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12 April SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


NATO Chief Pledges to Meet Afghan Handover Goal - AP

Poll Shows Republican Support for War in Afghanistan is Slipping - WP

In Poppy War, Taliban Aim to Protect a Cash Crop - NYT

Elite Female Night Raiders Break Down Barriers in Afghanistan - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghanistan After Karzai - WP opinion



Despite Violence, Syria Pledges to Meet Cease-fire Deadline - VOA

Activists Report Quiet but No Pullback of Forces in Syria - NYT

Syria Ceasefire Comes Into Effect - BBC

Cease-fire Appears to Take Hold in Syria - WP

Activist Report Calm in Syria at Truce Deadline - AP

Guns Silent in Hours After Syria Truce Deadline - Reuters

US Dismisses Credibility of Syria Ceasefire Pledge - Reuters

All Eyes on Russia as Syria Cease-Fire Deadline Passes - NYT

China Hopes Syrian Govt Fulfills Promises to Annan - AP

Syria Opposition Urges UN Unity if Ceasefire Fails - Reuters

Turkey Says NATO Is Option to Defend Syrian Border - Reuters



Iran Says It Will Offer Unspecified Proposals - NYT

Nuclear Talks Aim to Ease Fears of Iran War - Reuters

Dealing with Iran - WP editorial                                                                                                       

The Shape of a Deal with Iran - WP opinion

Beware of Faulty Intelligence - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Middle East Mediators Seek to Revive Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks - Reuters

Saudi Activists Fight Through Their Fear - LAT

Egypt Court Rules Salafist Eligible to Stand in Poll - BBC

Ruling Favors Conservative Egyptian Candidate - NYT

Tunisia’s Ban on Protests in Capital Is Reversed - NYT

Founding Father of Algeria Dies - BBC

US Soldiers Dead in Morocco Helicopter Crash - BBC


US Department of Defense

Two Marines Killed, Two Injured in Osprey Crash in Morocco - S&S

5 from Lewis-McChord Probed after Rocket Launcher Found - S&S

Navy Medicine CO Fired for Poor Command Climate - S&S


United States

Should the US Legalize Hard Drugs? - WP opinion



Sudan Cuts Off Talks With South Sudan - VOA

South Sudan Says It Has Taken Over Disputed Town - NYT

Sudan Mobilizes Army as South Claims Key Oil Field - Reuters

Battles Rage on South Sudan Border - AP

Fears Grow of Widening Sudan War - BBC

Central Africa: Weakened LRA Still Terrorizes Villagers - WP

DRC President Puts Pressure on Military Defectors - VOA

Kabila Calls for Arrest of Congo General Indicted for War Crimes - VOA

Congo Seeks 'Terminator' Arrest - BBC

Nigeria FM Called 'Africa's Candidate' for World Bank President - VOA

Somali Islamists Enter Puntland - BBC



Colombia: Americas Summit Host Seeks Role as Regional Leader - AP

Another Big Earthquake Hits Mexico; No Major Damage Reported - LAT

Mexico's President Calderon Pays First Official Visit to Cuba - LAT

Mexico's President Calderon in Cuba for Talks - AP

Mexico's Ruling Conservatives Pump Up Attacks on Rival - Reuters

Top State Department Officials Tour North Haiti - AP

Where Loving Castro is Wrong - LAT editorial

Brazil's Puzzling Anti-Americanism - TNI opinion


Asia Pacific

Report: Rising Income Gap Threatening Stability in Asia - VOA

Clinton: US Reach, Resolve Key to Asia-Pacific Stability - AFPS

Bo Xilai Scandal Dominates Chinese Media - VOA

China's State Media Denounce Fallen Party Official Bo Xilai - LAT

China’s Leaders Back Official’s Ouster - WP

China Rushes to Unify Party and Limit Damage - NYT

China Scandal Unlikely to Upend Communist Party's Apple Cart - LAT

Chinese Internet Users React to Bo Xilai Scandal - VOA

Philippines and China in a Standoff at Sea - NYT

Philippines, China Eye Compromise to End Standoff - AP

Few US Options as North Korea Readies Missile Launching - NYT

Is North Korea Serious About its Race to Space? - AP

North Korea Readies Rocket Launch - VOA

North Korean Rocket Launch Appears Imminent - LAT

North Korea Official Says Thursday Rocket Launch Unlikely - Reuters

N. Korea Awards Kim New Titles - WP

Ruling Party Wins South Korea Vote - BBC

Ruling Party Wins in South Korea - WP

S. Korean Conservatives Score Upset Parliamentary Election Victory - VOA



Russia’s Opposition Movement Tested - WP

Russian Opposition MPs Snub Putin - BBC

Russia: Prominent Muslim Killed in Moscow - BBC

German Salafists Give Away Koran - BBC

Turkish Police Wage New Crackdown Against Military - AP


South Asia

Fighting in NW Pakistan Forces Thousands to Flee - VOA

Pakistan Reveals Soft Side to India With Trade Show - Reuters

Pakistan - India: It’s More Than Lunch - NYT editorial