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11 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Man in Afghan Uniform Kills 3 US Marines - VOA

Afghan in Uniform Kills 3 US Troops - WP

Afghan Ally Kills 3 GI’s, Official Says - NYT

Gunman in Afghan Uniform Kills 3 US Troops - CBS/AP

Three More U.S. Soldiers Killed by Afghan in Grim Day for NATO - Reuters

Afghan Orphans Contradict Polarized Nation - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US to Slap New Sanctions on Syria - VOA

US Imposes New Syria Sanctions; UK Boosts Aid - CBS/AP

US Sanctions Syrian Oil Firm, Hezbollah - Reuters

US Accuses Hezbollah of Aiding Syria’s Crackdown - NYT

US Officials: Al-Qaida Gaining Foothold in Syria - AP

US Sees No Renewal of UN Observers in Syria - VOA

Expected Annan Replacement Urges Powers to Unite on Syria - Reuters

Al-Assad's Inner Circle: Will it Crack? - CNN

Syria Accuses US, Others of Overseeing Rebel Battles - Reuters

Syrian Rebels Low on Guns as Regime Strikes Aleppo - AP

Clinton Heads to Turkey for Syria Talks - WP

Clinton Visits Turkey for Talks on Syria - AP

US, Turkey to Step Up Plans for Syria's 'Day After' - Reuters

Syrian Opposition Group Organizes to Send Funds to Rebel Army - Reuters

Syrian Pro-Regime TV: Rebels Seize 4 Employees - AP

UN: Syrian Refugees Near 150,000 as Exodus Grows - Reuters

Turkey: Assad Supplying Arms to Turkish Kurd Militants - Reuters

Clash Reported Between Jordan and Syria in Border Area - Reuters

Foes Hit France’s Hollande Over Syria - WP

Two Ways Syria’s War Can End - WP opinion

Hezbollah's Karma in Syria - WS opinion

Condemn War Crimes by Syria's Rebels, Too - Guardian opinion



After Sinai Killings, Cairo Tightens Grip on Neglected Region - NYT

Egypt Arrests 9 Militants Linked to Sinai Attacks - AP

Egypt Tribes Back Sinai Offensive - BBC

German Intelligence Fears Salafists Re-Base in Egypt - Reuters

President Morsi’s First Crisis - NYT editorial

Egypt's Morsi Outsmarting the Generals - FP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US Contradicts Israeli Official on Iranian Weapons - VOA

US Official Defends American Strategy in Yemen - VOA

Bomb Kills Yemeni Officer, Al Qaeda Suspected - Reuters

Iraq’s Oil Output Overtakes Iran’s - WP

Despite Rocky Region, Israeli Tourism Booming - AP

Head of Libya's New National Assembly Pledges Neutrality - AFP

Libyan General Shot Dead by Gunmen in Benghazi - Reuters

What Lies Ahead for Libya - Time opinion


US Department of Defense

New DIA Director Expects Intensified Demands for Intelligence - AFPS

Schwartz Honored for Exceptional Service as Air Force Chief - AFPS

North Carolina Air Guard Back to Firefighting Mission - AFPS


United States

Close Obama Ally Rated Worst Ambassador in the State Department - FP

DHS: Napolitano's Aides 'Sexually Humiliated' Male Agents - TT

Drought Takes Toll on US Corn, Soybean Outlook - AP

Embrace the Mars Mission - WP opinion



Clinton Winds Down Africa Tour - VOA

Hundreds Executed by Both Sides in Ivory Coast War - Reuters

Soldiers Fighting Congo Rebels Live in Squalor - AP

Sudan: 25,000 Flee Darfur Refugee Camp - CNN

Road-Starved South Sudan Eyes a $4 Billion Road Network - Reuters

Kenya Needs More Security to Protect Voters - Reuters

World Leaders Gather for Ghanaian President's Funeral - VOA



Colonel in Cover-up Case to Be Tried in Mexico Civilian Court - NYT

Rights Groups Hail Mexican Court Decision - AP

Alleged Mexican Drug 'Queen' Extradited to US - VOA

Mexican 'Drug Queen' Extradited - BBC

Officials: Drug Bust Thwarts Mexican Cartel in Spain - CNN

Spain 'Foils Mexican Drug Plot' - BBC

Spanish Police Say They Foiled Mexico Cartel Expansion - AP

8 Bodies Found Inside Car in Northern Mexico - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Says US Detainee was Marine - Reuters

Mexico Rising from the Ravages - WP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

PACOM Supports Partnership, Stability Through Health Engagements - AFPS

Bo Xilai's Wife Admits Bo to Murder - VOA

Chinese Politician's Wife Admits to Murdering Brit in Court - AP

Blackmail Cited as Motive in a Killing That Shook China - NYT

Trial to Spotlight Bo's Chongqing Security Chiefs - VOA

Chinese Murder 'Due to Breakdown' - BBC

Who's Who in China's Bo Xilai Political Scandal - AP

General: High Readiness Key to Deter North Korean Threats - AFPS

Japan Recalls South Korean Ambassador Over Island Visit - VOA

South Korean’s Visit to Disputed Islets Angers Japan - NYT

South Korea, Japan Dispute Over Islets - WP

Japan to Take Islands Dispute With Korea to International Court - Reuters

Burma: Sectarian Violence Not About Race or Religion - VOA



Spain 'Foils Mexican Drug Plot' - BBC

Officials: Drug Bust Thwarts Mexican Cartel in Spain - CNN

Spanish Police Say They Foiled Mexico Cartel Expansion - AP

Russia: Abuse Probe Follows Discovery of Underground Islamist Cult - VOA

EU Backs Sweden in Belarus Row - BBC

Raining Teddy Bears in Belarus - WP editorial


South Asia

Indian Minister Says Bureaucrats 'Can Steal a Little' - TT