessing' - AP

'Revolutionary Puppet Series' Takes Swipe at Assad - LAT



Islamist Parties' Electoral Success has Copts Worried - LAT

Military Rulers to Decide Fate of Guantanamo Returnee - McClatchy

New Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Slated to Arrive - AP

Democracy in the Brotherhood’s Birthplace - NYT opinion

Obama Lags on Egypt - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Islamists Gain Backers Seeking Help, Not Oppression - WT

Arab Uprisings Reshape Map of US Influence - AP

Hamas in Gaza Says It's Learning From Arab Spring - AP

Israel Blames Palestinians for Spurning Peace Talks - Reuters

Israel Acts to Curb Illegal Immigration from Africa - NYT

Israel OKs Funding to Block African Migrants - AP

Arab League Condemns Gingrich's Palestinian Remark - AP

Grasping at Peace, War Zone of a City Tests Yemen - NYT

Libyan Militia, Army Clash Near Tripoli's Airport - AP


US Department of Defense

Program to Battle IEDs Faces Cuts - WP

One-of-a-Kind Unit Trains for Hazardous Situations - S&S

A Pentagon the Country Can Afford - NYT editorial

An Injustice for Women in Uniform - NYT editorial


United States

Congress Edges Toward Deal to Avoid Shutdown - WP

Predator Drone Spy Planes Used in Civilian Arrests - S&S

Using Military Discipline to Help Veterans in Prison - NYT

Protecting Illegal Immigrants, State by State - LAT

Will Congress Ban Corruption in Its Midst? - NYT editorial

Are All Bloggers Journalists? - NYT opinion



Congo Election: Two Men Declare Themselves President - CSM

Observers Question Integrity of DRC Vote - VOA

DR Congo Poll 'Lacks Credibility' - BBC

Congo Opposition Unifies Behind No. 2 Finisher as ‘Winner’ - WT

Congo Opposition Plans Protest Over Election Results - Reuters

Ivory Coast Elects Parliament - VOA

Low Turnout for Ivory Coast Poll - BBC

Ivory Coast Legislative Polls See Thin Turnout - AP

Ivory Coast Vote Peaceful, Opposition Boycotts - Reuters

Election Day Is Calm in Ivory Coast - Bloomberg

Nigerian Bomb Blasts Kill One, Injure Nearly a Dozen - VOA

Multiple Blasts in Nigeria Kill 1, Wound 11 - AP

Twin Blasts Hit Kenyan Forces in North - AP



Mexico Says Police in Americas Sharing More Info - AP

Mexican Army Finds Tunnel in Northern Border City - AP

Peru's President Swears in New Cabinet Chief amid Mine Crisis - LAT

Peru's President in Major Shake-Up of Cabinet - AP

Peru's Humala Tightens Grip in Cabinet Overhaul - Reuters

Voters in Brazil Reject Para State's Partition - AP

Noriega Returns to Panama to Serve More Jail Time - VOA

Noriega Extradited Home to Panama after 21 Years - LAT

Jailed Noriega Arrives in Panama - BBC

Noriega Is Sent to Prison Back in Panama - NYT

Noriega Returns to Panama a Largely Irrelevant Man - AP

Panama's Noriega Returns: What Secrets Might He Spill? - CSM


Asia Pacific

UN Climate Talks’ Real-World Outcome will be Determined in Asia - WP

Christmas Display Near DMZ Sparks Fear of Reprisal from N. Korea - S&S

S. Korea: Chinese Sailors Stab Coast Guard Officers - AP

Japan Launches Spy Satellite - AP

China’s Spies Are Catching Up - NYT opinion



Chronic Pain for the Euro - NYT

EU Summit Outcome 'Bad for Britain' - BBC

UK PM Cameron’s EU Veto Splinters Coalition - WP

Clegg Attacks Cameron's EU Treaty Veto as Bad for Britain - TT

The Day Europe Lost Patience with Britain - Reuters

French Government Warns Opponents on EU Treaty Delay - Reuters

Medvedev Orders Probe Of Russian Election Fraud Allegations - VOA

Large Russian Protests Get a Response - WT

Medvedev Orders Probe on Alleged Russia Election Fraud - AP

Russia: Medvedev Election Post Draws Ire - BBC

Russians Scoff at Election Inquiry - WP

Medvedev Orders Russia Poll Inquiry, Gets Insults - Reuters

Boosted by Putin, Russia’s Middle Class Turns on Him - NYT

Russian Protests: Why I Took to Moscow's Streets - CSM

After Russian Protests, Putin Says He'll Listen - AP

Russian Orthodox Church: Influential Voice for Election Reform - NYT

France: Villepin to Stand for President - BBC

Ex-PM Villepin Seeks French Presidency, Harms Sarkozy - Reuters

German Police Arrest Suspect in Neo-Nazi Cell Probe - AP

Obama Must Back Ideals of Russia Protests, Not Putin - CSM editorial

Russia Elections: Public Anger at Putin, Can He Fix Corruption? - CSM opinion


South Asia

In India, Free Speech With Limits - NYT


Pleased to see some defence coming out in favour of night raids continuing. Apologies if this topic has been addressed but I have been on the road.

I recently had an OpEd published in Australia defending this tactic following the call for it to be stopped after the recent Loya Jirga in Kabul. The response from commentators was classic in the politically correct mind set of how we need to fight wars politely.

We must not allow our political decision makers fall for an appeal to cultural or social sensitivities; a classic attempt to exploit our propensity for political correctness, even in times of war. This is well recognised as much as an asymmetrica weakness as any material/power/technology weakness by our opponents.

The Taliban certainly have a sense of the effects their actions will achieve in the cultural and religious environment in which they operate.

We often misread the cultural context of this movement and misjudge its ability to undermine Western psychological and moral dimensions. The irony is that those who opposed the government and political structure are now using that vehicle to raise their protestations.