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12 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Double Gun Attacks in Afghanistan - BBC

Coalition Soldiers Killed Were Shot in Company of Afghans - NYT

3 Marines Shot Dead in Afghanistan - WP

3 More US Soldiers Killed by Afghans in Grim Day for NATO - Reuters

6 US Troops Killed by Afghan Counterparts - VOA

Afghan Policeman Kills 10 Fellow Policemen - AP

Wed and Tortured at 13, Afghan Girl Finds Rare Justice - NYT



US Cites Hezbollah Support for Assad in Sanctions Announcement - VOA

US: Hezbollah Helping Syrian Regime - WP

US Accuses Hezbollah of Aiding Syria’s Crackdown - NYT

Blasts, Gunfire Hit Damascus in Blow to Assad - AP

Eleven Killed in Syrian Army Attack in Damascus Area - Reuters

Clinton Reaches Out to Syria Opposition - WP

Rebels Carve Out Large Enclave in North Syria - AP

End Is Near for Syria's Assad, Says German Spy Chief - Reuters

Turkey, US to Work Closely on Syria - VOA

US and Turkey to Tighten Coordination on Syria - NYT

US, Turkey to Study Syria No-Fly Zone - Reuters

Turkey, Iran at Odds Over Syria - VOA

Arab League Calls Emergency Talks - BBC

Covert Smuggling Trail Arms Syrian Rebels - VOA

Canada's FM Visits Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan - AP

France's Hollande Says Pushing Hard for Syria Solution - Reuters



After Sinai Attack, US and Egypt Step Up Talks on Security - NYT

Armed Men Attack Peacekeeping Troops in Egypt's Sinai - Reuters

5 Militants Accused of Training Jihadists - AP

Newspaper Censored Over Insult to President - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Posing as Toymaker, Chinese Merchant Sought US Technology for Iran - WP

Deadly Quakes Strike Iran - NYT

Iran Search as Quake Toll Rises - BBC

Death Toll in Iran Quake Raised To at Least 250 - AP

Iranian Pilot Campaigns to Lift Airliner Sanctions - AP

Iraq: Gunmen Kill 7 Shiites in Targeted Attack - AP

Kidnapped Saudi Diplomat Released in South Yemen - Reuters

Lebanese Ally of Syria's Assad to Be Indicted - Reuters

US Lawmakers Call on Bahrain King to Free Activist - AP


US Department of Defense

Analysis: Is the Debate over Defense Cuts Getting 'Hysterical'? - DP

Aircraft Carriers Spending Longer Stretches at Sea - KS

Top Marine Touts Osprey Safety Record - S&S

Pentagon Gets US Military Ready for its Movie Close-ups - S&S

GI Who Died of Suicide to Receive Long-sought Combat Recognition - S&S

Navy Expert Accused of Using Detainee to Check Corpses - VP

War Wounds - NYT opinions

Exploding the Myths About Vietnam - NYT opinion


United States

Romney Announces Ryan as VP Running Mate - VOA

Romney Jolts Race with Ryan Pick - WP

Romney Picks Ryan in a Bid to Reset the Race With Obama - NYT

Military Mum on Missile Launchers in Tampa for GOP Convention - TB

Ryan Pick Cements Lack of Military Service in Presidential Race - S&S

Racial Profiling Rife at Airport, U.S. Officers Say - NYT

Obama Pledges Aid to Drought-Stricken Farmers - VOA


United Kingdom

London Olympics Draw to a Close - BBC

After Security Concerns, No Serious Breaches at Olympics - VOA

Olympics: Fortnight of No Stiff Upper Lip - NYT



River Barges Return Thousands of S. Sudanese to Juba - VOA

Nigeria Security Forces Raid Bomb Factory in Kano - Reuters

Zimbabwe Government Limits Army in Census Process - VOA

Murdered Somali Journalist Remembered - VOA

Ebola 'Under Control' in Uganda - BBC



Man 'Escaped Mexico Mass Killing' - BBC

US Withholds Funds to Honduran Police - AP

Chavez: No Worries for Spain's Repsol in Venezuela - Reuters

Cuban Exiles Plan Fireworks Show Off Havana - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

In Asia, a Wave of Territorial Disputes - WP

China Asserts Sea Claim With Politics and Ships - NYT

Posing as Toymaker, Chinese Merchant Sought US Technology for Iran - WP

Chna: Bo Xilai's Fate Still Uncertain After Wife's Trial - AP

S. Korea: Incident Shows Rules for USFK Town Patrols Not Clear-cut - S&S

Indonesia, China Reaffirm Maritime Ties - VOA

Indonesia Fishermen Victimized by People-Smuggling Trade - VOA

In Japan, Energy Saving Takes its Toll - WP

Kazakh Opposition Leader to Stand Trial - AP



Spain: Model Plane Video Evidence of Terror Plot - AP

Putin Says Russia to Get Hundreds of Military Planes - Reuters

Putin Promises to Boost Russian Air Force - AP

Turkish Forces End Anti-PKK Operation in Semdinli - Reuters

US Envoy to Discuss Democracy Concerns With Romania - Reuters

Wind, Landmines Complicate Fire Fighting in Bosnia - AP

Trade Relations With Russia - NYT editorial


South Asia

2 Die in Clashes Between Indian Police, Muslims - AP

52 Die in India After Overcrowded Bus Plunges - NYT

Legal Controversies Continue to Hamper Pakistan - VOA