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11 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


'Poetry of the Taliban' Elicits Anger, Astonishment - LAT

NATO Transit Through Ulyanovsk to Begin in August - MT

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 1,900 - AP

Afghans Protest Recent Public Killing of Woman - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Life and War in Afghanistan - WP photos



Annan Warns of Disaster Without End to Syria Crisis - VOA

Annan Talks With Syria Neighbors - BBC

Annan: Iran Has Role to Play in Syria - WP

UN Envoy Presses Syrian Peace Plan with Iran, Iraq - AP

Annan Says Iran a Player in Syria Crisis Talks - Reuters

Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean - VOA

Russia Sending Warships on Maneuvers Near Syria - NYT

Syrian Opposition Sees No Change in Russia Stance - AP

Jordan Opens New Refugee Camp for Syrians - AP

Christians Evacuated From Besieged Syrian City - AP



Egyptian Lawmakers Meet, Defying Military - VOA

Dispute Threatens Egypt’s Transition - WP

Top Court Rules Against President’s Parliament Recall - VOA

Egypt Court Overturns Mursi Order - BBC

Egypt's President Flexes Power, But Cautiously - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Iran’s Foreign Minister Plays Down Hormuz Blockade - AP

Iran's Top Leader: Country 'Immune' to Sanctions - AP

Iran: Video Games Central to Secret War Against Culture - McClatchy

Israeli Court Clears Olmert of Corruption Charges - VOA

Israeli Court Mostly Clears Former PM - WP

Rights Groups: Spike in Israeli Settler Violence - AP

Palestinians: Arafat's Widow Wants French Probe Into His Death - AP

Lebanon: Hard-line Cleric Gives Voice to Deep Sectarian Tensions - WP

Angry Throngs at a Funeral in Saudi Arabia - NYT

Deadly Bombing Hits Yemen Police - BBC

Yemen: Suicide Attack on Police Cadets Kills 6 - AP

Partial Vote Count Indicates Jibril Leads in Libya Election - VOA

Wrong Time for New Israeli Settlements - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Is the MV-22B Osprey Safe? - S&S

Lawmakers Have More Questions for Air Force About F-22 Problems - DP

No Decision Yet on Fate of Universal Camo Uniform - S&S

Pentagon Planning Database of Military Valor Awards, Medals - S&S

Landscapers ‘Give Back’ to Vets, Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery - AFPS

NSA Chief: Cyber World Presents Opportunities, Challenges - AFPS

Missile Agency's Chief Faulted for Leadership Cited High Morale - S&S

Lack of Resources Backlogs High-tech Leg Brace for Injured GIs - S&S


United States

Closure of Border Patrol Stations Across Four States Triggers Alarm - Fox

NRO Accused of Illegally Collecting Personal Data - McClatchy

Lockheed's You-May-be-Fired Notices Questioned as Scare Tactic - Bloomberg

Should the US Revive the Draft? - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Terror Charges for Three More Men - BBC

UK Police Charge 3 More Men with Terror Offenses - AP

UK Police Arrest 2 Journalists in Corruption Probe - AP



Boko Haram Warns Nigeria Christians to Convert - VOA

Armed Mali Militants Resume Destruction of Timbuktu Shrines - VOA

New Fighting in DR Congo Sends Refugees Spilling Into Uganda - VOA

Congo Warlord Jailed for 14 Years - BBC

ICC Sentences Congolese Warlord to 14 Years in Prison - VOA

Mali’s Timbuktu Mosque Tombs 'Destroyed' - BBC

Ivory Coast: 2 Gbagbo Allies Charged With Genocide - AP



Mexico: US Offers Reward in Fast and Furious Murder Case - BBC

Indigenous Colombians Defy Rebels - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Lodges China Ships Protest - BBC

Ordination of Bishops Increases Tensions Between China and Vatican - NYT

EU, China Agree to Regular Defense, Security Talks - AP

'Progress' in Pacific Trade Talks - BBC

Economic Issues Dominate Clinton's Asia Tour - VOA

S. Korea Tries to Curb its Mounting Debt - WP

Late S. Korean Dictator's Daughter Seeks Presidency - VOA

S. Korean President's Brother Jailed in Bribe Case - AP

Warning About S. Korea Nightspots Causes Bit of a Stir - S&S

US Chides N. Korea Over Unauthorized Disney Display - AP

Clinton Promotes US Investment, Human Rights in Vietnam - VOA

ASEAN Hoping for Removal of Burma Sanctions - VOA

Clinton on Historic Visit to Laos - BBC

Thailand's King Pardons US Man - BBC

China’s Censors Fighting Losing Battle - WP editorial

A Confucian Constitution for China - NYT opinion



Eurozone 'Risks Losing 4.5m Jobs' - BBC

EU, China Agree to Regular Defense, Security Talks - AP

EU Throws a Lifeline to Troubled Spanish Banks - VOA

Spanish PM to Unveil Fresh Cuts - BBC

IMF: Another Year of Recession in Italy - WP

Greek Police Ignores Migrant Abuse, Rights Group Accuses - VOA

Greek Far Right Hangs a Target on Immigrants - NYT

Russia Joins World Trade Organization - WP

In Russia, Political Protest is a Lonely Pursuit - WP

Russian Wikipedia Protests New Internet Legislation - VOA

Bill to Restrict Web Content Is Assailed in Russia - NYT

After Russian Floods, Grief, Rage and Deep Mistrust - NYT

France: Paris Prosecutor Probes Leak of Terror Tape - AP

Serbia Charges 12 Over Setting 2008 Fire to US Embassy - AP

Bosnia Marks 17th Anniversary of Srebrenica Massacre - VOA

Bosnians to Bury 520 Srebrenica Genocide Victims - AP


South Asia

India Buys Gandhi's Correspondence Before Auction - VOA