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11 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Suicide Attackers Storm Afghan Government Building - NYT

Militants Storm Government Building Killing Seven - LAT

Suicide Bomber Targets Afghan Police, 1 Hurt - AP

Training Kicks Off for NATO Mentors in Afghanistan - AFPS

Talking to the Taliban - WP opinion



3 Killed as Drone Strikes Resume in Pakistan - NYT

US Fires 1st Drone in Pakistan Since Fatal Strike - AP

Bomb Kills 35 in NW Pakistan - VOA

30 Killed in Northwest Pakistan - WP

US Aided Pakistan Group Which Supported Extremists - AP

Pakistan PM Sacks Defense Secretary - Reuters

Rockets to Flatten Osama Bin Laden Hideout - TS

Pakistani Judges Press Premier to Defy President - NYT

Pakistan Army Warns of 'Consequences' to PM Charge - AP

Pluralism on Trial in Pakistan - WP opinion



Public ire is One Goal of Iran Sanctions, US Official Says -WP

Bombing Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientist - VOA

Blaming US and Israel, Iran Reports Killing of Nuclear Scientist - NYT

'Nuclear Scientist Killed' in Iran Blast - BBC

Report: Bomb Kills Official at Iran Nuke Facility - AP

US Forces Rescue Second Iranian Vessel - AFPS

US Rescues Iranians at Sea, Again - WP

US Navy Reports Second Rescue of Iranian Mariners - NYT

US 'in Second Iran Sea Rescue' - BBC

Geithner Discusses Iran Sanctions During Beijing Talks - VOA

Geithner in Beijing Talks on Iran - BBC

China Defends Iran Oil Trade Despite US Push - Reuters

Iran Speaker in Turkey for Talks - BBC

Clinton Assails Iran's Nuclear Enrichment Program - LAT

American’s Unusual Résumé May Have Attracted Suspicion - NYT

Iran’s New Threats - WP editorial



Defiant Assad Speech Draws Angry Reaction From Syrian Opponents - VOA

Assad Vows ‘Iron Fist’ Against Protests - WP

Outsiders Feed Unrest in Syria, Assad Says - NYT

Assad Pledges Iron Fist Against Opponents - LAT

US Condemns Hardline Assad Speech - BBC

Syria's Assad Makes Rare Appearance at Rally - AP

UN: 400 Killed in Syria Since Dec. 27 - WP

Syria Observer Mission 'a Farce' - BBC

Israel Prepared to Take in Syrian Refugees, Chief of Staff Says - LAT

Israel, Expecting Syrian Collapse, Braces for Refugees - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Report Says Israeli Settlement Construction up by 20 Percent - VOA

Palestinian Leaders Outraged over West Bank Construction Data - LAT

Gunmen Kill 1, Injure 5 Yemeni Intelligence Officers - Reuters

HRW: Yemen Should Reject Saleh Immunity Law - Reuters

Egypt: Israeli Pilgrimage 'Impossible' This Year - AP

Libya Gets Reprieve on Extradition of Gadhafi Son to ICC - WT

ICC Extends Gaddafi Son Deadline - BBC

Political Islam Without Oil - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

CNO: Don't Expect More Troops, Ships in Pacific - S&S

People Form Defense Strategy’s Centerpiece, Official Says - AFPS

Marine: Haditha Killings Justified after House Labeled Hostile - S&S

What’s Ahead for Guantanamo Camps in New Decade? - S&S

10 years of Guantanamo - WP

Army Sought 'Universal' Radio, but Created a Boondoggle - S&S

Back From War, Fear and Danger Fill Driver’s Seat - NYT


United States

Medical Schools to Increase Focus on PTSD, TBI - S&S

Give Guantánamo Back to Cuba - NYT opinion



Sectarian Strife Roils Nigeria Amid Strike - LAT

Deadly Gun Attack on Nigerian Bar - BBC

Outrage Grows Among Nigerians Striking Over Fuel Prices - VOA

Government: Ongoing Nigeria Strike Invites Anarchy - AP

UK Man 'Sold Illegal Arms to Nigeria' - BBC

Kenyan Youths Urged to Join Al-Shabab Jihadist Campaign - VOA

Uganda Shops Shut in Bank Protest - BBC

Rwanda: Kagame 'Did Not Shoot Down Plane' - BBC



Businesses in Mexico Help City Shaken by Violence - NYT

Colombia Rejects Rebel Talks Bid - BBC

Ortega Begins New Nicaragua Term - BBC

Peru Replaces Drug Tsar Soberon - BBC

Brazil Moves to Stem Haiti Influx - BBC


Asia Pacific

China’s Premier to Visit Persian Gulf - WP

China Warns US Not to Meddle in Its Affairs - AP

N. Korea: US Offered Food Aid in Exchange for Nuclear Concessions - VOA

North Korea Opens Door to Possible Food Aid From US - NYT

North Korea Keeps Door Open for Food-Nuke Deal - AP

Gates, US Corporate Captains to Visit Burma - Reuters



Fear that Austerity is Killing Greece’s Economy - WP

Italy Austerity: PM Monti Warns of Angry Response - BBC

German Economy 'Probably Shrank' - BBC

Russia: Anti-Putin Opposition Robust After Holidays - VOA

A Warning to Russian Protesters? - WP

Russian Official Suggests Weapon Caused Spacecraft’s Failure - NYT

Russia's Space Chief Says Failures May be Sabotage - AP

Afghan Man Faces German Terrorism Charges - AP

France Expels Record Number of Illegal Immigrants - AP

Scots Leader: Scotland Must Run Independence Vote - AP


South Asia

Indian PM: Malnutrition a Matter of 'National Shame' - VOA

Malnutrition Widespread in Indian Children, Report Finds - NYT

Change Would Allow Some Foreign-Owned Stores to Open in India - NYT