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11 March SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


US Service Member Detained in Kandahar for Attacking Civilians  - VOA

'Rogue' US Soldier Kills Afghan Civilians - BBC

US soldier's Rampage Kills up to 18 Afghan Civilians - LAT

American Held After Shooting of Civilians in Afghanistan - NYT

US Soldier Detained after Wandering Off Base, Shooting Civilians - WP

Official: US Service Member Opened Fire on Afghans - AP

US Soldier Detained in Afghanistan for Shooting Civilians - Reuters

Guantanamo Taliban 'Accept Transfer Deal' - BBC

Taliban Guantanamo Detainees Agree to Qatar Transfer - Reuters

Security Fears Lead Groups to Rethink Work in Afghanistan - NYT



Police: Bomb Kills 15 in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Deadly Blast at Pakistan Funeral - BBC

Pakistani Troops Feel West Undervalues Their War - AP



Dempsey: US 'Preparing Military Options' if Needed for Syria - S&S

US, Allies Mull Military Aid to Syria Opposition - WP

Annan to Hold 2nd Meeting with Syrian President - AP

Annan to Renew Syria Peace Talks - BBC

No Talks With Syria Opposition, Leader Tells UN Envoy - NYT

Syria's Assad Meets Annan, but Gives Little Ground - Reuters

Syria Activists Keep Parallel Medical System Supplied - LAT

France Pessimistic on Syria Vote, EU Plans Sanctions - Reuters

How (Not) to Negotiate in Syria - BO opinion



Skeptics Doubt US Can be Certain about Iran's Nuclear Progress - LAT

Rattling Iran’s Weak Link - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Violence Continues for Israel and Militants - NYT

Deadly Violence Flares on Israel-Gaza Border - VOA

Israeli Airstrikes Kill 15 in Gaza - WP

Israel Steps Up Gaza Air Strikes - BBC

Gaza Violence Raises Fears of New Israeli-Palestinian Unrest - LAT



Al-Qaeda Operations Expand in Yemen - WP

30 Suspected Militants Killed in Yemen Airstrikes - VOA

Yemen Air Strikes 'Hit al-Qaeda' - BBC

Two Killed in Yemen Bomb Plot, Somali Militants Caught - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

UN Security Council to Focus on Syria Aid, Arab Spring - VOA

Tens of Thousands of Bahraini Protesters Occupy Highway - LAT

Bahrain Says to Start Talks, Drop Charges for Some Medics - Reuters

Exodus From North Signals Iraqi Christians’ Slow Decline - NYT

Iraq Militia Stone Youths to Death for 'Emo' Style - Reuters

'Emo' Killings Raise Alarms in Iraq - AP

Libya Interior Minister Calls Time on Rogue Militias - Reuters



How Spies Used Facebook to Steal NATO Chiefs’ Details - TT


US Department of Defense

Dempsey Details Fiscal Concerns Facing Department - AFPS

Willard Passes Pacific Command’s Reins to Locklear - AFPS

Marines Change Recruiting Pitch to Include Humanitarian Missions - LAT


United States

Official: 2013 Budget Targets Space Capability Resilience - AFPS

Future NASA Mission to Sun is 'a Life's Dream' for Some - LAT

Immigration Decreases, but Tensions Remain High - Reuters

The Power to Kill - NYT editorial



Echoes of Darfur in Sudan Violence - WP

Militants Blamed for Depot Attack in Kenyan Capital - NYT

Fatal Grenade Blasts at Kenya Bus Station - BBC

Congo's Diaspora Struggles to Bring Change From Outside - VOA

Somali Rebels Ambush Ethiopians - BBC

Ethiopian Troops Clash With Al Shabaab in Somalia - Reuters



Venezuela: Thousands Rally to Show Support for Chavez - AP


Asia Pacific

Japan Observes Anniversary of Deadly Quake, Tsunami - VOA

Japan Marks Disaster Anniversary - BBC

Year after Tsunami, Cloud of Distrust Hangs over Japan - LAT

Japan Faces Long, Uncertain Road to Recovery - WP

China Reports Rare Trade Deficit - VOA

Continuity Expected in North Korea - Reuters

Suu Kyi Poke at Army Banned From Burma State TV - AP



Russia: Cyberspace Pierces Putin's Mystique - VOA

Russia: Lower Turnout at Anti-Putin Rally - BBC

Russia: Anti-Putin Protesters Struggle to Keep Up Steam - NYT

After Putin Victory, Air Let Out of Russian Opposition Protest - LAT

Russian Protesters’ Pragmatic Message - WP

Slovak Center-Left Wins Election - BBC

Leftist Opposition Wins Big in Slovakia Election - AP



Sun, 03/11/2012 - 11:49am

In reply to by carl

I tend to agree Carl, it was hard posting the news this morning and thinking of what the fallout might be. - Dave D

The nightmare deepens, an American soldier walks off his base and murders close to a score of Afghan civilians. He has also killed who knows how many ISAF soldiers by his action. I don't know what could have been worse than this.